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Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to resolve 'Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)' PowerPoint 2000 error

How to resolve 'Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)' PowerPoint 2000 error

A presentation with visual aids is quite persuasive and helps you to deliver your message, ideas effectively. To help you create impressive presentations laden with various visual elements, MS PowerPoint application comes really handy. Presentations can be saved as Web pages and uploaded on Websites without much hassle. But, at times you might encounter few issues while opening the presentations saved as Web pages. You might also experience various error messages while modifying or editing the text. Such symptoms usually come to surface when a PowerPoint presentation becomes corrupt or damaged. In corruption scenarios, you might also end up losing important information. What to do? Well, you can bank upon a clean and updated backup copy of the presentation and restore the inaccessible information. However, if there is no backup available, you should consider employing a  third-party PowerPoint Recovery software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have a Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 custom slide show. It has been saved as a Web page. One fine day, when you attempt to open it to do some modifications, you might not be able to do so and additionally, you will receive the following error message:

"HTML Import Errors
Problems came up in the following areas during load:
Data is corrupt (path/pres.xml)"

Since you are unable to open the HTML presentation, it has become almost impossible for you to fetch or modify the information stored into it.

The above behavior and error message can be encountered in the following conditions:

•If you have created a custom slide show in PowerPoint and it uses a particular slide more than once. In such cases, the duplicate slide is falsely referenced in XML.
•Another reason could be corruption. You must be dealing with a corrupt PowerPoint file.

The presentations created from custom slide show including the same slide more than once cannot be opened in PowerPoint 2000. If the issue is erupting due to corruption, you must gear up for PPT recovery.

Corrupt PPT files can be repaired and recovered using a reliable third-party recovery software. Such PowerPoint recovery applications apply improved algorithms and recover damaged presentation files without modifying the original data.

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