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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to Remove a Facebook Application From Your News Feed

How to Remove a Facebook Application From Your News Feed

As much as I love my Facebook friends there are some applications that I don't want or need to see clogging up my news feed. The application can be removed from the news feed, although it isn't obvious, and you won't have to de-friend your first boyfriend.

For this example, let's use... hmm... I don't know... how about Mafia Wars? While I am thrilled that so many people enjoy playing this on Facebook, I am not playing and the status updates telling me you just got a new gun or killed the bad guy mean absolutely nothing to me. And when I really busy and am trying to get caught up, they are completely annoying.

So here's what you do.

Login to Facebook and go to your Home page
On the left is the news feed. Click on the More Link to view a list of applications.
By selecting on of the Applications (ahem... Mafia Wars) you can filter the news feed to only show Mafia Wars updates.
Hover over one of the status updates and a hidden Hide button will magically appear. Yes, logic doesn't apply when we have to unhide the hide button.
Click on the Hide button. It will ask you to select whether you want to hide the person who has the update or the Application. Since I love my friends, I'm going to choose to Hide the Application (Mafia Wars). And then poof! it's gone.
The news feed will now be empty because we had filtered it to only show updates from the application we just removed. Just click on News


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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

News submission?ending of your search for efficient News Publisher

News submission?ending of your search for efficient News Publisher

Have you tired of seeking single software that can fulfill all your news submission demands? Have you not gotten success in your aim? The News Publisher has been made by seeking this demand of the users regarding news submission. Though there are many soft wares over internet that fulfills some of the requirements but the only software that provides all specific features in it is News Publisher. News Publisher allows you to submit press release to 100 top rated press releases that cause the high ranking of your website as well. Whenever you do news submission to any of these websites, the News publisher generates its submission report in the form of pdf and html format. Suppose, if you are publishing press release on all of these 100 directories, you will be provided the report of all these submissions by News Publisher.

Even, you need not to register these websites as well. This task is also attempted by the News Publisher. For instance, if you want news submission and registration at the same time, you just have to provide your necessary information regarding your identity to the software and it will register your accounts and ultimately provide you a registration report as well. The problem of captcha recognition has also been solved by the developers of this software. Some other features that make it unique among all other news submission software are its support to hyperlinks and its pursuance of the editorial guideline castigated by each of 100 directories. Along with news submission to relevant category, it also includes the targeted keyword in each press release appropriately. In this way, it eradicates the chances of low traffic to your website.

All these things have done by this sole software automatically without any outer indulgence. Similarly, unlike all other news submission soft wares, this News Publisher facilitates you with life time support in every problem. Once you become the customer of this company, you will be provided not only lifetime support, but also all essential updates of new releases from the company. In this way, you will be able to know about all novel products made by the same developers for your ease as well. For the thorough information of the product, please click

Author is a good writer and excellent developer, has well known about the requirement of news submission and utilized his remarkable software development skills that resulted to News Publisher which is excellent for news submission.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's Time to Maximize Marketing Opportunities Or Could it Be Bad News For Ad Agencies?

It's Time to Maximize Marketing Opportunities Or Could it Be Bad News For Ad Agencies?

Bad news sell newspapers - well whoop de do for newspapers! It certainly doesn't do the rest of us any favours. The UK's red tops struggle to find a front page headline unless Amy Winehouse slaps someone or a Big Brother contestant farts on air unless there's a sensational crime to write about. Failing that it's a case of let's follow the broadsheets and create gloom and doom in the UK by reporting on every last snippet of bad news from the high street.

This desire to sell newspapers regardless of the messages sent out by the news articles creates further gloom and despondency in the high street which spreads throughout the land to create a massive downturn and a countywide malaise. And what for? Just to sell newspapers? That may not be entirely true but it is not without some credence and it is a fact in the UK that bad news will rise to the top of the pile to be reported before good.

Look at this example: the source is the BBC News website and you might think that the headline is from last week - but no, it is in "mid-boom" on 24 May 2005 and the article reads:-

Profits and sales tumble at M&S

Marks & Spencer saw its profits fall by almost a fifth last year and has admitted that the outlook for the business remains "challenging".

The retailer's annual pre-tax pre-exceptional profits fell 19% to £618.5m... Chief executive Stuart Rose said conditions were tough but insisted the company was "on track". "Clearly it is tough. The economic climate has turned out to be tougher than we forecast but we are on track."

But as it turned out, M&S definitely was on track and in May 2006 posted profits of £751.4m which was a 35% rise on 2005. In 2007 M&S posted profits of £965.2m which was 28.5% up on profits in 2006. Pre-tax profits for the year to 29 March 2008 were £1,007m and sales rose to £9 billion.

This was the first time in 11 years that M&S profits had topped the £1 billion mark. You might think, "Well that's great news for M&S" but what was the headline?

This is from the Times Online May 21 2008:

Marks & Spencer profits reach £1bn but there may be trouble ahead amid downturn

In the Telegraph 3 July 2008-07-10 Marks & Spencer shares tumble as retailer issued profit alert Chairman Sir Stuart Rose said that in the past few weeks "consumer confidence levels have deteriorated markedly and market conditions have become more challenging."

Retail analysts will downgrade forecasts on the back of the profits warning. In a flash note to clients Nick Bubb, retail analyst at Palli International, cut his pre-tax profit forecasts for the current year from £850m to £800m "at best".

How about if the headline had read: Forecasts say that M&S will make over £2,000,000 profit a day this year Or M&S profit forecast for 2009 is £244,000,000 better than the last time it said that the economic climate was tough in 2006!

What I am getting at is that if you want to look at things in a pessimistic light then just read the papers and then panic. However, things are not all gloom and doom and we can interpret so many facts and figures in a more positive way. No matter how dark the outlook is being painted by the newspapers and other news media, there are always opportunities to do well if you are willing to look for them and to make the most of those opportunities when they present themselves.

I work in an industry that is closely allied to advertising and marketing and it is at times such as these that the industry feels the pinch. Corporate budgets are cut and the first in line for the chop is often the advertising budget which is absolutely crazy. Still, I would hate to see newspaper headlines that read: Agency Closures due to forecasts of reduced profits and would much rather see: Agencies bring client success despite forecasts (not much of a headline but it might make the trade press). However, in order to achieve client success agencies will have to work harder to make their sales and marketing campaigns stand out and get noticed.

One area in great need of improvement in effort is direct marketing. I am still receiving letters form credit card companies, insurance companies and so on that have not changed one iota in style for years. And yet if there is a squeeze on, shouldn't these direct mail pieces be screaming at me rather than offering the same old lame format that is unquestionably heading straight for the bin.

For years, one company has been spreading the message that companies should try harder to make their marketing efforts really work. Maximize your opportunities by ensuring that your marketing efforts really do hit home. That company is Whitney Woods, specialists in promotional products which are based on cardboard engineering techniques and a UK market leader in interactive marketing products and pop up mailers. This company's product range offers different ways in which to beef up a direct marketing campaign in order to give it maximum effect and increase the chances of the campaign becoming a great success.

The company's range can be turned to all kinds of advertising, marketing and promotional applications and UK agencies should consider these ideas before making plans for future promotions. It will certainly give air to some new ideas and perhaps make the difference between success and failure in what are supposedly difficult times for the industry.

Article by Paul Whitney.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reporter Scoops the News - Using Her Reverse Phone Directory

Reporter Scoops the News - Using Her Reverse Phone Directory
In this post a columnist gives away her secret to getting stories first by employing a Reverse Phone List .

Reverse Phone Detective is a programme that puts a halt to any unidentified telephone numbers you are stuck with.

All you've got to do is to go into the telephone number in query into their web site, and they do the rest.

But here we find out that it can do far more than that! Gathering the news is all about finding the right sources : Do ya know where I'm able to reach this bloke, I ask my source, the newshound says. My source gives me a first name and a mobile phone number, sayin ' the guy's got all the insider information.

Naturally, I wanna speak to the person with all of the insider's angles to it, but how do I know he is on the up-and-up, and all I got's a mobile cell phone, ya know?

I use my reverse index service, just punchin ' in the cell number. Sure enough, there's the guy's full story, his full name, address, landline, work location, the whole lot.

Lookin ' at the work info, right away I can comprehend why the person is in the circle, and I got enough info to approach him like I am definitely a chum, put him at ease so he'll talk for the record. Neatest thing we ever got, that reverse telephone look-up service.

Just what sort of info does the reverse phone detective provide? In each search I/ve done, I/ve managed to find the complete name and address of the owner, the precise location of the telephone, the telephone company, and much more.

They give you everything you could want to understand about a telephone number. Reverse Phone Detective Lookup contains a database of many millions of cell and unlisted telephone numbers, complete along with information regarding the owner.

The telephone numbers and information regarding each owner is picked up from public info, information brokers, and other legal sources.

To discover more about the different Cell Phone Lookup Services available, follow the link which follows this text, to the -";>Reverse Phone Detective - services web site.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Uses of Outdoor Digital Signage – News and Information

Uses of Outdoor Digital Signage – News and Information

Anybody looking into outdoor digital signage or display screens for public areas, may be excused in thinking that signage is predominantly designed for advertising, branding and promotion; while marketing is obviously a key area for Dooh (digital out of home) as it gives advertisers great advantages over static posters and commercials, there is another key area for using screens in public places: information.

We all live in an information age with the internet, mobile communication, 24-hour rolling news, Twitter and other technological innovations, many people dislike being away from a source of information and news for too long. Even on holiday when people are relaxing on the beach or during other leisure times and locations, you will find PDAs and smart phones being deployed to keep people up-to-date with the latest happenings at home and abroad.

Many locations such as transport hubs, waiting rooms and receptions are now utilizing digital signage as a means of satisfying this information demand. The great advantage of digital screens is that this information and news can be mixed with advertisements or localized information such as railway timetables, news of flight cancellations, advertisements and other self-interested content.

As people are keen to look at, and even seek out information and news, the information provided acts as a hook to get people to view the screen and therefore take heed of the localized or advertizing content too.

This is very successful in all sorts of locations. Doctor's surgery's can provide important health advice and intersect it with the latest local news, while in transport hubs news feeds can display the latest headlines while also providing crucial news of cancellations and delays.

Many locations for news and information screens are not in the best location for conventional TV devices; for this reason, many of these news and information screens are housed in an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures are weatherproof and can cope with a wide range of temperature extremes and also protect from dust, airborne debris and vandalism.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.