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Friday, July 28, 2017

Buy a Domain - Search engines and sell domains domain for SEO

Buy a Domain - Search engines and sell domains domain for SEO

From the beginning, when search engines were young, your domain name is not important. But today, the algorithms used by search engines like Google, Yahoo and others, the domain of factors. Therefore, many Internet companies by the end of the reserve areas are increasingly the name of your company. These areas are reserved for giving the city a better visibility.

Just as the areas to choose the visibility on the Internet? The answer is, as always,Research is very simple: What is your user? Take, for example, runs a company called SendWishes (I want a sandwich รข€“ is) a bad game. And you have your own e-commerce site for Now submit a proposal to allow the company to offer its users? The answer is not so obvious, is not it? Of course, I kept thinking that we have an 'idea that has something to do with the posting of wishes in the form of e-cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates are the same.

Now assumeCase is in this room. But think of the users who do not know, SendWishes, but are things with words, not looking for a part of the domain. This leads to a rule:

Think about what users are looking for, then the inclusion of keywords they use to sell products or services you provide to find the right domain name.

You can try it yourself. Try a product or service that you want to buy and findthe next day and the results are presented in research. But well, but this does not mean that you buy a domain, such as greeting While you can get results, users tend to forget the domain. This brings us to rule two:

The area should be as short and meaningful and memorable. Above all, it should describe the company or the company.

SendWishes Mar are excellent partners in Italy andactually specializing in flower delivery in Italy. Based on this fact to use to their advantage could SendWishes use of a domain as Now, think that users might try to use to send flowers in Italy, which keywords? You see, you have your keywords in the box. Similarly, you can also buy and so on. Campos has purchased for SEO necessarily describe your work and what you do.

Users of all typesand size, most of them can not be native speakers of English, so you can reserve areas in other languages. The idea is closer to the keywords that the user gives the search engine. Some even go reservation areas mistypes misspellings and popular! Guess' page or open.

While this is once every domain purchase order for reference, but not just here. Make sure that the keywords used in your SEOThe fields are sprayed into place. This strategy is certainly a better ranking. If we keep to these rules, costs $ 10 you spent on the field of search engine optimization is definitely a steady stream of data can be covered for one year.

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