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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Koi Garden - Add Color and Life

Koi Garden - Add Color and Life

What makes a Japanese-inspired garden look extremely peaceful? It really boils down to the balance of all the teeming life in a very natural setup. Everything looks organic. At the same time, there are allowances made so that a person can indulge in this scenery without really worrying about "uncontrolled" factors, like those that you can find in the wild. And the best exemplar of this would be a Koi garden. A Koi garden is really a water garden, or pond garden, or even a "goldfish" pond garden. People often call this waterscaping, because the decor is mostly directed into making the watery habitat resemble existing natural creeks and waterways as closely as possible.

People are now finding lots of benefits to installing a Koi garden in their own plots of land. For starters, the sound of running water has always had that soothing effect on people's nerves. Greenery has a calming effect on the eyes. But it is really the Japanese carp or the Koi that can bring life to the entire waterscape. Koi fish is very easy to take care of. They look wonderful when they cluster in schools, and they provide vibrant colorations on their own. Plus, Koi fish make endearing pets, which can be trained to approach and take food from its human handlers.

If you are thinking about getting your own Koi garden, here are a few elemental things to consider:

1. Your proposed location. A Koi garden can be as small as a small pond, or as expansive as a man-made creek. But the issue of space is really dependent on how much you can give over to your aquatic pet(s). Heating the water may not be necessary since Koi fish thrive very well in colder climates. However, you need to make sure that the location is actually safe enough to keep your aquatic pet(s) in. The pond should have a lip tall enough to keep the fish in. Some Koi species have the natural tendency to breach on land, but diving back into the water is another thing altogether. At the same time, birds, cats, raccoons and other animals might be in the area, and find a smorgasbord of free fish swimming merrily away. You have to make sure that the area is clear and out-of-bounds from marauding freeloaders. Overhanging tree branches may offer a form of natural lattice from flying birds.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your pond has its own filtration system and oxygen supply. This will help keep the water clean, and your fish happy, healthy and whole.

2. Your actual decor. Your Koi garden will not be complete without the greenery within and without the water. Try to find out what plant life can be planted successfully in the pond's water, without affecting the Koi fish within. Water lilies are usually great additions to water ponds. At the same time, some small shrubs and bushes can be planted along the rim of the pond to bring balance to the entire garden theme. Sand, gravel, small stones and rocks can help complete the look. Of course, large decors favor larger areas. But if you have a small pond, try to consider installing hanging decors instead.

J. Miller is a koi expert. For more great tips on koi care and koi ponds visit

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to choose the right adsense color and size

How to choose the right adsense color and size

When it comes to choosing the right Adsense color and size you need to understand one thing, all websites are different. If you look all over the internet there are lots of different Adsense colors and ad sizes and the reason for this is because all website traffic is different and people who are on dog training websites might like different formats than those who are searching for diet pills. The best way to see what your visitors like the best is to test out the different colors and sizes.

For most people testing is something they don't like to do because they want to see the best results right away and testing takes time. Just because testing takes time doesn't mean you can't still make money. The best banner size to use is the large rectangle in Adsense default and place it in the middle of the page right above the fold. Doing this will make every person that visits your website see the adds and if there is anything they want to see then they will most likely click on it. Just make sure you still text your Adsense placement because you can be making a lot more money if this isn't the best spot.

I have been using adsense on all of my websites for years and have gotten really good at the placement and formatting, but it has all come to me with lots of testing with each new website I make. The best thing to do is just start now, I fought for a long time to try to make Adsense work without testing my position and color and it didn't work, I eventually had to test each site. Just know that you aren't alone and everybody who is making over $ 1,000 a month from adsense has done this exact process. If you want more ideas to make money other than adsense there are many great options out there for you.

Adam Snyder is also the author and creator of many small coffee tables.

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