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Thursday, August 24, 2017

2 Important Twitter Updates on Apps and URL Wrapping

2 Important Twitter Updates on Apps and URL Wrapping

If you've been a Twitter user for quite sometime now, then you by now you must already know about the changes (Twitter Applications and OAuth) that they announced recently about Twitter Apps and URL wrapping. In case you missed these updates for Twitter Apps, let me tell you about it.

We all have an idea that there are a lot of applications built using the Twitter API, right? They come in different varieties, including desktop applications, websites or Well, the first update has involves the authorization rules for these applications:

The first update: Changes to how users allow third-party Twitter applications.

Applications will start to utilize OAuth to access Twitter accounts. This Twitter Applications and OAuth update is devised to make applications more secure and centralized.

OAuth allows Twitter applications to access users' accounts without directly asking for, or storing, their passwords. Twitter says that desktop and mobile apps might ask for a password once after this app changes is up, but will not need it again. We can see a list of all authorized applications under the "Connections" setting in our Twitter account.

According to Twitter, what this means for us is:

Applications are not allowed to store your password.

The applications will continue to work if you change your password.

A few applications you have been using may need you to reauthorize them or it may stop working at the time of this change.

All applications you have allowed will be listed at

You can cancel access to any application at any time from the list.

To learn more about Oauth, visit the Twitter blog

The second update: Making URLs more convenient for users wanting to share links.

Many Twitter users use to shorten URLs. There's also in Hootsuite, but Twitter is broadening its own URL wrapping service -- Links shortened using this will still show the domain and part of the URL so that users know what they are clicking on, and the great thing about this is that users will be immediately routed through Twitter's malware checker before being processed on to the link itself!

These changes for Twitter applications will be slowly rolled out for some users over the next few weeks, and should be ready for use by the end of the year.

What do you think of the changes in Twitter?

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