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Monday, October 2, 2017

Working With Ecommerce Developers

Working With Ecommerce Developers

As a developer myself, I know a lot of the problems that developers might run into with clients. This is not to say that these things are easy to accomplish, however, it might give you a good idea on how to approach a developer. Before moving on, I want you to understand that I am not complaining about any clients. This is not meant to be a ranting article, but it is intended to give you an idea of how things are approached by other developers in the marketplace. Below is my idea of what you should be doing throughout the process of having your ecommerce website developed.

#1: Layout Exactly What You Want

I have seen a lot of people say, "Hey, I want a website." The problem is though that they really do not know what they want. For example, I did a website for a young man who was starting up a local graphics company. I advised him that the ordering process should be simple and since all graphics are custom, it might be better to have more of a contact form than an order form. He bounced the ideas around, I ended up having to do the order form over again about three times before he was satisfied. It started out very complex, then went to the contact form, and finally ended with a compromise between the two. These are things you really should think about before you contact a developer though. Get an idea of what you like and what you do not like before you do anything. What I even prefer, is that my clients go out and find websites that they like. Then tell me what they like about them. It gives me a good idea of the design preference as well as the layout of the website.

#2: Be Decisive

In the example above, you may be wondering "Why did you ever get started before asking him what he wanted for the order form then?" In all actuality, I did. I was simply trying to satisfy what he wanted since he was paying me for the work. When I would ask him, "what do you think about doing the order form this way?" His response would be, "That sounds okay." He really just was not sure what he wanted. Therefore, when working with a developer and they ask you a question, you should know that they are going to take your response to heart. If you say something is okay, that means that it is okay and they can move on with the project. However, if you are unsure, tell them this so that they do not have to redo work.

#3: When you see things you do not like, notify them immediately

Sometimes as a developer I just make it my responsibility to do things like I would like them done. This means that on occasion I can find myself doing something that the customer does not want. This is not a big problem as I take that risk. However, it can sometimes be frustrating to be working on a certain portion of the website for a while, and then have them notify me several days after the fact that I have put hours into it that it isn't something they want. Just try to keep them up to date.

#4: Be Patient

A lot of times developing a website is done all behind the scenes. Forms do not naturally work as they are intended as soon as you can see them on a website. There is some backend coding that causes them to become functional in the way you would want them to be. Therefore, sometimes you may not see any progress for days at a time. A good developer will notify you of this. However, do not panic if they don't. Just email them, ask them what the status is, and they should tell you. Most websites will take weeks to develop especially if you are working with an individual so you will have to have patience.

#5: Never Pay All of It Upfront

With any developer, myself included, I would encourage you to not pay the entire amount of upfront. Most developers will require that you pay something. However, this is usually 20% of the total amount in my experience. After this, they may ask you to pay installments as the project moves along. However, you should be leery of developers who want the entire amount upfront.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Forex Trading For Dummies Working From Work - Home With Forex Robots

Forex Trading For Dummies Working From Work - Home With Forex Robots

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Forex has become the largest market where exchange of currencies takes place in terms of trillions and trillions of dollars every single day. This is the only market which has this kind of liquidity and which can be traded twenty four hours in a day.

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Making money in the currencies markets used to be exclusive to Banks and large financial institutions. For years they've been successfully using automated trading. In years past because of the high cost these automated programs were out of reach for the smaller investor.

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Any business is a risky business. There is no perfect formula at the start of each financial venture like forex exchange. But the famous and successful businessmen investors and traders who have been in the business industry for the longest time have surely found ways to get through the game - always winning.

To be successful in the very complex Forex trading market you need to use technology that has been proven to be successful that can make trades for you automatically 24x7 per your guidelines. Doing it manually is no longer an option in today's Forex market.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Be Your Own Boss By Working Through Adsense / Adwords / Ppc

Be Your Own Boss By Working Through Adsense / Adwords / Ppc
As per the recent times, Google advertisement words are the major Pay-Per-Click company across the globe. This is the process through which most of the large, medium and small scale industries and companies are making a constant growth towards online promotion. However, the process could be complicated without expert supervision. So, before we start the promoting the product, we need to aware of few basic factors of Adword. Initially, we would get a prompt for putting a title and a group. It is better, if we keep the adtitle bigger and in this way it will attract people whenever they search anything relevant to that. In this way the official website will be highlighted. Similarly, we could see the Adgroup beneath the Adword. An Adgroup is equally vital because it helps to generate more and more pay per click (P-P-C).

In this way, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing allocates each user a general rating, based on their usage of adwords. As per this circumstance, if any company uses uncommon keywords, then they would get lesser rating as per the search engines. For this, the company may need to pay more because people will use these keywords lesser. So, the adwords would not generate high internet traffic. It is considered as loss for the search engines because the websites with less popularity will get less PPC. For example, if any company is paying less than a dollar, than the profit margin will remain low. However, companies who are paying high for PPC would automatically get higher profit because more and more people will be browsing with that particular webpage. That is why, it is said that it is not always about the adword but the website which runs the advertisement and the PPC is calculated on the basis of the ratio of the people who have clicked on that advertisement.

Furthermore, search engines like Google, can be helpful to make the grip better on Adsense and to promote a website as well. There are people who have made dollars from PPC in a day. They only focused on the advertisement rates to get the better pay. Googles Adsense website could be a great help in this segment. Moreover, adwords and Adsense is the product of Google itself. Merging the colors on a website would definitely get the notice but posting relevant links and proposing lucrative offers would increase the PPC.

Placing the appropriate adwords is the process of promotion through keywords. Then, if we register the same set of adwords with search engines, then our website will appear whenever any search will occur related to those set of words. On the other hand, Adsense is the process of posting advertisements or some set of words on a particular website. For any posting, charges will be there. If we are posting, we need to pay and if someone else wants to post on our website, they need to pay. The process is vice-versa.

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