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Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Fix System.xml.resources.dll Error Without Wasting Money

How To Fix System.xml.resources.dll Error Without Wasting Money
Are you getting System.XML.resources.dll error message in Windows system? Do you have missing System.XML.resources.dll file or corrupted System.XML.resources.dll file on your computer? This article looks at simple ways of fixing SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL errors when the System.XML.resources.dll files have gone missing or become corrupted.

A SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL file can develop problems due to numerous issues. By removing applications you may also delete a shared SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL. Installing applications may over write shared SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL with older versions. Disk problems or virus damage can corrupt the System.XML.resources.dll files.

So fixing SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL errors should start with a scan for any malware. You want to isolate a virus and stop it from overwriting the SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL or any related registry keys.

You can restore system to fix System.XML.resources.dll error, too. This approach to consider for operation system (OS) SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL issues is to do a System Restore to a previous checkpoint when System.XML.resources.dll error did not occur. This will reinstate SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL, but may cause problems with any applications installed/updated after the restore (these can then be reinstalled). Below are the exact steps to fix System.XML.resources.dll error.

Vista/Windows 7: Go to the Start menu search box and enter System Restore.

Windows XP: Go to Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore.

For fixing SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL errors relating to a single application, the approach can be a lot simpler.

With newly installed programs that show SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL errors, get software updates from the site (it may be a known SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL issue). Uninstall the application if it affects other software and notify the application developers so as to fix System.XML.resources.dll error at the same time.

If the System.XML.resources.dll error occurs after removing one application, then reinstall it (to reinstate the SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL), then carefully remove it selecting 'No To All' when asked if you wish to delete shared files. This will leave the shared SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL on your PC.

If the System Restore approach does not work on Windows SYSTEM.XML.RESOURCES.DLL faults (e.g. problems opening Control Panel applications) then this is a more severe fault. Computer maintenance software may be able to help, but you should seek a PC repair specialist who can analyze and fix it without reinstalling Windows.

If you think all those tips are not that perfect or all those ways do not fix your System.XML.resources.dll error effectively, I have the best solution for you to fix System.XML.resources.dll error. You need a System.XML.resources.dll error fixer to fix the tough System.XML.resources.dll error. You can fix System.XML.resources.dll error in 4 simple steps with a dll error fixer.

download a dll error fixer
install the dll error fixer
Scan your computer with the dll error fixer
Click the repair button to fix the System.XML.resources.dll error and other computer error

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to Generate Traffic Without Search Engines

How to Generate Traffic Without Search Engines

I think sometimes we get a little to narrow in our focus on how to generate traffic to our websites. Some people spend all their time focusing on getting their websites ranked at the top of Google. Others try to optimize their AdWords Campaigns and earn their livings paying for traffic from the great and powerful Google.

However, if you only have one source of traffic, you are in a perilous situation, my friend. What happens if you suddenly fall out of the good graces of Google and your website goes from ranking #1 to #1000 overnight? It happens. Just hop into any internet marketing or search engine optimization forum and you'll see plenty of people freaking out about it.

And if you get your traffic from AdWords, you're not much safer. While a reasonable person would think that Google is happy to accept your money, just do a search for "Google Slap" and you'll see cases where Google makes it doggone to give them money in some cases.

It can happen. It does happen.

So today I'm going to broaden your horizons just a bit and give you seven ways you can get traffic without relying on search engines.

Banner Ads

After the Dot Com bust, banner ads got a bad rap as being ineffective and too expensive. This is really like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There was nothing inherently wrong with banner ads. The problem was businesses with too much venture capital throwing money around like a game of hot potato. They overpaid for advertising and didn't test and track results, and they didn't target. Banner ads do work and people use them profitably to this very day - try them out.

Guest Blogging

There are so many ways to get traffic from blogs, but this is one of the most powerful, by far. In any niche, there is likely one or a few prominent bloggers. You know, the ones that most people go to or have at least heard about. The best blogs tend to put out a lot of content, and they're frequently willing to let somebody else do the hard work and provide content for a day via guest blogging. All you need to do is contact these bloggers and offer to write a cool post for their readers. This builds you up as an expert in your industry, and can get you extremely valuable links back to your website.

Contextual Advertising

Ever heard of Google AdSense? Of course you have (there are others too). You can advertise your text ads on websites and drive tens of thousands of visitors a day to your website. You can also target specific websites instead of just by topic.


Video is not only a great way to get traffic, but it is also a great way to demonstrate your expertise. Record a video. Put it up on video sharing sites like YouTube, and make sure you watermark the video with your URL so that people know where to go to learn more you and your services.


This one is pretty similar to video. In fact, you can take the audio track from a video and turn it into a podcast. You can even put your podcast on iTunes (trust me, it's actually really easy to get accepted into their program).


Articles (like this one) are frequently used to improve search engine rankings, but they can also bring a lot of traffic to a website. In fact, I have one website that gets more traffic from the article directories than it from Google (and it's not a small amount of traffic).

Ezine Advertising

Don't have a list, but realize the power of email marketing? There are plenty of legitimate (keyword: legitimate) lists out there that you can either rent to send your message to that you can purchase advertising space in. Just type in Ezine directory to get started.

Want to learn even more about getting more traffic? You can, at you'll find a free DVD that gives you the top ways to get traffic that work right now. It's free - It's powerful, and you'll learn how to get massive amounts of free traffic for years to come (and they'll even send you a free video camera!)

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AdWords Marketing - How to Make More Money Without Spending More

AdWords Marketing - How to Make More Money Without Spending More

With so much competition in Google AdWords, most people end up spending more & more. Many times, their advertising fees will eat into their budget. What you are about to learn will help you make more money without spending more.


Do everything you can to improve leads & sales conversion. You need to constantly test your landing pages so that you can keep improving over time. If your sales conversion rate is 1% & you get it up to 2%, you did not increase your income by 2% but by 200%, this is the power of optimizing your conversions.


If you can, find a way to survey your current clients & leads. Just ask them what is the biggest challenge they are facing with regards to your topic. Look at the answers & you would not only find out what they really want, you will know the exact words that they use.


When you know what they want & the exact words they use, you just have to use the same words in your landing page, your pay per click ads & more. Believe me, your conversion rates will increase. As you know, when conversion rates increase, you make more money.


Raising your prices is a simple way to make more money. You can add on addition bonuses into your products or add on addition services to your current services in order to have a reason to raise your prices. Often, you can get away with raising your prices without a reason! Also, add upsells if possible.


Make the best of your pay per click traffic since you are paying for it. It is worth your time to optimize the conversion rates of your ads & landing pages. Run surveys to understand your audience better & your conversion rates will go up. Last but not least, try raising your prices & adding upsells.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Article Writing - Do Not Submit Your Articles Without Checking These 3 Points

Article Writing - Do Not Submit Your Articles Without Checking These 3 Points

Article writing is a popular way to build your reputation and bring traffic to your site. However, if your articles are not effective, you cannot expect to get great results. So never submit your articles on the internet without checking the following 3 points.

1. Pitch: In the game of baseball, you have to throw the ball just at the right spot. You cannot be too high or too low. Similarly in the art of article writing, you must pitch your content just at the right level. You cannot be too broad or too narrow. If you are too broad, you will not be useful. Chances are that the reader will already know what you are writing about because many other authors have already educated him.

As an expert you need to provide a little more in-depth information for the reader to solve his problems. On the other hand, you need to take the other extreme position of making things too narrow. Avoid highly technical terms which the reader is not required to understand. Make your article simple to read and easy to understand. Also keep the article short and limited to one aspect of the topic. Write multiple articles to cover different aspects.

2. Punch: There are over a million articles written by over 170,000 authors in, the most popular article directory on the internet. When you add your drop of article in this ocean, you need to ensure that it is visible to all, that it stands out from the rest. One way is to make your title very attractive. Compose it in such a manner that the reader will be forced to click on it to read further.

Another way is to write an attractive excerpt. Many directories will allow you to write a short summary for your article. Most writers simply use the first paragraph as the excerpt but the first paragraph might not be the best summary for your article. So to make things more attractive, create a special summary for your articles.

3. Plagiarism: What is the point of writing something that is copied from another? If you are a real expert in your subject, you will never copy anything from anyone. You can surely research content from the internet to get ideas but finally, you must write the article in your own words.

Many articles are available on a PLR basis but then what is the point of using an article which hundreds of other authors are also going to call it their own. It is a good practice to use sites like and tools like DupeFree Pro to check your content for plagiarism before submitting. If you are getting articles written for you by freelancers, then make sure you get all the rights of the articles in your name.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article writing to build your list:

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