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Saturday, December 16, 2017

What's An Rss Podcast Feed And How Do I Use It? (additional Than You Ever Wanted To Recognize)

What's An Rss Podcast Feed And How Do I Use It? (additional Than You Ever Wanted To Recognize)
Though there are some varying opinions, the most common definition of RSS is that it stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS PODCast feed might be dynamically generated, however it appears to the subscriber (or shopper or user) of the feed as a file that's retrieved. Sometimes it's retrieved from a net server, but if you have an RSS feed file on your exhausting disk, you can open it. Or you may make your own and open it! An RSS feed, whether or not PODCast or alternative, is simply a list of files. The files in the list usually contain audio, video, photos or alternative images. Therefore, to summarize, an RSS feed may be a file that contains an inventory of files. This list of files represents audio files, photos, videos, images, or alternative information files. The files are typically referred to as episodes or programs if the feed is connected to one thing delivered on an everyday basis.

Therefore what's all the fuss? And why will it appear to be therefore complicated? Well the list within the file is during a special format or language known as XML, or eXtensible Markup Language. Yes another TLA ... 3 letter acronym. XML provides rules for putting data during a file therefore that the elements of the file will be easily identified. You "markup" the information by surrounding the info elements within the file with special markers and software, referred to as an XML parser, is in a position to locate and navigate through the information in an straightforward method (well simple for programmers). The "markers" are the symbols surrounding an the name of an element. Generally this can be known as a tag. There is a tag for starting a data item and a tag for ending. So within an XML file you might find a "title" that looks like this:

If you know how net pages work, then you recognize they use the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and within they also have tags like this. The ancestry of HTML and XML is much the identical so this is often not surprising. However, HTML has a fixed or defined set of tags, whereas XML lets you make up your own!

Build up your own? How will anybody ever agree on anything then? Well I am glad you asked! XML additionally has the aptitude of checking the tags you have employed in XML file against a listing of allowed tags, referred to as a schema. Interesting enough, this list of allowed tags is additionally in XML! This method is termed validation and an XML parser or XML validator is employed for this. There are net pages where you'll validate RSS feeds. Thus if you make a schema (or XML file) of tags and enough folks consider you and begin using it, you can exchange information in a common, simply verifiable format. That's precisely what RSS is. RSS may be a schema for an XML file. The schema includes the tag names that were created up to carry the knowledge like the title and author of the RSS feed, and then there is a section for each file in the feed that has the name, title, location, length, description, date created, and author.

RSS newsreaders, RSS aggregators, iTunes, and several alternative programs can get an RSS feed and use the RSS schema to validate it, then retrieve the files within the list to your program to listen or view or no matter!

If you wish to subscribe to an RSS PODCast Feed with iTunes or see the Technical Specification for RSS come back on over to my web site shown below.
There are picky rules about creating XML files and further rules relating to the RSS schema. However if you follow the foundations you'll use any recent text editor to form an RSS Feed for your own files that you'll use locally. If you want to create an RSS Feed obtainable to web surfers over the Net, you'll have to form certain to place the RSS Feed file on a net server AND make positive the files referenced in your RSS Feed are out there via a net server as well.

As another you'll use a web page I created that will facilitate your generate a valid RSS Feed that will display in your browser. Then you'll be able to view the supply and duplicate it to use on your native disk or save and upload to web server.

Barry Graham been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in RSS ,you can also check out his latest website about:
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

What's The Secret To Make Money On The Internet As A Network Marketer

What's The Secret To Make Money On The Internet As A Network Marketer

Network marketing is a business model that continues to do very well. However it is interesting how some people do better than others. In this article we will analyze the secret you must know to make money on the Internet as a successful network marketer!

In the old days of multi-level marketing most people failed because they could never sponsor anyone. Even people who were fairly successful selling MLM products at a difficult time enrolling new distributors.

That has all changed in the last 15 years. The Internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to the abilities needed to build a large network marketing business.

Even people who have nevered sponsor anyone in the past are now having success enrolling new distributors. This is possible because the most successful network marketers understand one primary secret.

The secret I'm talking about is not social networking. It is also not building a business contacting your friends and relatives.

The secret I'm talking about is automating your business and playing a numbers game. Very simply put if you get enough visitors to a website you are bound to enroll a certain percentage of those in your business on a regular basis.

You don't need any particular social skills to build a network marketing business this way. As a matter of fact the people who make the most money in network marketing very rarely interact with their distributors in a prospecting manner.

The sorting process you need is driving visitors to a landing page and following up with them via autoresponder. All you are doing is building as large of an email marketing list as you possibly can.

Because people need to be exposed to something as many as 12 times before they act on it, the autoresponder makes it hands-off for you to prospect this way. As your list grows you will have a certain amount of people who will want to join your business as they become more familiar with you.

Therefore the primary skill you need to make money on the Internet as a network marketer today is learning how to drive traffic to your landing page. You can automate the process by having prewritten autoresponder messages already set up.

Many MLM companies provide excellent landing pages. Some of these even include videos to help excite your prospects.

The one thing that you have control over is the various marketing strategies you implement. To make this as cost effective as possible you will need to mix paid Internet marketing advertising with free advertising.

As you get more promotions online your business will grow. When this happens you have mastered the secret to making money on the Internet as a network marketer.

Professional Internet marketer Mark Babcock helps average people make money on the internet and create extraordinary incomes from home. If you are looking for extra money ideas visit his website and check how to earn money on the Internet with CashCrate.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's Next For Teachers After Webstreaming and Video Podcasting? A School Dedicated TV URL Channel

What's Next For Teachers After Webstreaming and Video Podcasting? A School Dedicated TV URL Channel

Remember the early 1980s. It was the introduction in many schools of the BBC B computer. Wow, it was certainly impressive but it now seems so dated. I recall the teacher at the time asking us to imagine what we thought the classroom of twenty years time from then would look like. The class came to a general conclusion that teachers would be replaced by a BBC B computer wheeled into teach each lesson. I certainly liked this idea as at least the computer would never give detentions.

Our idea of computers taking classes seems wildly out but actually looking closely we were not too far away. You see, classes today continue to be taught by 'real people' but look at the effect that computers have made in helping people to learn. For those non-academics twenty or more years ago would surely have benefited from the internet, where they could learn at their own speed.


Webstreaming, video podcasts, the internet have all come into education today but exactly where will technology take us say in twenty years time? Who knows but I what I do know is that schools can now set up their own virtual schools. I'm not talking about the website 2nd Life here, I'm talking about each school having its own tv channel on the web. This could be the place where lessons as videos and video podcasts could be delivered through one dedicated tv URL channel. You think that webstreaming would make a TV URL channel too slow? Well actually no. The fact is that a channel is very easy to set up one and can be updated by teachers in real time.

For teachers using this new technology lessons could be recorded, either in video or audio format, and placed on one of these channel. It means that those children who are not too fast at picking up information in a traditional education way, could be going back to the lesson and watching it again in their own time. Webstreaming and video podcasts are great but now it's time for educators to sit down and seriously consider this latest internet technology with its many benefits.

Timothy Mitchell is a Director at RedRok Media, which is pioneering TV URL channels in schools and colleges.
Educational URL TV Channels

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Whats So Great About Glutamine?

Whats So Great About Glutamine?

Well to answer the question to the headline of this article, glutamine is a popular amino acid that holds a vital importance within the body, in various ways.

Glutamine plays a major role from the following:

Boost Glycogen Resynthesis
Fuel athletic performance
Helps to create a more efficient protein metabolism
Decrease muscle breakdown

This amino acid is used throughout the body, mainly within the stomach and the immune system. Supplemented glutamine has been used to improve brain functionalities and muscle growth. It has been used to treat alcoholism and people with Huntington’s disease (an illness that causes muscle breakdown). Also, it is known to be the most free-form amino acid streaming around within the blood cells of the skeletal muscles.

Here’s why glutamine is also important especially for athletes (quoted from Bodybuilding dot com):

“ L-glutamine plays a very important role in protein metabolism, and it appears to be a very important nutrient for athletes.* When supplemented, it may help athletes reduce the amount of muscle breakdown that occurs because other tissues that need glutamine will not rob the glutamine stored in the muscle cells.”

Researchers says that when we’re finished with an intense workout our glutamine levels in our bodies drop to as low as 50% because it is being used for the immune system, which decreases after workouts as well. Because the body depends on glutamine as its main usage of support for the immune system, scientific studies suggest that glutamine supplementation can minimize the breakdown of muscles from maintaining its cellular level, thus not taking this amino acid stored within our muscles cells away for other use.

Overall when glutamine is used as a supplement it does not only give extra support to your immune system, but provides more of itself to retain muscle to prevent muscle break down. Thus helping your muscles grow at a more efficient level, especially after workouts.

Also take note, when glutamine is overused it can cause diarrhea.



This article is a republished version from the original one within my blog. If you would like to navigate to my site to learn info beneficial for muscle building, be sure to navigate to other pages once you go here-Glutamine


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Whats Happening at Hollywood East

Whats Happening at Hollywood East

It's been about a year now since all of the talk about the potential explosion of Hollywood East. Plymouth Rock studios in Plymouth, Massachusetts  was predicted to expand into a Universal Studios type park where it would boast a multitude of studios, stores, eateries along with many other sites to see. I haven't heard anything else about this upcoming addition Hollywood since it was first in the news last year so I decided to dig around and see if I could get an update.

Evidently, the project will not be in the works until sometime in 2012, a little more than one year away. As a former extra on the set of the movie The Game Plan with Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, I'm excited that there should be many more opportunities headed my way to give it another go. I have no acting experience but suddenly it seems so interesting and more attainable now that Hollywood will be practically in my back yard, at least in comparison to Los Angeles.

The new project could bring about more jobs for our residents and possibly rake in a killing that would obviously benefit Massachusetts. Perhaps our taxes could go down (yeah right). Some residents are concerned about the hubbub that will come about as the result of the new expansion and the streets that are already jammed with traffic will become even more unbearable for commuters. Just remember guys, Hollywood, HOLLYWOOD! All I fear is that the tax credit offered to filmmakers might be taken away once everything is built. We all know it can't be this great for that long in Taxachusetts. I hope I'm wrong for the sake of the film industry. I would love to see this project go through and strive for many years to come.

Connecticut might be getting a head start on the action as the plans have recently become official that Connectucut Studios LLC will start construction on a 61- acre, $ 50 million sound stage in South Windsor. It is said that the new establishment could create 1,530 jobs right off the bat.

Many stars are already calling Boston a second home. The recent slews of movies that have been shot here have also brought with them a good share of celebrities who have now become well acquainted with our beautiful state. Martin Scorcese has been a fan since making his hit movies The Departed and Shutter Island. It would not be totally unheard of to bump into Scorcese, Kate Hudson or Tom Cruise and family on the streets of Boston. Imagine how it will be when this project really takes off.

It has not officially been written yet, but the new Rob Zombie movie will be filmed in Salem Mass once production is underway. Zombie doesn't seem to use many extras in his films but I would love to have the chance to be part of one of his movies. Just getting into the whole behind-the-scenes action in a horror movie is enough for me. The movie is The Lords of Salem and will focus on a coven of witches from the past that return to torment the town. This has to be interesting especially from Rob Zombie's perspective and it will certainly beef up tourism for Salem.

The last Hollywood star connected to Salem Mass is Elizabeth Montgomery for filming a few episodes of the hit TV show Bewitched back in 1970. She even has a bronze statue on Essex Street to commemorate her visit. Salem residents seem to be supporting the idea of the film being shot in their hometown though some say that the town is much more appealing now than it was in the past and that it may not be the best backdrop for a horror movie.

I haven't found any new information or updates about the construction of the massive Hollywood East facility but one thing I did notice is the growing number of films being shot here. Their website is also a great resource for people interested in breaking into the movie business. They have blogs about what is going on with new projects and offer acting and screenwriting classes that you can sign up for and much more. I recently joined the site to be kept in the loop and maybe get more info on upcoming movies and events that look interesting. Maybe I'll take another shot at being an extra or even trying something new.

It seems that Hollywood East is creeping its way into the limelight little by little. It is not necessarily in the news, but you can find new information online by reading articles and blogs posted on their related sites. The next two projects aside from Zombie's witch flick will be The Three Stooges and What's Your Number? The three major movies shot in Massachusetts that have topped the box office are Shutter Island, The Town and, most recently, The Social Network. So, my fellow residents, the next time you're out for a walk keep your eyes open. You could pass by a major Hollywood star!

By: Francis David

Francis helps people learn about Direct tv vs Dish network, and how they can save money every month with popular Dish Network offers. Francis and his team also help people determine if Satellite Internet is right for them.

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Whats the Best Home Gym?

Whats the Best Home Gym?

We all know how important exercise is to help maintain our health.  You also know that if is is not an activity that you can fit into your life you will not be consistent.  Consistency is what gets results.  You can have the best workout  or the best home gym they make, if you don't  use it, it will never help you to achieve the results you want.

Ease of Use 

When I find something like the best home gym, I have to tell people about it.  I've owned several exercise machines.  Different ones for different parts of the body.  Some of these I could not even use for one reason or another.  I have wasted  money on several different products.  I'm happy to say this one is different.  The ease of use makes this the best home gym in my opinion  You can flow freely from one exercise to another without having to reset.  Whether you are a beginner  or and advanced  athlete  there is a workout for you.  If you are someone who is into a certain sport, there are sports specific exercises.


In our busy lives  we have trouble getting time for ourselves.  If you have a family, work a full time job, or maybe after school activities, forget about joining a gym.  It aint happening.  With the best home gym I've found you can get your workout in as little as eight (8) minutes.  One of the several workout routines included is one that takes as little as eight minutes and gives maximum results.  If you are going to have a quality life you need to do this for yourself.  The benefits of exercise are endless.  Leave the equipment out and ready, you can use it when you have eight minutes to invest in yourself.  You can fold and store each time if room is a problem.

In my opinion  the best home gym is the one you will use!

You may publish this article as long as the resource box is left in tact.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Whats Your Flavia?

Whats Your Flavia?
Whats your Flavia?

People indulge in coffee on a daily basis the process to many has almost become habitual. When looking for coffee on the move there are many options available, high street coffee shops, caf"s and any venue with a bean to cup coffee machine.
The bean to cup machine has changed how we view the hot drinking vending machine. No longer do we question the ability to deliver quality coffee.
The days of watery bitter coffee are over, now several delicious alternatives are available.
Brand recognition is key when the machines are attempting to tempt a passer by into refreshment. These machines are everywhere offices, leisure centres and petrol stations to name but a few.
Many are flexible to meet the needs of the location and transform a workplace virtually instantly. The first coffee of the morning is quick, fresh and tastes that much better than instant coffee, plus your not limited to just tea or coffee.

The reassurance that your favourite coffee from home is available on the go can often make the option a lot more appealing.
Several options are available when looking for vending machine coffee. People don"t necessarily choose the first machine they stumble upon; we all have our own individual preferences that can affect our decisions.
There are several options available as a consumer and most of the brands your familiar with are available from vending machines nationwide.
Flavia, Kenco and Klix are all popular brands of coffee machine, they all offer different products. The variety available means that you can choose the brand that your familiar with and associate with good quality

My personal favourite machine would have to be the Flavia and I"m not just saying that because of the fact there is a machine situated in the office.
The aroma and freshness of the coffee is what makes it for me. The simple user interface is easily navigated in the early hours of the morning. The sachets are placed into the machine, a cup placed underneath and with the simple press of a button your coffee is only a few moments away. The variety of flavours available is also an important factor for me and there is something suitable for almost everything you craving.
The machine also has a high pressure steam jet that allows cappuccino and other frothy drinks to be offered, a much needed luxury during a tough working day.

The base cabinet of the Flavia machine is clean and uses the limited space well.
This is ideal for office environments. Some dispensers also provide the facility to recycle the cups making the machine a perfectly viable option for office environments.
The company has spread worldwide and now can tailor machines to cater for local needs, for example in Japan a variety of green teas is available.

The coffee machine industry has evolved quickly over the last 30 years, quality coffee can be delivered easily now with a multitude of options available for the consumer.
Many household brands are available and. the machines give you the luxury to choose what you want. Many modern machines have over 20 options, this just shows how far they have come from the original bean to cup concept conceived in the early seventies.
The evolution of the coffee machine is only going to advance as technology improves.
The coffee machine industry is valuable to many workplaces and soon coffee house style beverages will become more and more common. Coffee machines are soon set to become as flexible as we are and continue to become a key part of the working environment.

When you purchase a Coffee machine its worth considering Environmental coffee to ensure peace of mind.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What's The Difference Between Google Maps & Google Places?

What's The Difference Between Google Maps & Google Places?

If you are wondering what the difference between Google Maps and Google Places is- here's the quick answer. The former is a mapping service to easily locate your local business with Google's online maps while the latter is a more detailed listing of your local business.


It is suggested that instead of just using the Google Maps, local businesses should opt for an optimized listing in Places.  It's a free service for local businesses to create their profile including all pertinent information necessary to attract your target market, get themselves listed and have their location marked on Google Maps service.


When you want to appear in the front page of the Google search engine when your target traffic conducts a local search, you should make it a point to have an optimized business listing in Places.  You will find it simple and easy to have your local business listed in Places.


An optimized listing in Google Places will go a long, long way for your business.  It is proven to be an effective traffic generator and the traffic that you will be able to get from Places is the kind that actually converts.  It helps to include as much as possible location specific information in creating your listing.


You also have to ensure that all the information you have included in your listing are accurate and reliable.  With an optimized business listing in Places, you are assured that every time an online user searches for products or services that are covered by your location, your business gets to appear on the front page at the top position of the search results.


Another difference between the Maps and Places is that the latter is an interactive avenue where your customers get to leave reviews about how satisfied they are doing business with you.  The more reviews you earn on your listing, the more favorable it is to your Google ranking.


One important aspect in using Google Places is for you to build your information based on the right keywords that your target traffic use to find your business online.  When you have identified the right keywords to use, you can now build your local business listing optimized for Places.


Are you spending thousands of dollars on your website and you are nowhere to be "found" on Google?

Download free Google Places video tutorial that will show you how to easily add your business to the Google Maps and Google Places Listings. Also, checkout our Search EngineMarketing services, it may be a great fit to you.