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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Butterfly Wedding ? Great Themes

Butterfly Wedding ? Great Themes

Butterflies are looked upon as beautiful and delicate creatures by all. This is due to their fragile bodies and colourful wings. Using butterflies as a theme during weddings have become very common these days. Right from the wedding invitation to live release of butterflies, every stage in the wedding will be butterfly themed. There are suppliers for these butterflies and butterfly styled wedding. All these will make your wedding a spectacular event.


For butterfly themed weddings, the invitations will be butterfly styled. The card can either be in the shape of a butterfly, or it can have images of butterflies in it. The flower girls and bridesmaids can have butterfly accessories like pendants, ear rings, bracelets, and hair clips. The venue can be decorated all over with butterfly styled garlands, miniatures, images, and even leave live butterflies around. This will give liveliness to the entire setting. Even the bride can have a butterfly themed gown. It can incorporate lots of small butterfly miniatures on it. The bride can also wear butterfly accessories to complement the entire setting.


Releasing butterflies during the wedding is another major attraction. For this, monarchs are the most commonly used butterflies. These can be bought from butterfly farms or ordered online. If you buy butterflies from any butterfly stores located nearby, you can even go and select the ones as per your choice. And if you are ordering online, you must specify the number of butterflies required and the type required. When buying in bulk, the suppliers can offer discounted prices.


When you receive the butterflies, they will be in dark boxes so that the butterflies remain calm. Before the wedding, you must place the boxes in direct sunlight for an hour. This will activate the butterflies. So when you release the boxes, they will fly out one behind the other and flutter around the place for some time. They may fly away quickly to some place suitable for them. If you want to keep them at the venue for some time, you can add nectar sources or put flowers and host plants around. The butterflies will stick around for sometime and add to the beauty to your wedding. After some time, they will go away and mingle with others in the nature.


Butterflies for weddings are becoming very popular nowadays. As the requirement for butterflies have increased, butterfly suppliers also are increasing. Butterfly farms have started growing butterflies specifically for wedding releases also. The prices vary depending on the species and number of butterflies being bought. If you are ordering the butterflies online or from far away butterfly farms, transportation and packing charges also will add to the total cost.


Getting butterflies from the nature may not be an easy task when so many are required. So the best option is to buy them from butterfly suppliers only. And since you release the butterflies back into the nature, there is no harm being done to the butterfly species.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Politely Register For Your Wedding

How to Politely Register For Your Wedding

Every bride should have tact, especially when it comes to registering for wedding presents. While you may be tempted to ask for your hearts desire while selecting items, remember to be realistic as well. Because you are basically asking people to buy you things, it is only right that you make the process as easy as possible for you as well as your friends and family.

There are a few basic rules to follow when setting up your wedding registry that are tactful and shouldn't offend anyone.

1. Set up your registry as soon as possible. You already have an idea of what you're going to need, so as soon as you set a date, set up your registries. These days, you don't even have to leave the house to do this. You and your groom can peruse web sites of stores and create a list from the comfort of your home.

So, there's no good reason for putting off this chore. After all, you're asking people to buy stuff. It's only polite to give them ample time to purchase your gift.

2. Give everyone options. Most big-chain stores have wedding registry options, so make sure to include one of these in your list so that everyone has access. Remember, not everyone has a computer to shop on-line and hometown shops probably won't have a web site.

You also want to choose a wide variety of items at every price point. Yes, some of your friends and family will spend a lot of money on you, but others have a general budget for wedding gifts. Expect most people to spend an average of $ 50, so have plenty of choices for this and less.

3. Don't announce your registries. Never put this information on the wedding invitations or the 'Save the date' cards. The hostess of your showers can put it on those invites. You can put your web site address on 'Save the date' cards. Have the info available on your web site. Of course, people will ask you where you are listed and you can certainly tell them. Just don't offer the information unsolicited.

4. Don't ask for money. If you'd rather have cash, just don't register. Remember, some people will give you cash and gift cards, but everyone else is left to their own imaginations if you don't offer guidelines.

5. Promptly thank everyone. Thank You notes should be handwritten and specifically refer to the gift. Sure, you can thank someone in an e-mail, but that does not take the place of a traditional note. Everyone should receive this kind of personal thanks (and they will expect it).

While it is customary for everyone who gets a wedding invitation to get you a gift, it is not a given. Be appreciative for the gifts you do receive and gracious to those who come to the event with or without a gift.

The presence of friends and family to help you celebrate your big day should be all you need. When it is all said and done, marriage is about family, not how many gifts you get.

Don't let the overflow of gifts at your nuptials overwhelm you. In New Orleans weddings are celebrated with a little bit of tactfulness-set up a wedding registry. Learn the basic rules of creating a winsome wedding here

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