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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Create a Webinar

How to Create a Webinar

Creating a webinar is similar to the preparation that is needed for a live seminar A good webinar, like a good lecture, involves a lot of serious planning before the person faces their actual audience.

In recent years webinars have been given a lot of positive press and although they are not difficult to create, they can be time consuming. You can run a webinar in the same way as you would run an ordinary lecture. Students need to have read certain material and hopefully, by the end of the webinar will have acquired new skills.

Your planning should be laid out in your objectives and learning at the seminar can be increased It's a good idea to settle on a budget for your webinar that takes into account the cost of the Webinar software. You will soon discover that webinars are a much more cost effective way of dealing with staff training and development and for gathering together employees from many different locations.

As business owners realise the effectiveness of webinars in terms of time and cost. It is much cheaper to conduct webinars that are visible to all of your employees and it also makes better use of employee's time as they are not spending hours traveling to seminar. If you are going to create a successful webinar then in your plan you may want to include ideas for having speakers deliver part of the message. You may also want to think about using co-presenters and to identify the websites that you may want your audience to look at as part of the webinar.

You may also need to think about the processes of promotion and getting participants informed of the seminar. A webinar may take a bit more planning than the usual seminar as you are relying on technology to put your plans into practice. Webinars, just like seminars, benefit from feedback and from surveying what aspects of a particular presentation participants enjoyed the most. You may find that a particular theme or phrase stands out from the rest of the webinar and may be useful in future presentations. It is possible to build a whole webinar around a particular phrase that has caught people's attention.

When you first start using webinars for training and development it takes time to get used to the new media, just as a few years ago everyone had to get used to the idea of taking their material with them for Power Point presentations in a different location. You may have to work the first few seminars gathering as well as giving out information. It is well worth letting senior sales team members conduct webinars from time to time as they can use it to improve their own selling performance.

Webinars are a good way to ensure that your company workforce is better informed about current business practice than those of your competitors.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Online Webinar "?" For Cost Effective Marketing

Online Webinar "?" For Cost Effective Marketing
Thanks to the internet and advancements in communication technology, organizing a seminar has drastically changed in the last few years. An online webinar is a seminar conducted online with the prospects attending the event from the comfort of their homes and offices. Opting for an online webinar over a traditional seminar offers much more than just convenience for the organizers and guests. The organizers are able to save a significant amount of money they wouldve spent in organizing a traditional seminar.
Webinars can be organized for a number of purposes such as marketing, introduction, product launch, education, and many more. Organizing marketing webinars is arguably the easiest way to gather desired audience for the promotion of your company and its offerings. The process starts with generating leads for the webinar. Based on the nature of your webinar, you need to find people who will be interested in attending the event. Leads for marketing webinars can be generated using social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
Once you have a list of the desired prospects, you need to contact them to inform about the upcoming event. The prospects can be contacted using a number of modes of communication such as e-mail, telephone, fax, etc. Once you have received the acknowledgements of the prospects who have agreed to attend the event, you can start working on the content for the webinar.
When deciding content for the webinar, try to be as clear and concise as possible. Prolonging a webinar will not only waste time, it may also lead to boredom for those attending. Try to design an interactive webinar that should welcome the participation and contribution of your guests. Ensure that the webinar ends with a question-answer session to let the guests clear their doubts if any.
Organizing a webinar is simple but needs great expertise to ensure the event is a success. If you are planning to organize a webinar but are unsure about certain aspects of organizing one such event, it is advisable that you avail the service of a professional agency having specialization in organizing webinars. A list of all such companies can be easily found using any popular search engine.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Forex Mastery 2.0's Expert Creator To Host FREE Live Webinar

Forex Mastery 2.0's Expert Creator To Host FREE Live Webinar

I just got the news that OU Forex Trader will be demonstrating Forex Mastery 2.0 for the FINAL TIME this year.

Since it first launched, hundreds of Forex traders have used this system to push their trading accounts to the next level.

Their results have been impressive, to say the least…

Now, Gary R. Albrecht, the mastermind behind the powerful M3 Navigator Software, has created 2 powerful new enhancements and a NEW indicator affectionately called…

The SLINGSHOT Indicator.

He calls it this because when it sets up the right way, you'll see a ‘Slingshot' of a trend reversal, nearly 100 % of the time!

And you can see a demonstration of the system during a live webinar, tomorrow, September 23rd, 2010 at 12 PM  then again at 9 PM EDT.

Follow this link to register:

==> Visit Forex Mastery 2.0 Official Website

Your Hosts will be "Forex" Joe Atkins and… as a Special Guest… Gary R. Albrecht, Creator of the M3 Navigator Software, the key component of the Forex Mastery 2.0 system.

Here's the web page with the details:

==> Visit Forex Mastery 2.0 Official Website

Forex Mastery is a system which contains a course and software tools to help traders of all levels place more high probability low risk trades. This is a Support/Resistance type system but it uses proprietary levels called Bias and Key numbers.

This system has 3 main parts:

I. A 5 module video training course which covers everything from Forex basics, working with brokers and charts, understanding and utilizing bias and key numbers, to managing your trades and minimizing risk to make sure you continue to trade high probability trades without crippling losses.

II. The M3 Forex Navigator proprietary software which makes it easy for you to see Price Actions, and Entry Points according the the Bias and Key numbers so you can easily trade the market. This is an easy to use software which provides a great visual experience.

You can watch a quick short video which shows how the developer of this system used the M3 Forex Navigator to turn a $ 25,000 account into a $ 291,000 account in 2 years. You will also see how this software can help you to:

Discover how to ‘Balance Fear and Greed'
Find trades with ‘Multiple Time Frame Alignment'
How to trade ‘Half Pikes', ‘Channel Hops', and ‘Gravy Grains'
Find trades if you're a Scalper, Day Trader, or Swing Trader

III. The Market Scanner software which is a sort of trading dashboard which allows you to quickly see what sort of trades may be lining up for you across the various currency pairs without having you looking through charts and wasting time poring over them.

==> Visit Forex Mastery 2.0 Official Website

Rob Trader - Forex Expert

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