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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hosted VoIP Services ? Hosted IP Telephony Systems

Hosted VoIP Services ? Hosted IP Telephony Systems

Business communication has undergone some rapid changes since the 1970’s when PBX systems were the most advanced business communication technology available. Contemporary businesses of all sizes have upgraded to the diverse and powerful features enabled by hosted VoIP services.

Hosted VoIP works by sending digitised voice signals across a broadband internet connection. These signals are sent to an IP platform where they are directed to the intended destination – either another VoIP user or a regular phone on a PSTN network. The calls and transmission of data is quick, reliable and economical and when coupled with the advanced user features of VOIP, hosted IP telephony is a formidable force for business communication.

Advanced features of Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP solutions can be tailor-made to fit any business requirements. PBX phone replacement systems (or SIP Trunking solutions) allow those businesses not quite ready to change their entire system to VoIP to have access to the use of some VoIP telephony systems. A broadband connection can be run through a PBX phone, allowing businesses to use the advanced features of VoIP and reap the benefits of these.

VoIP uses a broadband connection

Calls over a hosted VoIP network are free between VoIP sites. A business network runs from an internet connection, the calls are made through the internet and so there are no line rental costs or tariffs per minute. When VoIP calls are made to a regular PSTN line, the charges are minimal when compared to normal PSTN tariffs. Another money saving feature of hosted VoIP is the lack of expensive installation needed, these services are quick and easy to install and require virtually zero onsite support or maintenance.

Easy user interface

All features are controlled through and easy user interface. Even though the many features are advanced technology, using them is simple. All features can be accessed and controlled in real time. Also, the advantage of easy functionality saves time because no training is required. When time is saved, money is saved. Softphones (controls for using VoIP services) are run through a computer for simple and hassle free access to VoIP technology. Employees using VoIP can control who they receive calls from and at what times.

Satellite and global roaming technology

Satellite services and global roaming allows employees to stay in touch via their VoIP network. Employees can work from home whilst having access to all VoIP features available on their work network because they can remain on the work network, no matter what their location. VoIP phones can be programmed to follow employees wherever they go. This service is especially useful for business trips.

Worldwide Wi-Fi hotspots allow those on a VoIP network to access the internet, make calls and use all of the functionality which VoIP provides no matter where the employee is situated. If there are no Wi-Fi hotspots, calls are charged at the local rate. Conference calling is also a major benefit to business as world-wide conference calls connecting international clients and branches of businesses are low-cost yet high quality and reliable.

Greater network control

Greater control includes network set up and billing. IT managers need not worry about having to control a difficult and complicated network. VoIP is easy to use, requires minimal installation and offers quick and easy functions to control the entire network. Receptionists are still able to manage multiple incoming calls and direct them to the correct person across the hosted VoIP network.

Advanced fax and email functionality

Hosted VoIP services also allow for advanced voicemail, and fax functions. Voicemails can either be listened to through an audio play back or recorded as emails sent into the relevant inbox. Faxes are recorded as digital files and can be stored in an inbox and forwarded on as required.

These VoIP services allow for incredible communication solutions. Increased communication capabilities of a higher quality which have far lower operation costs and tariffs have the ability to transform a business into a powerful force. Efficiency and client satisfaction can be increased by businesses using hosted VoIP services.

Inclarity are providers of a hosted VoIP telephone solution to the UK through their hosted IP telephone systems.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Investing In Hosted Voip For Your Business

Investing In Hosted Voip For Your Business
A reliable and affordable method of communication is vital for any business and so many firms are choosing to implement hosted VOIP systems into their office environments. Hosted VOIP refers to a system of Voice over Internet Protocol whereby it is made possible for users to make and conduct phone calls over the space of the Internet. Hosted VOIP bypasses the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and so avoids the associated steep call costs.

Hosted VOIP technology has actually been around for some time but it is only in the last few years that it has really taken off, exciting the industry and consumers with its promise of extremely low cost calls. In the years after its conception, the technology was plagued with a number of problems including dropped calls and extremely patchy reception. However, hosted VOIP has developed and improved the extent that users now agree that the quality of calls provided by VOIP is now better than many of its landline or mobile phone competitors
Save Money with Hosted VOIP

There's no getting away from it, the global recession has meant that many businesses are struggling and in order to stay afloat, it is vital that they maintain a steady cash-flow. This can be done by cutting outgoings and costly overheads, and in particular, expensive telephone bills. In this way, hosted VOIP can be perfect for those businesses who are trying to tighten their belts. Because of the ability of hosted VOIP to bypass the PSTN, VOIP providers are able to charge users a single, once-monthly fee, rather than charging for each individual call, regardless of whether the calls made were local, International and how long they were. This is especially useful for businesses that regularly make long distance calls to converse with clients or colleagues abroad for example. International calls using a standard telephone line can be incredibly expensive, making companies monthly phone bill extortionate.

Great Features
As well as being incredibly easy on the business bank balance, hosted VOIP also comes with an impressive range of great features, many of which are absent in traditional landlines. Before deciding which VOIP system is best for you and which provider you should use, you need to decide which of these features are vital and which you can do without. Generally speaking the more features a VOIP system has, the more expensive it will be. Features include caller ID block, anonymous/telemarketer/International call blocks, three-way calling capabilities, voicemail, advanced call forwarding and even local number portability which is great for businesses who need to retain their original contact number in order to receive calls from past clients and customers. All of these features give you more control over how you use your hosted VOIP phone. You will probably not need all of the possible features and so it is worth shopping around for a system incorporating the features you need, otherwise you will end up paying more than you need to. Use online search engines to track down the perfect VOIP system for you.

To get more information regarding Hosted VOIP and services we offer, please visit our website at

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Can Hosted Voip Save My Business Money?

Can Hosted Voip Save My Business Money?
In these testing economic times, every business needs to tighten their belts and ensure they make sensible financial decisions. Many businesses have failed in the wake of the global recession and even more are struggling to stay afloat. Those that remain need to ensure that they maintain steady cash-flows and cut costly outgoings and overheads where they can. This includes expensive telephone bills. Many companies, all around the world are making the switch to hosted VOIP systems as a way of cutting call costs.

The Importance of Telephone Communication for Businesses
There's no getting away from it, most businesses would collapse without a reliable phone line. It is the path to communicating with colleagues, schmoozing clients and even drumming up new business. Email is all well and good, but voice communication creates a personal touch and is able to quickly and accurately define the specifics of a conversation. The importance of a voice communication device in an office environment is unavoidable and it is certainly worth considering hosted VOIP as your chosen office phone system.

What is Hosted VOIP?
VOIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol and put simply, hosted VOIP is a system whereby users can transmit voice and carry out telephone conversations over the space of the Internet. Hosted VOIP has created a real buzz and excitement in the industry and also with consumers, and this is for one main reason. This is that it allows users to make calls at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline or mobile. This is because the calls made from a hosted VOIP system bypass the public switched telephone network (PSTN) which handles calls from traditional landlines and mobile phones. VOIP providers will simply charge users a once-monthly fee, regardless of whether International or local calls have been made, and for how long. Those users that make long distance, International calls on a regular basis will see the biggest difference in money saved from VOIP, as International calls made using a traditional, copper-wire landline can be incredibly expensive. Sometimes for businesses, International calls cannot be avoided, despite their ability to rack up the cost of phone bills. You may need to converse with colleagues or clients abroad and voice communication is the most efficient way of doing this.

Which Hosted VOIP Provider?
The hosted VOIP provider that you choose will depend mainly on which features you want from your new system. Generally speaking, the more features a system has, the more pricey it will be, so it is wise to be sure that you are actually going to make use of those features - otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of money. Features include telemarketer call barring, unknown call barring, three way calling, voicemail, caller ID and many systems even allow you to keep your original number. This is important for already established businesses that need to keep their contact in order to converse with clients and customers. The key is in deciding which features are vital and which you can do without.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Advantages Of Hosted Business Voip

The Advantages Of Hosted Business Voip
Hosted VoIP is the perfect system for those who are considering a business grade telephony solution for their business. It allows you to enjoy a more centralised, cost-effective internet phone solution, even if you are a small business.

Hosted VoIP has the feature-rich capability and flexibility of an IP-PBX. The key benefits of investing in hosted business VoIP include a reduction in your capital costs, as it won't be necessary to invest in a large PBX telephone exchange system. A hosted business VoIP system also reduces the cost of calls. It is free to call fellow employees with your voice network with Voicenet Solutions, while it will normally only cost you the same as a local call to get in touch with another department. In addition, there are reduced costs for all other, both local and international, landline calls.

Investing in a hosted business VOIP system also brings you advanced security. There may be enhanced security with some companies for every call you make, with calls going through a high-level security data centre. In addition, a form of 'session border security' may be in place so that you can be sure that every call is securely delivered. There may be a firewall that has been designed specifically for VoIP calls to prevent your hosted VoIP solution from being exposed to the public internet.

Another advantage of investing in a hosted business VOIP system is that the VoIP service and technology is remotely upgraded as soon as new features become available. Rather than having to wait for the appearance of a maintenance man at your premises to install new hardware, you will have your system upgraded as soon as the upgrades are launched. You should also be able to call the emergency services numbers of 112 and 999.
What to look for in a company offering hosted business VoIP
There are many benefits to looking online for hosted VoIP systems. The emergence of online shopping in recent years has massively increased the amount of choice that you have of business communications options, although this also only increases the importance of making the best choice for your business.

You will want to find a company that has a good reputation in the provision of hosted business VOIP, with a strong emphasis on a high standard of customer service and on-going technical support. You will want to find a company providing hosted VoIP that prides itself on delivering the best possible platform that integrates the leading technologies in the market. This will ensure that you get only the most advanced functions and features that are available in the marketplace.

If you are a large or corporate customer, you will want to find a company that has an engineering team that can customise technologies, features and applications so that there is successful integration with any phone systems and infrastructure that you already have. A good company may have a network across the country of local specialists who can visit your premises and provide an on-site demonstration, while also recommending the best system available for your individual needs.

To get more information regarding hosted business VOIP and services we offer, please visit our website at

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Hosted Voip Power Hub For Business Phone System

Hosted Voip Power Hub For Business Phone System
VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a revolutionary technology which has transformed the way small and medium business enterprises communicate. It is the most talked about subject, which is slowly making its way into our lives, both personally and professionally. Hosted VOIP has become a power hub for small business phone systems. There is a lot of hype regarding VOIP but many of us dont quite understand what exactly it is all about.

Voice over IP transmits voice traffic over the internet, rather than PSTN. It converts voice signals into a digital signal which can be transmitted over the internet. VOIP is the wave of the future which has emerged as the most productive phone system that is continuously growing in popularity. Hosted VOIP has a wealth of benefits which are enough to make you addicted to it.

Reduced telecommunication budget with minimum hassles

Many business enterprises are rapidly making the switch from PSTN to Hosted VOIP to save money, without compromising on voice quality. VOIP service providers give the advantages of an office phone system without the hassles of managing it. The significant cost savings make Hosted VOIP the ideal choice from economic and infrastructure point of view. The minimum capital expenditures, hassle free maintenance, repairs and upgrades, and attractive offerings make it an excellent low cost alternative for telecommunication.

Outstanding features

VOIP is a technologically advanced communication system offering compelling benefits and features like:
Call waiting
3 way calling
Call forwarding
Caller id
Find me, follow me
Repeat dial
Dial by name/extensions
Call queuing

And some advanced options as:
Advanced ACD
Voicemail transcription
Play customized messages to clients
Automatic call distribution
Send call directly to voicemail

And many more features that are easy to use, with little additional charges. You just have to sign up for VOIP to reap its numerous benefits in professional and personal lives.


Business enterprises having multiple locations and mobile workers go for VOIP because the centralized nature of services connects all offices as one. It is an excellent idea which helps you maintain a business presence wherever you go, because VOIP providers allow you to make calls anytime, anywhere with broadband connectivity. Remote employee support gives employees the access to functionality so that they can work without constraints and thus improve productivity. Due to this unmatched flexibility, VOIP may replace traditional PSTN in a few years.

Get a desired area code for your number

Hosted VOIP providers offer you powerful calling features at a price you can afford. You can get a virtual phone number with an area code which is different from your geographical area so that you cut down costs drastically for long distance calling. Several companies save thousands of dollars on long distance communication due to very cheap international rates offered on VOIP.

Network security

Security issues are a matter of concern for any business enterprise because all business calls are confidential. Many service providers are equipped with the latest firewalls, anti-virus and on-line security measures to safeguard your data by encryption. Progressive strides are made in VOIP technology to provide quality and reliable services by eliminating security threats, using meticulous and updated network security.

VOIP is a priceless, feature-rich system to greatly enhance your business image, but there are a few hindrances that need to be overcome. If the internet connection is not stable then voice packets will not be transmitted and VOIP phones will not work, leading to dropped calls. Quality of audio is another major issue because desirable voice quality should be business like, which is sometimes not there due to use of poor quality codec so the voice quality suffers. Service quality is also affected by computer maintenance. Another disadvantage is that some VOIP providers do not give you emergency calling functions, like 911.

However Hosted VOIP is a wonderful telecommunication system and many service providers like The Real PBX offer you reliable and best quality services, using cutting edge technology to overcome the disadvantages at competitive prices. So dont hold back, take the plunge and have an unmatched, drastically cheap and priceless calling experience.

Technology specialist at The Real PBX services Adom Brown is a specialist in Hosted VOIP PBX for small and medium business enterprises. The Real PBX Owns and Manages the network and Business PBX Platform.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Voip And Hosted Pbx Solutions For Businesses

Voip And Hosted Pbx Solutions For Businesses
VoIP and hosted PBX solutions help businesses maintain a robust telecommunication system at an affordable cost. With their sophisticated call management features, these phone systems facilitate smooth business communication and help to improve productivity.

VoIP Solutions at Affordable Cost

VoIP solutions allows you to transfer calls easily over an IP network. They eliminate the need for installing any complex hardware or software network at your facility. VoIP cuts down expenses by utilizing a single network for voice data transfer. Your existing phone line and a broadband Internet connection are enough to get started with this service. You can also add on as many phone extensions as you want. This gives you flexibility to work from any location.

Hosted PBX for Smooth Telecommunication

PBX solutions come with state-of-the-art features that facilitate smooth and easy business communication. The auto attendant feature is designed to handle calls efficiently. It greets all callers in a professional manner and presents them with a menu to route calls to appropriate extensions, groups, mailboxes, call queues and conference rooms. As with conventional telephone systems, VoIP PBX allow you to get call detail records and billing information, listen to and delete your voicemail and upload music on hold.

When there are multiple calls coming simultaneously to the office, they can be made to ring sequentially to a specific extension first or a group. The first person who picks up the phone answers it. So callers get a platform to interact with an employee straight away, rather than an auto attendant.

Flexible and Scalable

VoIP and Hosted PBX solutions are very flexible and scalable. It can deliver several calls simultaneously, handle unattended calls with voicemail, and send and receive fax through email. The follow me call forwarding feature allows calls to be routed through a predefined list of phone numbers so that employees can receive calls even on their mobile phones when they are not in the office. All these features ensure that the chances of missed calls are minimized.

To benefit from VoIP and hosted PBX solutions, contact a reliable service provider. Choose an appropriate package that can provide you with system to meet your specific needs.

VOIP PBX business phone system features include voice mail, virtual receptionist etc. Access Direct provides hosted PBX system, integrated with high-end VOIP technology.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Find For Yourself Hosted Voip

Find For Yourself Hosted Voip
This article is devoted to the reasons why one should switch over to internet telephony services for communication purposes? Since internet has been invented for the comfort of them mankind, it must be exploited to its full. If you are given a particular platform, you must use it to the fullest extent. For instance, you are given a platform to dance; you must show the best of moves to impress the person or the judges watching you.

Even now, when we say that VoIP is quite popular, many people are not quite aware of this. They take it as new technology and still wonder if they can use it to their organisation. Even the big corporate houses are not using it still. It was quite surprising for me too when I got to know that. Even today, people are spending money on the spending of telephones.

The label of someone being a businessman implies that the person concerned is smart enough to deal with the tits and bits of life. Switch over to IP telephony platform and you can save up to 50 percent of your analog phone service. Internet telephony service providers offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Along with that, you will get the domestic long distance calls for free. It usually generates an excitement among people but not many people let this excitement proceed further.

Vote for the hosted VoIP solutions and you will no more be in the need for the phone system. Hosting company will be responsible for all the equipments and they will also be the controllers of that. All you can require is to get the access of the internet to make all the international calls at cheaper rates. The only things you need are the VoIP enabled phone. It denies the need for onsite call switching hardware. This way, you can very efficiently save your time, energy and money.

Once you get it established in your organisation, you can also reduce your staff this saving on the money and other related headaches of the people management. All the IT support, maintenance and upgrades are done by your service provider. The administrative staff can almost eliminated because there is no need now to attend the calls. There is an automation system operative with the VoIP established at your space. PBX systems are flexible and therefore can be used for any kind of organisation. It can be twisted and turned the way you want them to.

We, after receiving adorable response from the clients, have introduced another product called VoIP Billing. This particular PC Dialer allows you to be tension free because we are here for you to care about your convenience.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Voip Service Provider

Voip Service Provider
The main advantages of the enterprise using VoIP technology have to do with the cost and portability. Unified communications is becoming increasingly necessary as the business world goes virtual, with key personnel throughout the world, in many cases.

The first advantage is the size of potential savings. Long distance calls and high-volume steep drop in prices once a private data network is set up to allow SIP call. Line charges, equipment maintenance and upgrades are eliminated. Once the set up cost is covered (and this is often minimal), the common core network allows for unified communications, without the need for separate Internet, data and traditional voice systems.

Another advantage is portability. With VoIP for business, users can take their equipment anywhere they can access the internet, and switch effortlessly between desktop, laptop and even mobile devices with ease. Mobile phones have a full range of features almost like a miniature desk phone, and allow connectivity with the network form almost any location; this allows team members to be mobile while remaining available at the push of a button.

The third benefit is available to support VoIP Service. Traditional phones are limited to voice, text and fax, to the limited capacity of conference rooms or video. VoIP Phones allows connections to be made on a number of levels, which integrates a number of protocols and applications to continuously stay in touch and see if and when others are available. Internet browsing, email access, click to call capabilities and find me follow me are easily implemented and accessible.

The fourth advantage is the user interface. No other program offers a lot and is very easy for users to configure and use. Some providers allow each user to customize their experience by changing their characteristics, features and services, call the anonymous call blocking or even music on hold or debit card, if calls are unanswered.

The fifth benefit is the ability to strip your business geographic limitations. Offshore companies can utilize a US phone number; you can have virtual offices with a local presence in California and New York, even if you are based in Phoenix, and expand your business beyond bricks and mortar building.

Business VoIP offers a rich user experience that fosters a productive work environment with more options than ever for virtual networks and telecommuting - resulting in less employee turnover and the ability to become flexible in a changing world.

Today, many providers of telephone companies as well as SIP service providers, which mean that their services are compatible with SIP applications and new technologies.

UNOVON is a leading VoIP service provider offering hassle free residential unlimited worldwide calling plans starting at a flat low price of .99/MO plus applicable taxes and fees. Sign up today and start making calls with absolutely No Contract, No Activation Fee & No Cancellation Fee - No Catch "You get what you see".

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