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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Digital Outdoor Signage - Captive Viewers Marketing

Digital Outdoor Signage - Captive Viewers Marketing
Digital outside signage or advertising can vary in magnitude depending upon what you want to reach the public and how you want to achieve it. For instance there are large video walls in Times Square NY, or you will see Flat panel displays in your local shopping center, both options work well but they vary in cost significantly so it depends on how much you want to invest.

Electronic out-of-doors advertising goes under a number of names, but "captive viewing marketing" conjures up an image in my mind, a little like brain washing. But let me highlight how this is being done successfully.

Air ports.
Whenever you go to any public transportation service you are confined to that specific designation until your bus or taxi or even plane arrives. As you are waiting you are basically killing time and are forced to hear or watch whatever is being advertised. This is a big example of "captive audience marketing" as you are seeing a specific message on a display board.

Vehicle Electronic Marketing.
These vehicles are both trucks and specialized transportation that has massive video walls on them, they usually park in areas that are known for being congested during rush hour, this means that through the hustle and bustle of getting to and from the destination they see advertisements on the vehicle screens. This way the marketing enterprise gets the information across to you for the duration of the time you are detained, in the nicest of ways.

Physicians and sickbay waiting rooms.
Going to the doctors for some is painful and upsetting enough, however picture you are waiting for the doctor to mosey in and start discussing the reasons that brought you in. As your waiting you watch the commercial so to take your mind off what you are worrying about. This is done in all doctors' offices and hospitals so showing commercials assorted with cartoons to both mother and child is ideal.

Car wash.
Even the small entrepreneurial businesses are using electronic outdoor advertising. Car washes are one of the many to incorporate this marketing scheme to try and sell other services offered through their business or another company. So customers are watching whatever messages are being displayed while having their cars washed.

To do this they are using LED neon message boards. This allows the store or shop owner to write any message he wants people to see. This is more resourceful because it can be changed as often or as less as one chooses. Without needing to worry about the same repetitious message being seen over and over again.

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