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Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Wealth Creators View on the Buy to Let Market

A Wealth Creators View on the Buy to Let Market

Why is it that so many people who entered the buy to let market are feeling the brunt of their investment decisions now that we are in seemingly more troubled financial times? You will not believe it, but the answer is very simple, it is because they chose to base their investment decisions on emotion and speculation rather than the facts.

Making uninformed decisions regarding your financial investment decisions, especially when it comes to the buy to let market is the quickest way to commit financial suicide. The fact of the matter is that if you firstly invest in yourself and go about putting proven systems and principles in place before you begin to enter into the buy to let market, then there is no reason why your investment decisions should come back to haunt you.

What many people fail to realize is that much of the investment advice out there is actually aimed at keeping you ignorant as to the ways by which you will be able to secure your financial freedom by entering into the buy to let market, or for that matter of fact any property investment market.

Why is it that we tend to see bad financial markets as signs that we should be weary about making property investment decision, when the truth is that some of the most incredible investment opportunities present themselves during these times? The answer is once again simple, it is mainstream conditioning which leads us to believe this.

The truth which I as a Wealth Creator perceive is that so long as an investment is able to show the type of growth I am looking for once I have assessed it through my property investment analysis system and I am able to apply unchanging and sound principles to it so as to reduce my risk and maximize my growth on investment, then it becomes a viable, secure and profitable investment regardless of the state of the buy to let market or any other market for that matter of fact.

We all need to realize that by following the norm, you will achieve the results of the norm and for me as a Wealth Creator, this is not what I am aiming for. To truly be able to find financial freedom, very often we will be required to swim against the mainstream and do things differently.

About The Author:

Dr Hannes Dreyer is a Wealth Creator Mentor and inventor of the Property Pro Investment System.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mapping Things Out To View Just Where You are Heading

Mapping Things Out To View Just Where You are Heading

Establishing a website for your company is always a sound step, and it will be better if you could present to persons exactly where you will be employing illustrated maps. Having a road plan and a couple of map illustrations to make points better, it is trouble-free to show persons just where to come.

There's the perfect choice of on-line applications that permit you to establish custom maps. Any wonderful cartography illustrator program will certainly enable you to develop a map that shows not only a geographical location but also spots of certain curiosity.

Any wonderful map will certainly permit the person looking at it to acquire the notion of the location and come across their way by comparison and by location. Working with a great number of online applications available can assist to put the final touches to a web site.

There're several versatile map building programs which will certainly enable you to put together the best map. No matter whether you need to identify street names, architectural illustrations or anything else, the most effective software program makes it trouble-free.

It is easy to set up overview maps which offer you the notion of the way the location looks "as the crow flies" or panoramic maps which take a not difficult technique to pinpointing certain spots of interest. You could generate campus maps that are priceless to new individuals.

To be able to develop a campus illustrated map to show a person who is new to the school the location of all the critical spots they should know, then it's helpful to use map building software application.

You have a great number of uses of map generating software application, from the practical to the creative – including making use of it to produce cityscape art. You are able to show certain areas from a different point of view and develop a wonderful piece of art.

City Maps Illustration enables you to personalize a map that has already been made – putting and removing to make it possible for you to exhibit only what you need to – a very helpful aspect to the software application.

Learn about Overview maps and order the one you want. The maps illustrated nicely are very useful.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What is a Blog? - Three Points of View

What is a Blog? - Three Points of View

When pondering the question "What is a blog?" one can come up with a variety of answers. Personally I believe that there are three different perspectives to be considered when answering that question. I believe the answer has to be considered from the technical perspective, from the societal perspective, and from the personal perspective. The answer to the question of what a blog is is obviously going to be different depending on what perspective you're approaching the question from. Today we will look at each of the three.

What is a blog from the technical perspective? Technically a blog is simply a webpage. It was designed by software developers to use as a journaling type of software. Software people need to keep notes and share the information with each other and the origins of the blog were based on the decision to share that information via the Internet. Traditional webpages require a lot of overhead and coding to make even minor changes so developers came up with what they called a web log that basically took a template for all the standard web information and only require that you update the content. So technically a blog is just a webpage.

What is a blog from a societal perspective? It is no understatement to say that blogs have been an absolute revolution of the information age. Blogs allow people of every background, education level, race, creed, color, and belief system to publish their thoughts, their points of view, and their contribution to society. Some people even claim that blogs are hugely responsible for making possible the election of the first black president in United States history. I personally did not follow any of the blogging activity related to that specific event but with what I know about the power of blogs it is certainly a possibility. Blogs have had that kind of impact on our society.

What is a blog from a personal perspective? If a person has a genuine passion for a particular subject and creates a blog about it, that person is sharing his perspective, his opinion, and his beliefs with the world. That person is allowing the world to interact with them. The person blogging about a subject dear to their heart finds an outlet for their voice and often finds a lot of feedback coming back that will either validate or challenge their belief system. Oftentimes in life much of the information that we receive is filtered through the people we're surrounded by. Blogging allows a person to break free of those restrictions and plug-in directly with like-minded or otherwise minded people.

To get an idea of what a blog is feel free to visit my blog which is aptly titled What is Blog

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Earth in 3D View via Google Maps

The Earth in 3D View via Google Maps

Google has just introduced a 3D mode in Google Maps. To see these images, you will need a pair of old-fashioned red glasses, bring up the world in Google Maps, and click on the Pegman with 3D glasses on the left side of the screen. As far as we know, this feature is available anywhere in the world. Thanks to Google Maps by Microsoft, such beautiful sceneries as Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera, or Table Mountain can be seen directly by our eyes:


Eifel Tower in France


Pisa Tower in Italy


Taj Mahal in India


3D buildings in San Francisco


Grand Canyon in Arizona


High buildings via Google Maps


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