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Sunday, November 19, 2017

HTML Tutorial Simplified For Beginners

HTML Tutorial Simplified For Beginners

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is essential if you would like to create and maintain your own web site. Nowadays a lot of people choose to outsource their HTML work to outsourcing websites when they can just perform the simple tasks by themselves. This helps to save time and money, additionally in some ways, a security risk is averted, by allowing freelancers to access your websites to make the necessary updates, FTP information, passwords have to be provided.

In all honesty learning HTML is a breeze provided that you have the necessary tools at your disposal. The Internet is abundant with HTML tutorials, the problem is with a massive amount of information at your disposal, how do you choose the correct one to follow ? HTML is everchanging and some of the information available on the Internet is outdated, e.g. tags have been deprecated, etc.

The HTML Video Tutorial for Beginners is an excellent solution for learning HTML quickly and correctly. This downloadable set of 12 videos provides a step by step visual guide to learning HTML. Listed below are the 12 topics that this product covers:

1 - An Introduction To HTML (Time: 5 min 38 sec)
2 - The Basics (Time: 16 min 24 sec)
3 - HTML Meta Tags (Time : 7 min 39 sec)
4 - The Web Site Background (Time : 12 min 53 sec (Part 1) 12 min 3 sec(Part 2) 6 min 44 sec(Part 3)
5 - The Tables (Time : 16 min 32 sec)
6 - The Text (Time : 10 min 33 sec)
7 - The Colors (Time : 6 min 25 sec)
8 - The Graphics (Time : 21 min 20 sec)
9 - Web Design (Time : 17 min 32 sec)
10 - CSS and SSI (Time : 21 min 26 sec)
11 - Preparing To Go Live (Time : 10 min 23 sec)
12 - Show Me The Money (Time : 7 min 27 sec)

There is a lot of information covered in these videos, it would be a good idea to watch the videos again if any section seems confusing. Everything is divided into sections, so that you can learn HTML in your own time, you could watch the entire set in one day, or watch a video a day.

To summarize, the HTML Video Tutorial for Beginners provide

An affordable training system that provides you with results that truly work
Visual learning that is highly targeted and provides you loads of relevant information
An interesting and time saving option - you get the information you need without having to read lengthy, boring books which can take weeks or months to get through

HTML Tutorial for Beginners can be found at

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Tutorial On Creating Capture Pages

Tutorial On Creating Capture Pages
In order to do your own internet/attraction marketing you need to have a way to automatically collect prospects email addresses, or contact information. This can be done with an opt-in form on your website, or a separate page completely dedicated to capturing prospect email and contact information. In this article we provide a simple recipe for making your own capture pages.

Why would you want to do this when turn-key attraction marketing systems are readily available? One reason would be in order to differentiate yourself from the masses that are or are projected to be using these systems. People who frequent the internet become accustomed to the look and feel of the most popular systems and may quickly discount your offer if it looks like something theyve seen too often. Were not saying to junk the attraction marketing system, though, since youll still need many of its features including sales funnel, pre-written autoresponder copy, etc.


* An ftp client, e.g., FileZilla
* Web authoring software, e.g., Nvu
* Your own website (hosting & domain), e.g., Host Gator/GoDaddy
* An autoresponder, e.g., Aweber or GetResponse

Instructions for making a capture page:

1. Use your web browser to view source and copy the html code from a page you like online. You should never use a page in its entirety, but only as a template to then create your own from.
2. Paste in to web authoring software and modify with your own unique copy, color scheme and fonts. The best font for headlines is Red Tahoma 20 pt. For text, the best font is Arial 12 pt. These have been split tested by successful Internet marketers. If there is a form for capturing prospect information, delete it.
3. Using your autoresponder form creation tool, create a form to place on your capture page. Specifics will depend on the particular autoresponder you are using (check out the tutorials provided). You can direct your opt-in subscribers to your own thank you page or if you belong to a system, such as MyLeadSystemPro, you can direct your subscribers to the appropriate page within the system
4. Upload the capture page to your website using your ftp client. Name the file index.html, and upload to your website or blog, first creating an appropriately named folder to contain it. Youre now ready to drive traffic to it.

Building your own capture pages is becoming more necessary every day and is much easier than most would assume. All of the software is available within the most popular autoresponder systems. This technique would allow creation of a multitude of capture pages according to specific campaigns you might need for specific niches. An example might be to target certain network marketing that you have targeted with ads campaigns or article marketing.

Jim Green is an attraction marketing expert who uses internet marketing for automated lead generation in his network marketing business.

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