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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Truth About Pay Per Click Advertising

The Truth About Pay Per Click Advertising

There are a plethora of eBooks and programs that will tell you how easy it is to make money with Google AdWords and Clickbank.

They may not be wrong, but frankly, there are cheaper and easier ways for the prospective new Internet Marketer to make money.

To succeed in Pay per Click marketing takes time, money, determination and a willingness to apply sound business principles to every facet of what on the face of it appears to be a very simple process.

Make no mistake about it, fortunes can be made with Pay Per Click advertising, but they are not made by wet behind the ears newbies who grab a Clickbank product, do ten minutes research and write the first ad that comes in to their head.

If you insist on investigating Google AdWords, the first stopping point is Perry Marshall's free five day adwords course - it won't make you an expert but it will at least forewarn you and forearm you. Perry offers a definitive guide which costs a little bit of money but Google will chew that amount up in no time flat- believe me I know - $ 50 can disappear before you can say "split test"

From there you need to spend time researching your chosen field and building a campaign that is directly targeted to the buying audience - the more research you do, the more targeted your campaign will become, the more targeted it becomes the more profitable it will be.

Unfortunately, the process of targeting your advertising is widely misunderstood by most PPC advertisers and they don't spend the time refining their campaign to ensure that the ads have a high click through rate and that those click throughs are taking some form of action. The higher the click through rate the cheaper the advertising becomes - this is how many top marketers pay well below the Google bid price for keywords - their click through rate is extraordinarily high

But you don't get high click rates without paying your dues and if you're going to make AdWords work, you have to be prepared to lose money while you test and refine. It's definitely not for everybody and I would insist that before you started on your AdWords adventure at the very least you took the Perry Marshall five day AdWords e course. If you're serious buy his book, otherwise find advertising medium.

Mark Hodgetts does use Pay Per Click advertising to run his own business. He could not have doe it without Perry Marshall's help and advice. Visit Mark's blog at to access perry Marshall's AdWords course and other great PPC tools

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