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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Convenient Tricks In Putting Magic In Our Keywords

Convenient Tricks In Putting Magic In Our Keywords
Who doesn't want convenience? I believe that by following the simple and convenient tricks provided in this article, it will definitely help you discover the power of "expanded keywords". First, let me share with you the nature and how essential keywords/phrases are. Importance? You should start educating yourself with the different online terms so you won't be lost as you progress. Keywords/phrases are vital if you want to rank HIGH in search engines. These are organic words/phrases that people type in the search bar if they're trying to look for something. For example, if you're looking for free keyword research tools, you'll be typing FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS and not PAID KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS, right? See the principle behind it? So moving on, after acquiring data of high ranking low competition keywords/phrases, you then analyze it. By doing so, it should make your life more convenient in giving you direction on where to put your focus.

In the world of Internet Marketing, thousands of people compete to a particular keyword/phrase like "weight loss, beauty tips, etc". If the volume of the competition to a specific keyword/phrase is way too high, then it's wise to just drop it and move to another one. That's a skill that successful internet marketers implement in their strategies. Joining a quantifiable amount of people struggling to rank with a really powerful keyword/phrase is by far a waste of time. For example, there are almost a million people fighting for "weight loss". So as a newbie, joining that pool will simply put your efforts to the drain. We don't want that. You don't want that. So here's the magic spell that you need to follow, you just have to be creative in researching your market and only select words that ranks high but with low competition. It is wiser if you do that.

Now here's a magic trick if you want to rank high in search engines, all you need to is learn how to EXPAND YOUR KEYWORDS/PHRASES by being more creative in researching about your target market. Don't settle to only one keyword. Learn how to EXPAND!

Online word tracker tools will show you how to "magically" expand your keywords.

1. First, find long tail of keywords based on your topic. As an example, if your topic is about on Laptops or Online Business, do not settle with these organic keywords alone. There are so many websites about laptops and are competing to be on top. You can research the following topics for you to expand your keywords:

a. Top 1000MG silver laptops sold in Norway
b. Best Online Home Based Business Opportunity
c. Best Business Studies Online, etc.

Make sure that all your keywords are searchable.

2. Second, find related keywords/phrases based on your topic. Research on related keywords that after thorough demographic research you believe your target market will definitely search. Provide the viewers what they are looking for. As an example, search on the following topics that will help you come up to various keywords that are related to your topic:

a. How to Use Laptops Properly
b. Benefits of Using Laptops
c. Famous Laptops Models
d. Top 1000MG silver laptops sold in Norway
e. Best Online Home Based Business Opportunity
f. Best Business Studies Online, etc.

By doing these convenient tips, you'll definitely amaze yourself with the magic of expanding your keywords. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your target market to really know what they really want. By using available online tools, you'll definitely see convenience all over the place. See you at the TOP!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Top 10 Tricks Used By Recruitment Agencies Beware

Top 10 Tricks Used By Recruitment Agencies Beware
We have posted this before but we thought it was worth posting again so that contractors are not caught out.

Many unwary contractors, and even some very wary ones, have been caught out by some very devious agency tricks. To be forewarned is to be forearmed though. Here are ten agency tricks that you should look out for.

1. They phone you up saying that they have several jobs that you are suitable for. They need you, however, first to supply them with references. Is this true? No, it isnt. They do not have any jobs for you. They are just trying to find out people who take on contractors and want to know the names and phone numbers of your old bosses.

2. Theyll say, Who did you work for at BT. Was it Graham Sutherland? No, you say. It was John Salisbury. Now the agent has a contact at your old firm that they can call up to ask him if he is looking for any contractors.

3. They post jobs on job boards that dont exist. They are only trying to get themselves a number of extra CVs to increase their own database. When you send in your CV, theyll say that the job is gone.

4. Theyll ask you, Tell us what companies that your CV has already been sent out to, so that we dont make the mistake of sending your CV there again, which could cost you a job interview. If you tell them, then they now know what companies are looking for contractors, and they can then put some other candidates up in opposition to you. Dont think they wouldnt.

5. When they are asking you what your rate for the job is they might say, Whats your bottom line? Whats the least that you would take to get a job? Obviously we will try to get as much as we can for you. No they wont. Your bottom line now becomes the most youll get for any job. Theyll still try and get as much as they can from the client, but theyll keep any extra they can get for themselves. How many people have actually heard from an agent Weve managed to get you a higher rate than you were asking for?

6. Theyll put a clause in your contract that they and the client company can terminate you with a months (or a weeks) notice, but that you have no notice period with them. Under the law, notice periods must be reciprocal. You especially want to have a notice period with them now that IR35 is in place.

7. If you get a job interview through them, theyll tell you that theyll call you back when they have any news. What they mean is that if there is good news, they will be on the line pronto to try and get you to sign up straight away in case you take another job. If its bad news, they wont call you, and theyll be not around when you call in. Theyll give you the bad news eventually but only after several attempts to get hold of them.

8. When you dont get the job for an interview that they sent you to, theyll say theyll look for other jobs for you, but they wont. Theyll quietly drop you. They dont like people who dont pass interviews for them.

9. They tell you that if you introduce them to another contractor that they get a job for, theyll pay you 250 or 500 quid. They will if you find out about it. They wont contact you, unless you call up asking for it. If they get this person a job three months down the line or a couple of years down the line, theres no chance at all of them sending you a cheque out of the blue, even though the finders name (yours) will be on their database.

10. Once theyve got you a job, they may say that they werent able to get you the rate that you wanted that the client will only pay 5% or 10% less. This is rubbish. They told the company what your rate was initially and the company accepted it. The agency are now just trying to help themselves to an extra bit of commission for a job that is safely in their pockets. Dont fall for it. Tell them that the client can forget it then, and see how quickly the agent changes tack. They dont want to lose surefire money.

There are many good agencies around of course, and the good ones like the dodgy ones even less than you do. They get their industry a bad name, spoil their relationship with contractors, and take their business through unfair means.

Dont let them do it.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

SEO Campaign Management Tips and Tricks

SEO Campaign Management Tips and Tricks

Choosing the right marketing tools is very important to finding success, regardless of whether or not you have a business online that doesn't have any efficient strategy for marketing already. Targeted traffic is marketed via the search engines that dominate the web, and around 85 percent of shoppers online are guided to their products by search results.

Get ranked high up on the search engine rankings for the keyword relevant to the product being offered, and you can compete with the others in your niche. You can opt for by the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising methods or opt for the organic search engine optimization (SEO) management methods to gain traffic from search engines.

SEO management is always on the move - search engines keep altering their equations for ranking websites and introduce new ways to index the content of websites and rank them and also develops sources for new data. Adapting to these changes is the key towards being successful and careful monitoring of the traffic should be carried out regularly.

The powerful tools used for the SEO process can make you understand the scale of the competition and the amount of traffic you need to compete, and how much you have to strive to take your website to that level to feature it among search traffic. But you need to be ready for surprises all the time. You might not hit the nail on the head at one go, but you'll receive enough data to work upon and try your luck again.

Every website has something different about it, for example:

• The verticals
• The market of users in the website
• The history of the website
• The authorities involved
• The technical base upon which it is built upon
• The link to the external profile is unique
• The link in the internal structure of the website
• Every result will have its unique mechanisms and need attention and time to make it look different!

SEO doesn't have any one type that fits all, so the flow of the work cycle is similar over most of the situations. To evaluate the actions and their impact and take steps over a period is necessary to counter the volatile nature of SEO. Here are some you can try:

o Collect, research and analyze data like behavior of the users, data keywords from peripheral sources, referrals to keywords, data on how your competitors are doing as well as the market.

o Set your priorities and try and improve by setting hypotheses about how to reach these goals and make provisions to implement the tactics and get it done!

o Observe the effects your work has and try and adjust or correct any mistakes if need be.

Refine your strategies depending on the results you gain from your efforts over time. As an example, if you optimize or create some content to aim at a particular keyword, then watch your improvement and change your tactics accordingly. Re-evaluate the link to the profile, reassess your goals, and change your tactics.

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Tricks For The Right Search Engine Optimization

Tricks For The Right Search Engine Optimization
It is true that search engine have bots that can be tricked when it comes to search engine optimization. Programmers can trick a search engine rank by some codes and faking some data in the website.

Search bots are therefore not that perfect when it comes to indexing pages. This trick is rather risky when caught. But on the other hand, when you apply to this trick, it would cost you little money as well as effort when it comes to making your website appear on the first pages of search engines.

One way to trick search engines is showing a different landing page on the search results and then redirecting viewers on a different website. Reading by search bots are not that perfect yet thus there are certainly websites who are doing this kind of trick. But then again, this kind of trick would not that be effective these days. There are now wise search bots who can determine these sites faking their landing pages and getting caught can make your website appear in a very low ranking. These tricks are deceptive, and if you choose to have your ranking be performed this way, you know what the consequences are in the first place.

Below are ways on how to trick search engines:

1. keyword stuffing- most people do this by inserting keywords unrelated to the contents. They include important words or keywords several times on an article to be able to make search engines think they have quality contents. In addition, some also hide words by putting in some codes on the website or making the keywords blend in the background.

This technique may become so off but still until today, is very effective. There are a lot of website who are still doing this trick and they rank well on search engine pages. You can easily see if a website is stuff with hidden keywords by looking at the page source.

2. Hidden links- this has also become so popular most especially when you are getting and using the rank of a third party site for a high PR outbound link. Most SEO doing this usually turns their links lighter than the other texts to make it almost invisible. The steps hiding links are very much similar with hiding texts.

3. Duplicate pages and mirror sites- Most people practicing this think that the more content-rich a page or a website is, the more it will turn to search engines pages. But this trick is not that effective anymore as there are now ways for search engine bots to determine duplicate contents as well as mirror sites.

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