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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Philippines - 3 Popular Tourist Sites

Philippines - 3 Popular Tourist Sites

Do you want to experience an once-in-a-lifetime vacation? Are you afraid that you do not have enough money to afford the cost? In fact, if you are well-prepared and well-planned, you can have a very cheap vacation to Philippines, and the quality is still very high.


Philippines are composed of three main islands namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of them is composed of major islands which boasted much the beauty of this country as well as the Filipino people. Listed below are three of the major tourist attractions found on each of this main islands.



Manila is located in the island of Luzon and is the capital city of the Philippines. Most often this is the entry way of visitors from other countries through NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) or Mactan International Airport located in Cebu but most flights are from Asian countries only.


Metro Manila has developed from a small tribal settlement into a busy metropolis which is now the center district for business, commerce and government. It consists of eight cities and nine municipalities with an area over 391 square miles. People might get wary of the traffic congestion yet there are place where you can still ride a calesa (a horse driven carriage) in the lanes of Intramuros and Chinatown.


If nightlife is what you are looking for then you can find discos and nightclubs everywhere and you will never go hungry in the place since you will find world class restaurants serving Filipino cuisine as well as International cuisine. With shopping alone, you won't have enough time going around all their major shopping malls in the area and if you want a piece of green landscapes then you can visit its parks.



Cebu is the second most important city of the country. It is a place where both business and leisure go hand in hand, the focus of business ventures between locals and foreign investors. The tourist industry is also one of Cebu's major industries. The island boasted of its numerous white sand beaches and home to world class five-star hotels and resort.


The city is also blessed with numerous museums and the old church of the Philippines is found here. Lots of its major landmarks tell of the cultural history of the country. Shopping in Cebu is great. They are on creative people with much talent in handicraft, shell crafts, their famous handcrafted guitars and more.



Davao is located in the southeastern part of Mindanao and is one of the largest cities of the world with a land area of 1,518.39 square miles. It is the third most well known city in the Philippines following Manila and Cebu.


In terms of tourism, Davao has a lot to offer from beaches up to the mountains. If you love mountain climbing then experience climbing the highest peak in the Philippines Mount Apo. It is also home to the Philippine Eagle, the National Bird of the country. Its famous Pearl Farm Beach Resort and Eden Park and Resort are among the favorite destinations of tourist in Davao.


You can do other outdoor activities like their white water rafting and Zip line adventure. And if you feel like discovering their history and culture then visit their museums as well the old churches in the area.


If you want to learn more about top vacation destinations in Philippines, try visiting, where you will find this and a lot more travel tips including what are the top beach vacation destinations in Asia.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Outside Digital Marketing - Now The Digital Tourist Information Hub

Outside Digital Marketing - Now The Digital Tourist Information Hub

A Touch Screen Dynamic Screen is a very adaptable tool in the leisure field specifically for Tourist Information.  Not only does it give the basic points of interest for travelers, but it is interactive and can locate and highlight exact areas of interest and weight.  This has advanced a long way since the days of a printed map.  

These screens can be found integrated in the windows of the neighboring Tourist Information office juxtaposition of the town, where visitors can find their own way around by just touching the monitor or special film using their finger or a stylus provided.  The advantage of this can be to gather more information than by asking the employees.  It is also achievable to have the exact information broadcast straight to a cell phone device, to enable the tourist to enjoy the sightseeing tour with access to other points of interest along the route.

Signage companies have also considered this policy for advertising, for instance, a restaurant offering a discount during the lunch time service transmits out an email or message via blue tooth, enticing the passing shopper to visit their eatery.

The dynamic screens themselves can provide additional earnings by hosting a number of commercials in conjunction with the Tourist Information, like hotel vacant rooms, shopping offers and additional tours (like river punting or a ghost tour).

This form of communication for the city visitor is as interesting as it is practical, technology knows no bounds and is certainly a massive leap forward, and the only problem is keeping up with the developing technology!

Now on to steak house LCD advertising displays

Be inclined to a big juicy steak tonight?  Head out to a Steak House in town and there may be a new, state of the art, LCD advertising display for you to pick your choice of meal.  

The touch screen board is both vibrant  and practical as it entices the taste buds with delectable animated images of plates full of delicious foods.  You can put together your own choice of courses, including that indulgent desert, which you know you'll never have room for!  

A virtual table is set before you, on the screen and you can touch the categories to add or swap dishes to create the best dinner.  Engaging with the display is done by using your finger or a stylus supplied and is set out in a user friendly manner.  

Possibly not all cafés will have such innovative devices, but those moving with the times will have a less complicated  form of a digital poster.  This may be situated outdoor the bistro in a protective case, where dynamic pictures dance across the monitor, teasing the taste buds.  

Meal deals and discounts can also be promoted and shown for the customer to use at the establishment.  It is also possible to have the offer directed at the passing customer via blue tooth to a cellular phone device, where the client can hand over the electronic coupon'.  

Advertising companies have taken advantage of this style of digital menu by mixing the content with commercials and products, for instance soft drinks suppliers and other brands who supply the outlet.  

So, next time you feel like a succulent, medium rare steak - call by a eatery offering you an animated digital menu!

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