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Friday, December 1, 2017

Need a New Online Article Submission Title Template? Use This One!

Need a New Online Article Submission Title Template? Use This One!

After you've written a few dozen articles, it can get a little challenging to come up with fresh ideas for article topics. You can get stuck in a rut sometimes, writing the same types of titles and the same types of articles month after month.

Did you know that a new "flavor" of title can boost your creativity and give your online article submissions new life?

Sometimes it is helpful to have some guidelines to follow to get you started. That is why templates can be so helpful.

If you're running short of ideas and would like some direction in writing your next article, why not try this article title template?

I call this one the "question + command" title.

Here are some examples:

"Need To Sell Your House Fast? Stage Your House Like A Pro!"

"Is Your Messy Desk Driving You Crazy? Organize Your Clutter!"

Or even the headline for this article--you get the idea!

While we're at it, here are a few more effective title templates:

1 - Create a title that solves a reader's problem. These titles often take the form of "How To" headlines. It's usually: How To do a certain task

Example: "How To Write Articles Faster"

2 - The headline that asks a question. These types of titles work to engage the reader--if you ask a question that they have been wondering in their head (or typing into Google), that title will immediately speak to your reader.

Example: "What Is A Link?"

3 - Get personal--use the pronoun "you" in the title. This is another way to reach out to your reader and catch his or her attention in a subtle way.

Example: "5 Cheap And Easy Ways You Can Decorate Your Home For The Holidays!"

4 - A little variation of the "question + command" title is to drop the question and just issue a command. It may seem a little "in your face", but when used correctly, the command title can be very effective.

Example: "Stop Using Cell Phones While Driving!"


Are you trying to think of article headline and topic ideas but are coming up dry?

A new title template may be just the trick for stimulating your creativity and freshening up your article writing.

In this article there are 5 headline templates. This month, use these title templates to generate 5 new articles. Many times it is easiest to write the title before writing the article. For these 5 articles, create the title, then write an article that delivers on what the title promised.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How to optimise a page title for maximum exposure

How to optimise a page title for maximum exposure

The page title is one of the most important on-page factors in Search Engine Optimisation. The page title is located in the head section of your standard web page and between two tags labelled "title". Visiting search engines will look at your page title as an indication on what you website is about. You page title will also be visible to users at the top of their browsers whenever they click on your listing and follow through to your website. Needless to say, a page title can have a significant impact on both conversion rate and general SEO performance in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to the page title is to avoid over-optimisation. Over-optimisation refers to the process of stuffing a page title with "relevant" keywords with the main purpose of increasing your exposure for your target terms across the main search engines. For example, if you have decided to optimise for the terms "SEO Manchester", "SEO London" and "SEO Birmingham" from the homepage of your website, then your page title may look like the following: "SEO Manchester, Birmingham and London – Call Now". There is no need to fill the page title with all three keywords – the page title listed above makes your page more relevant to all your target terms.

Another thing to keep in mind about a page title is length. The standard length of a page title should be 65 characters inc. whitespace. By ensuring that all your page titles meet this length you can avoid any possibility that they will be cut off from view in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This can have a notable impact on the amount of click-throughs your listing receives and it will also make your page title more targeted to what are your core terms. It's also important when crafting page titles to include a relevant call to action - an example of a call to action can include "buy", "get" or "find". These terms generally entice the user to perform some sort of desired action on-site e.g. "buy clothing online".


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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Alabama Sem Marketing: The Role And Importance Of Title Tags With Seo

Alabama Sem Marketing: The Role And Importance Of Title Tags With Seo
Title tags are very important when it comes to your on page search engine optimization. Why they matter in the first place is that these title tags are the ones signaling and telling major search engines about the website contents in summary. These title tags appear on the search engine result pages and they are the ones which the reader sees and analyzes.

As a matter of fact, title tags serve as bookmarks where people read the summary of a specific page online. This makes browsing and searching for information more effective and very easy in the first place. There are just too many description and words involved on a specific page. In order to summarize and make this page useful to those Internet searchers, programmers should be able to summarize title tags according to what the page actually says like for example Alabama SEM marketing.

In the first place, major search engines use also a contextual tool that helps them identify the title tags of web pages. On a specific web page, title tags are part of the html codes. If you are not familiar with title tags and how to make them effective, below are a few pointers to note:

1. No Title title tags- This is the most common mistakes when there is a new page and the page was set-up, most often than not, web designers and programmers forget to include a title on their title tags and leave this "untitled". This would not help search engines determine the contents of the page in summary.

2. No title tag at all-This is the worst. People just forget to include the title tags of the pages. There are actually a lot of websites out there that when you clicked on the page, there are no title tags included and just a blank space on it.

3. About tag-What is this about? Most companies include a tag which titles "about". This does not really make sense at all. Remember that tile tags are summary of what the page is about. Make your title tags readable and useful so when people take a look they can be familiar what in on it without even visiting the page.

4. No company name in tag-You would want to make your company name a brand online right? So do not ever forget to include your title tags with your company name on it. This is also a major mistake that most business websites make. They tend to forget to include the company name on their tags.

5. The same tags-You have plenty of pages but then again, you just copy past your title tags on these pages. Are you goes the same when it comes to contents? No, right? So you should also be able to change and include a tag that says and summarizes something about your company or what is the page all about.

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