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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How To Sell More High Ticket Consulting Services

How To Sell More High Ticket Consulting Services
As an online consultant, you must understand that having in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in your chosen field is not enough to boost your sales. In order to increase your signup rate, you must know the best ways to convince people to do business with you. These tips will surely help:

1. Use article marketing. The good thing about writing and distributing articles online is that you do not only offer online users with free information but you also get to showcase your expertise in your chosen niche. Not only that, article marketing is one of the best ways to secure inbound links for your website that can help in pulling up your page ranking. As you know, this is the key to boost your traffic. So, produce as many high quality articles on topics that are related to your consulting services. Ensure that each article contains nothing but in-depth information so you can convince your readers that you are an expert and that you have what it takes to address their needs.

2. PPC advertising. If you are just starting out and if you want immediate results, I suggest that you use PPC or Pay per Click advertising. Start by bidding on those keywords that are closely related to your consulting services. Then, create ads that contain these keywords. Ensure that they are enticing and eye-catching so you can boost your clickthrough rate. I am sure that some of your competitors are also using these ads. If you want yours to appear on top of theirs, you must be willing to pay more for each click that you receive.

3. Host free teleseminars. Teleseminars have higher perceived value compare to ebooks and other ethical bribes. If you offer these for free, you can be assured that you willl get the kind of attention you need. Discuss topics that are useful or interesting to your prospects. Again, showcase your expertise and show genuine concern for your prospects. It is important that you get them to like and trust you otherwise, they will not even consider doing business with you.

4. Use testimonials. Having a lot of people saying that your consulting services are exceptional can really help in attracting more business to your doorstep. This is the reason why I urge you convince all your previous customers (particularly those who were obviously happy with your services) to leave testimonials on your blog or website.

5. Constant follow-up. It is okay if you are unable to get your prospects to buy from you the first time you pitch in your consulting services. You can still win their business through constant follow-up. Email them and send them valuable newsletters every week. Each time you do, do not forget to briefly talk about your paid offerings. Highlight their selling points and benefits. You would want them to look more enticing to the eyes of your potential buyers so you can sell more.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Are New Network Marketing Companies The Ticket?

Are New Network Marketing Companies The Ticket?

New Network Marketing Companies are popping up everywhere.  People have realized that there is so much money to be made in the network marketing industry that people are making their mom and pop shop into colossal business networks.  Having the force of thousands of network marketers, marketing your product is immense, but are all these new companies worth getting into?

Today there are a lot of people urging you to quickly get into the ground floor of their business.  There is much reluctance of whether the ground floor is the place to be in a new company.  If you choose your business wisely, and find a company that goes far you will make excellent money.  You will not be able to just join the company and wait for it all to happen.  You need to thoroughly work your business and help develop the company.  You will also need to understand the value of patience.  If you join the company thinking you will collect substantial money, right away you are mistaken.  You will need to sustain quite a few years possibly before you start seeing the big money.

Many people fail at new network marketing companies because they give up too easily.  If you give up too soon, you might see your colleagues one day are making millions because they persevered.  It could be an expensive venture in the very beginning, and you may think that you are wasting your money.  If it has truly a quality product, a stable company, then the money you lose in the beginning will be nothing compared to the money you can make in the future.  Do not sit back though and let it happen, you need to make it happen.

If you do not have a lot of money or are willing to take the risk with one of the new network marketing companies, then find a company that has been around a long time.  If the company has been around for a long time, there is usually a valid reason.  The products are excellent, and the company has a solid reputation, which is crucial.  The benefits of choosing an older company over one of the ground floor new network marketing companies is that you will see a return faster.  You still have to work the company like any other, but you do not have to wait years to make money.  You also can feel confident that you are working a stable business.  Due to the excellent reputation of the company you could make a substantial amount of money.

New Network Marketing Companies know that there is a lot of money to be made in the networking business.  It is one of the most successful home businesses that people can easily own.  The new network marketing companies can be the ticket if you are able to wait before you actually start to make money.  Being in the ground floor you could make an exhorbant amount of money if you can hang on through the tough times.  Getting into a new Network Marketing company is not for everyone, but the rewards in the future make it outweigh what you go through in the beginning. Choosing to go with an older company over a newer company is a personal choice.

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