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Friday, July 28, 2017

Increasing Web Traffic Through SEO For Small Online Business

Increasing Web Traffic Through SEO For Small Online Business

The minute you decipher the strategies of increasing web traffic, your online business will definitely move to the next level. The main target of all online business people is to attract visitors to their sites. With good traffic you are sure to make money online. This article will seek to share valuable content to assist your small business turn big.

The best strategy of icreasing web traffic is through search engines. Though you can allocate some funds towards search engine optimization (SEO), you can succeed in the same without investing a single dime. Before, one needed to be an expert to succeed in SEO but today anyone keen to learn the tricks can easy rank high.

All you need to identify are the queries that people in your niche use to browse the internet. Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing Crawl websites searching for relevant content to their internet users' queries. Therefore, the content you generate for your seemingly small business should be optimized. With a few changes you too can rank high and thus increase web traffic to your website.

As you work on your visible content, make sure your hidden content is also optimized. By this I mean your HTML tags. Ensure your "META" elements content are well optimized with relevant keywords. Since search engines cannot read images, the images on your site should also be identified with alternate tags.

It is good at this point to remember that Google, Yahoo and Bing all use different tactics to rank sites. For example Google takes into account the use of keywords in your "description" META tags while other engines concentrate on "keywords" META tags or both. Therefore, when choosing keywords, ensure that they are common in your market niche and not so competitive. This will make it easy for your website to be found on engines first result pages thus increasing web traffic.

Important to note in addition to getting a high page ranking is the need to build rich content that ensure reader retention. Follow the links below to learn more on free online marketing ideas hence increase web traffic.

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Extend the Reach through Google AdWords Content Network

Extend the Reach through Google AdWords Content Network

Using the Google AdWords Content Network can enable you to extend the reach of your business.  You can get more highly targeted traffic online and improve the conversion of traffic with successful AdWords campaigns.


AdWords has become one of the moist widely used and popular platforms chosen by several internet advertisers.  When you know how to benefit from the content network of AdWords, you will find that it's highly reliable and effective.


The Power to Get More Traffic

AdWords prove to be powerful in generating more traffic for businesses.  You do not only earn just any kind of traffic but highly targeted ones.  This is the kind of traffic that is easy to convert.  The more you are able to convert from your traffic, the more profits you can earn for your business online.


What's good about this the Google AdWords Content Network platform is that it leverages the advertising playing field for all businesses regardless of size.  Small and local businesses get to benefit more from the affordable advertising mileage they get something that can be very costly with conventional advertising.


Reaching More

The AdWords content network empowers small businesses like you to reach more at less cost.  You can easily advertise and promote your business to your target market using the distinct system of the network.


As your ads are shown to specific online users whose interests, needs, and want, relate to your business, you can enjoy higher conversion as these are the users who are ready to buy your products or services when you can show them how relevant your business is.


With the content network, you are already targeting users who have specific needs and wants  that match the products or services that you promote and advertise online.


Learn how to maximize your benefits from AdWords Content Network.  Not getting the results you expect the first time of your launch should not discourage you to continue exploring the power of the AdWords content network.


It's important that you run a series of testing and monitoring of your Google AdWords Content Network campaigns and you can surely hit your target in due time or even at less time than you expect in extending your reach through the AdWords platform.


Are you spending thousands of dollars on your website and you are nowhere to be "found" on Google?

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Internet Blogging: Through Blogs!

Internet Blogging: Through Blogs!

Picture these three scenarios:

You are at a costume party in a room full of strangers. You are dressed as an 18th Century dandy; you've studied the mannerisms, have affected the perfect accent and you charm every partygoer you meet. Beneath the facade, outside the realm of this party you may be a banker, a steel worker or an unemployed poet but here and now you are Monsieur Baudelaire, the fop who speaks of temperament and style as the be-all and end-all of a meaningful existence.

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 You are at work where you are always the no-nonsense professional, respected by peers and underlings and depended upon by your manager to perform your tasks with skill, technical proficiency and a pleasant demeanor -- an expectation that is hardly ever unmet.

You are at an informal get together with family, close friends and neighbors; you talk about sports, literature and fashion with people who know you and who understand your opinions, your quirks and your few flaws -- there is no facade, no pretense, you are unabashedly you!

These scenarios that represent three versions of you in the real world are also three (of many) approaches you can take to presenting yourself to your readers in the virtual world, through your blog: as a character of your creation, as the professional at whatever you do, or as the real, unadulterated you, complete with flaws. Your blog and your blogger persona are your creations and are limited only by your choices. Consider also that whatever it is you write, in whatever form, even if it is spoof or satire, it will be considered by your readers as an expression of your true feelings.

People express themselves in many ways and for a growing number of people the need for some sort of public expression of thoughts, feelings, style or creative expression is filled by blogging. Expressing your thoughts in written words, however, is not as simple a task as it may seem to be; many people, in fact, find that it can take hours to accurately transfer the most seemingly simple thoughts to the written word. Thoughts and feelings do not require the organization or structure that is required by the expression of those thoughts and feelings.

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 Some things that make the task of expressing yourself through your writing much easier are improving your grammar, improving your vocabulary and practice, practice, practice.

Grammar! As a rule you should always write to your audience -- they are the ones who need to understand you. Perfection may be necessary when you are writing for an audience of scholars and grammarians who require it but, regardless of your audience, the better your grammar the better you will be understood and the easier it will be for you to transfer those thoughts to paper. There are literally hundreds of English grammar guides available online and very reasonable English grammar guides available in bookstores; good grammar is a tool you will never regret learning to use.

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Google Call Metrics Through Phone Extensions In Google Adwords

Google Call Metrics Through Phone Extensions In Google Adwords
Online advertising experts from will help you in Google call metrics through phone extension and benefits. Phone extensions make it easy for customers to call you directly from your ad and you can easily measure the phone calls that your ads generate.

Phone extensions are a type of ad extension, an ad feature that allows advertisers to include additional information about their businesses and offering to their text ads. In the case of phone extensions, this additional information is your business phone number.

Phone extensions will work differently depending on whether or not youve enabled call metrics, a feature currently available to a limited number of US customers.
If you have not enabled call metrics, your business phone number will appear as a clickable phone number to high-end mobile device users who access search, Voice search, Google Mobile App or Google Maps for Mobile from their phone. When the mobile device user clicks on the phone number, you will be charged the same as for a standard click on the ad.
If youve enabled call metrics (currently available to a limited number of US customers), we will assign and display a custom phone number in your ads on both mobile and desktop devices. Calls to this number will be rerouted to your business phone number.

How to enable phone extensions

To enable phone extensions on your text ads, follow these steps:
1.Sign in to your AdWords account at
2.Select the campaign for which you want to enable phone extensions.
3.Basic phone extensions only appear on high-end mobile devices, while phone extensions enabled for call metrics appear on both computers and high-end mobile devices. If youre using basic phone extensions, navigate to the Settings tab and confirm that you have selected Mobile devices with full Internet browsers under Devices (to have the phone number displayed in clickable format on mobile devices).
4.Go to the Ad extensions tab. In case you cant see this tab, read this FAQ to learn how to enable it.
5.Select the Phone extensions view and click New extension. Enter your business phone number and the country where the number is based.
6.If youve enabled call metrics (currently available only in the US), check the Call metrics box. Select the area code youd like to use for the the custom phone number.
7.Click Save.
You can return to this section at any time to edit your phone number information.

Add, edit, and manage your phone extensions

You can manage your phone extensions using the following options:
To create a new extension in a new campaign, add the extension during campaign creation under the Ad extensions section of the campaign creation page.
To add new extensions, or edit existing extensions in an existing campaign, select the campaign and navigate to the Ad Extensions tab.
i. To add an extension, click the New Extension button. To delete an extension, select the extension(s) you want to delete and click the Delete button.
ii. To edit an extension, hover over the extension and click the pencil icon that appears. This will open the editing function for extensions.

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Google Sitemaps: Here's 4 Quick and EASY Steps To Getting Your Website IN Through Googles 'Back Door'

Google Sitemaps: Here's 4 Quick and EASY Steps To Getting Your Website IN Through Googles 'Back Door'

Google... one of the Internets MOST powerful search engines recently announced a new FREE service that makes it easier for you to improve your websites coverage within Googles index through its NEW collaborative crawling system.

Boost Search Traffic

Start by submitting your site to the Search Engines for free.

 On the down side though, Google does not 'Guarantee' immediate inclusion, But, is still good news for those of you who have just finished building a website and are ready to submit to the top search engines.

So, what's this NEW service called that Google just released?

It's called "Google Sitemaps".

The real cool thing about "Google Sitemaps" IS it accepts RSS(Real Simple Syndication) and Atom feeds with the .XML extension as one of the accepted formats for submitting your websites Sitemap for inclusion in Googles index.

This is just one of the four formats Google accepts and is the one that I'm going to use for the rest of this article to show you how to generate your own .XML sitemap of your website for inclusion in Google.

It's real easy to do so don't worry about it being to complicated.

So, with that said, lets go to Step #1.

Step #1. Sign up for "Google Sitemaps".

This step is easy, simply follow the link provide below and sign up for a Free account. It should only take you a few minutes to do, then once your done, come back here and go to Step #2.

Step #2. Generate your .XML sitemap.

In this step your going to generate a .XML sitemap for your website using a Free online sitemap generator.

This Free online generator will build you a sitemap up to 500 pages. If you have a larger website with thousands of webpages you'll have to use a paid service and/or software to generate yours.

Enter your required information on the form provided.

Step #3. Upload your generated .XML sitemap to your server.

Once your generated sitemap is finished(your generated .XML file should be called site.xml.gz) it's now time to upload it to your server using your FTP(File Transfer Protocol) program.

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 This is very important that you do this before submitting it to Google Sitemaps for inclusion.

Step #4. Submit your NEW .XML sitemap to "Google Sitemaps".

Now that you have generated your "Sitemap" for your website and uploaded it to your server all you have to do now is to go to "Google Sitemaps" and submit your sitemap URL.

Now, depending on Google, your sitemap should get downloaded within the next 24 hours, so be sure to check and see that it did and that there wasn't any problems or errors.


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Make Brands Through Search Engine Optimisation

Make Brands Through Search Engine Optimisation
Gone are the days, when a field marketing person used to travel miles to generate leads and sell a product or service to a particular individual or a company. Today, masses are relying over Internet to give a right shape to their future. Hence, there is no doubt that scenario for online marketing is emerging and the demand for search engine optimization is also surging.

For those who still rely on travelling door to door, this new pattern of marketing is a blessing in disguise. As per the functioning process in this marketing technique, an SEO (search engine optimizer) needs to publicize a particular website at such an extent that it ends up securing a good rank over Google.

Further, when a needful person search for a product or service on Google, the site which is well optimized, appears on the first page which throws a big impression over a user or service seeker and enhances the brand image of a business.

Apart from providing a brand image to a business, search engine optimization also work to sell small or big products online. If you readers are aware of the emergence of e-commerce scenario, then you must have also heard about the struggle being faced by numerous online portals for selling their products.

Usually, the websites choose the option of advertisements in order to achieve their monthly or yearly sales target. But today, the audience is much smarter and is no more interested in giving a shot to the ads being displayed in corner of a huge home page.

Hence, the option of search engine optimisation comes in light which straightaway puts the website domain on top and ensures that whenever a person asks for a related product, that particular website appears on top and gives an impression that even Google prefers or recommends this site.

Many people upload numerous articles, blogs and press releases related to the website which usually carries the keywords in it but, a perfect optimisation works when the keywords injected in the write-ups are worthy and are submitted on a right platform.

So, if you are in a dilemma of taking up a proficient marketing platform for your business or firm. Just think about reaching the global audience through search engine optimisation.

Alam Fathi is a search engine optimization specialist with a total industry experience of 17 years across multiple domains. He has worked with some of the top names in the business, and possesses sound knowledge regarding all facets of SEO. This article about is search engine optimisation.

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