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Friday, November 17, 2017

Why Homeowners Should Use Licensed Agency When Renting Out Their Home For 2010 Olympics

Why Homeowners Should Use Licensed Agency When Renting Out Their Home For 2010 Olympics

If you have a home in or near Vancouver, Canada, then you have an opportunity to make a considerable profit by renting your home as 2010 Olympic accommodation. There is a little more to it than just putting an ad online, and there are few things to think about. To find a good renter and to ensure that the whole rental process goes smoothly consider services of a licensed rental agency.

There will be lots of home owners looking to rent their properties out as 2010 Olympic accommodation, maybe even your friends and neighbors. This means that you will have a lot of competition to find a renter. A licensed agency can give you a huge advantage in this department because they have a much better ability to advertise. Remember that potential renters are not local. They are likely to be coming from foreign countries. They will not be familiar with the area and will be much more likely to use and trust a licensed agency. The professionals will know how and where to market to international clients. They already have professional websites established and a reputation that can be checked. It would be very hard for you compete with that power and authority as an individual.

Using a licensed rental agency means that you will pay a commission, but it also means that you can get a higher price for your 2010 Olympic accommodations. A licensed property rental agency will attract a higher caliber of clientele who will be willing to pay a premium to ensure that they are getting what they are expecting and what they are paying for. This means that working though a licensed agency would be beneficial for both the home owner and the renter.

The licensed rental agency will be sure to screen the guests. This is critical since you will be turning over your home to strangers. You want to make sure that they are the type of people who will be respectful and not cause damage to the property. It is also important if you have stipulations about no smoking or no pets. There is no guarantee that nothing bad will happen to your property, but screening the clients will significantly reduce the odds.

Another benefit is that the agency will also ensure that all the proper rental agreements are taken care of. They will also handle the collection of the deposit and all other money transactions for your 2010 rental accommodation. This means that you can be rest assured that you are protected in case anything goes wrong. It also makes it easier on you as you do not have to deal with collecting money from the clients or returning the deposit. That is all handled for you by the rental agency. So you never actually have worry about scams that often occur with money transactions.

Before you hire an agency to manage your 2010 rental property, be sure to ask for their license number and check with licensing bureau if they really exist.

Renting your house as 2010 Olympic accommodation is a great way to make money, but be sure to use a licensed agency to ensure that the experience is a positive one for both you and the renter. You can make more money and have less risk. You will be glad you did.

Slava Kandakou is Managing Director at Golden City Rentals Inc. - licensed agency in British Columbia, Canada that specializes in furnished rental accommodations and provides peace of mind to both homeowners and guests.
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

6 marketing tips to help law firms boost their business

6 marketing tips to help law firms boost their business

The recession has put law firms under pressure and the competition for clients gets fiercer every day. While looking for new leads is clearly important, it’s even more important to get more business from existing clients. After all, it’s easier because they already know you and trust you. Here’s a few ideas to generate more business.

1. Conduct a survey of your existing clients. A few simple questions like “Have you made a will etc” will provide valuable information for targeting your services. Obviously, if someone replies that they haven’t made a will then you can follow up with advice why making a will is essential for the sake of your children. Surveys also give useful information for articles such as “60% of people could be creating problems for their children by failing to make a will”.

2. Stage free seminars about legal developments, preferably at your offices to keep down costs. Free advice will always be appreciated by both your existing and potential clients. Remember, even if people don’t come to the seminar, just the fact that they were invited will make them feel appreciated and remind that you still value them. That could pay dividends in the long term.

3. Cross sell your services… if you draft someone’s will, make sure they know about all the other things you do. This is one the easiest and most effective ways of winning new business

4. Offer existing clients an incentive to introduce you to a new client. Word of mouth is powerful marketing tool so give it every encouragement. A small discount or relatively cheap yet lavish sounding gift such as bottle of champagne can encourage to your clients to spread the word for you.

5. Offer free initial consultations for say, 30 minutes, so that people can get a little free advice to see whether they need any further help. Even if they don’t hire you immediately, you will get to know them and start to build up a relationship. You will also invoke the feeling reciprocity, which simply means that if you do something to help someone, they instinctively want to do something in return for you.

6. Create an email newsletter. This is so easy these days as many firms offer readymade templates and will allow you to send out thousands of embedded email newsletters at minimal cost. These newsletters should feature genuine legal news as well as information about your firm. They will help generate new business and also build client loyalty, an important defence mechanism as other firms may try to poach your clients.

While striving to attract new clients it’s easy to forget the ones we already have. Yet your law firm marketing should first and foremost concentrate on getting as much business as possible from existing clients because they are the ones who are easiest to reach and easiest to persuade.


Peter Woan is head of law firm marketing at Media Coverage.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Internet Marketing Strategies - How the Big Marketers Built Their Customer Base

Internet Marketing Strategies - How the Big Marketers Built Their Customer Base

Are you beginning to wonder if the internet gold rush is over and thinking that the internet marketing strategies that the super rich have used are no longer valid today? It is true that the internet market place has changed and that a lot of these successful gurus rode the peak in order to build up their current customer base. So is there any room left for you to build up a large customer base and claim your share of the wealth? If you are wondering about this and looking for the internet marketing strategies which will make it a reality, you are about to learn the inside secret.

· Getting Real

As someone who has spent a long time writing copy for internet businesses, I can tell you that there are patterns which arise among those who are making a lot of money and those who are still working day jobs. Once you recognize what these things are and build your internet marketing strategies around them, you certainly can thrive in the highly competitive internet market today.

The first of these is that there is no 'secret formula' or foolproof internet marketing strategies which will make you one of these online gods. In fact, those who are telling people that are using the idea in order to get people to buy from them. There was a time while this internet marketing strategy worked very well, but today people are much wiser about what the internet can and can't do. If you want to be someone who makes the big bucks today, you have to stop chasing that dangling carrot.

· Standing Out

The second strategy which you must master is the art of becoming a very shiny needle in the haystack of internet marketers. While there is no 'code' to breaking into the wealth of the internet, becoming unique is just about as close as you can get. Think about it: ever if you have the best internet marketing strategies available, someone is going to learn them and duplicate them. If the same can be done with your product or message, you just become obsolete.

But dividing yourself from the multiple agent smith clones on the web is not the only thing involved in getting your internet marketing strategies to make you millions. You also have to have a product which is highly consumable. This means that your consumption strategy must be rock solid and designed to inspire customer loyalty and repeat business. If you have not yet incorporated consumption into your internet marketing strategies it is time to get on the ball.

There are most things which can get you moving, but these two strategies must be in place first.

Are your Content Marketing Strategies building your company brand and inspiring customer loyalty? Find out more about how your can use Content Marketing to build your presence with the search engines, educate your customers and inspire them to take action.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

4 Crucial Tools Every Internet Marketer Must Have In Their Arsenal

4 Crucial Tools Every Internet Marketer Must Have In Their Arsenal

One of the advantages of setting up an Internet Business (compared to a brick and mortar offline business) is the cost of setting one up. You do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to set up an Internet Business. In fact, you can start making a good income from an Internet Business without any initial investment! That is the beauty of it.

However, if you are serious about building your Internet Business for the long term, there are 4 crucial tools you need (some are free, while some are paid). In case you are wondering if these tools will cost an arm or a leg, not to worry - These tools cost less than $ 30 in total!

In this article, I am going to share with you 4 tools you must have if you want to build up your Internet Business for the long term.

1. Domain Name

This is the very first thing you need - and that is, a domain name.

Think about it - You are being approached by 2 companies - One with a free blog domain name and one with a .com domain name. Which company will you want to sign up as a customer with? Of course the one with the .com, right? The reason is because it looks more professional.

The same rule applies. Having a domain name for your website makes it look more professional, and people are more likely to place their trust in you and your business.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, make sure you choose one that is related to what your business is about - So that, at one look, your prospective customers can tell exactly what you specialize in.

Next comes the issue of whether to choose, domain name - I will always go for domain name first. If it is not available, then I will go for a .net. I will not go for the rest (such as .me, .info, etc.)

In case you are wondering (about the cost of a domain name), it costs approximately $ 10 a year. (Certainly very affordable to anyone, isn't it?)

2. Web Hosting

After you have gotten your domain name, the next thing you need to get is web hosting.

A web hosting is one that will hold all the files that your website has.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, make sure you go for one that is reliable (that has at least 99% uptime), and one with a 24/7 live support. The reason is because, if the web hosting that you use is always down, your customers will not be able to access your website. And as a result, you will lose out on possibly a lot of sales.

A basic web hosting service costs approximately $ 5 a month (this again, is very affordable to everyone).

3. Autoresponder

Now that you have gotten your website up and running, the next thing you need is to get your visitors' information (so that you will are able to follow up with them).

You can follow up with your visitors by sending them emails - And as such, you need a way to capture their email address, and also a way to send out emails to them - All these can be handled by an autoresponder service.

With an autoresponder service, you will be able to create forms to capture your visitors' email address, store them in a database, and send them emails as and when you want to (either to tell them that you have just updated your website with a new article, or you have come across a very useful product/service you think will benefit them and want to recommend to them).

An autoresponder service cost approximately $ 20 a month.

4. Web Analytics

There are 2 ways you can get statistics about your website - Such as the number of unique visits, from where did your web visitors come from, the number of pages they visit (along with which pages they visit), the links they click on, along with other vital statistics.

You can get some essential statistics about your website from your web host (go to your website's cPanel, and locate the icon "Awstats") or you can sign up for a free Google Analytics account (where all you need to do is to copy a few lines of code to your website and you will be able to capture essential statistics about your website).

With these statistics at hand, you can find out useful information such as the topics in which your visitors are more interested in (and with this information at hand, you can create more articles on the topics in which your visitors are interested in). And by doing so, you can get your visitors to visit your website again and again (this will help boost your website's traffic volume).

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Friday, September 15, 2017

How Top Captive Insurance Agents Get Their Agencies "Unstuck"

How Top Captive Insurance Agents Get Their Agencies "Unstuck"

It's tempting to think those superstar producers in the top 10% never get stuck. I know in my early days in business it seemed like those guys were ten feet tall and bulletproof.

Well, if you've spent as much time with some of these stars as I have, you'll learn that even they get stuck and their agencies plateau from time to time. The difference is in how they handle getting unstuck and how the average person handles it.

The insurance industry is never static, and neither is the context in which we sell. When you make the mistake of thinking it is, that's like laying down on the proverbial railroad tracks and waiting for the train to come.

In your agency as well as in your closing presentations there are usually warning signs that things aren't going so well. Too many people in every field but especially ours are content running their business like an ostrich, hoping if they stick their head in the ground and ignore the problems and obstacles that they will go away.

Top agents don't. Instead they have their radar on high alert detecting and monitoring any and all potential changes at Allstate corporate, the industry in general, and also to the prospects their selling to in person.

Most agents are far more reactive than proactive. They arrive at the office and either play fireman, putting out the crises that arise each day, or let inbound calls, emails, and drop-in clients or salesmen determine their day. All day long they chase after prospects and clients allowing them to dictate what they'll do and when they'll do it. Unfortunately, it's this day to day minutia that often takes up the time that would be better spent dealing with the big issues and seeing the bigger picture.

My real question is this:

Who's Driving Your Agency?

Who is steering it through these challenges? We all know there've been some rocky times lately. At Allstate. In the industry. In the whole economy. So I'd challenge you to firmly grab the steering wheel with both hands and chart your course. You are president and CEO of your life.No one has the right to determine your future but you. Not the company, not your employees, and definitely neither of our presidential candidates.

You see, the biggest things that top Inner Circle agents do that most agents don't is this: accept responsibility to change things if they don't like the results their getting.

They accept where they are right now is where they are, and if they're not happy about it they go about learning what they need to learn and improving what they need to improve to get to where they want to be.

Strategies exist to get you more leads, to overcome price objections, etc.. The hard work to find the answers has already been done, and top agents aren't afraid to find them and use them.
Fortunately, today is a new day and any agent can make that same decision today. You can decide to regain control over where your agency and your income is headed. You can choose to learn how to move past what's holding you back.

Put measures in place to grow in this economy. Don't just wait it out and hope things get better. You'll regret it because the greatest opportunites are found by pushing forward when most people hesitate. Look at other Allstate agents, they're hesitating.

So how can you push forward smartly? Don't reinvent the wheel. When most agents want to grow they either try to do it alone, or turn to peers for help. Top agents turn to experts who can help them get where they want to get quicker.

Top agents look both in and outside of the insurance industry for ideas to improve their businesses. They then adopt those ideas, adapt them to fit their agencies, and then act boldly.

The top agents learn from those getting results, adapt ideas to work to grow their book, then let those ideas bring them new business. The key is they take control. They implement strategies that produce what they want for their business. And you can do the same thing.

David Neuenschwander is a nationally known marketing consultant specializing in helping captive insurance agents grow their books at lightning speed. He is currently offering a FREE copy of his special report.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Link builders and their available packages

Link builders and their available packages

There are lots of people these days that are creating the websites over the internet. The link builder website business has boomed up to such an extent that the competition level has also rose among them. Everyone wants to be better than the other one of their own category. For this they have to provide the best services to the customers and the users over the net. Besides the good services that they should be providing, it is also seen that the major factor is that how to reach out to the people over the internet and tell them about your website and its function. This is the major issue revolving in the business of the website designers. It is due to this reason that they are going for the processes like the use of the link builders and back link methods which are embedded in their designed website.

seo services

These link builders as the name suggest are those tools which work in such a way that the website link is spread out all over to the destined places. The places and websites to which the link is sent depend on the package chosen by the customer while buying the link builder and back link services. If a good enough one is purchased then the profit and benefit will be the maximum to the customer. On the other hand even if small packages which are a little lower in price are purchased then also the website can easily gain that fame and number of increased visitors to their website in a short time interval. The packages are displayed over the website of the link builder services and you can easily select out the one that suits the best to your own particular website. This is how the link builder basically works.


Build Hammer is famous internet marketer. His new website gives more information about link builder.