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Saturday, December 16, 2017

What's An Rss Podcast Feed And How Do I Use It? (additional Than You Ever Wanted To Recognize)

What's An Rss Podcast Feed And How Do I Use It? (additional Than You Ever Wanted To Recognize)
Though there are some varying opinions, the most common definition of RSS is that it stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS PODCast feed might be dynamically generated, however it appears to the subscriber (or shopper or user) of the feed as a file that's retrieved. Sometimes it's retrieved from a net server, but if you have an RSS feed file on your exhausting disk, you can open it. Or you may make your own and open it! An RSS feed, whether or not PODCast or alternative, is simply a list of files. The files in the list usually contain audio, video, photos or alternative images. Therefore, to summarize, an RSS feed may be a file that contains an inventory of files. This list of files represents audio files, photos, videos, images, or alternative information files. The files are typically referred to as episodes or programs if the feed is connected to one thing delivered on an everyday basis.

Therefore what's all the fuss? And why will it appear to be therefore complicated? Well the list within the file is during a special format or language known as XML, or eXtensible Markup Language. Yes another TLA ... 3 letter acronym. XML provides rules for putting data during a file therefore that the elements of the file will be easily identified. You "markup" the information by surrounding the info elements within the file with special markers and software, referred to as an XML parser, is in a position to locate and navigate through the information in an straightforward method (well simple for programmers). The "markers" are the symbols surrounding an the name of an element. Generally this can be known as a tag. There is a tag for starting a data item and a tag for ending. So within an XML file you might find a "title" that looks like this:

If you know how net pages work, then you recognize they use the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and within they also have tags like this. The ancestry of HTML and XML is much the identical so this is often not surprising. However, HTML has a fixed or defined set of tags, whereas XML lets you make up your own!

Build up your own? How will anybody ever agree on anything then? Well I am glad you asked! XML additionally has the aptitude of checking the tags you have employed in XML file against a listing of allowed tags, referred to as a schema. Interesting enough, this list of allowed tags is additionally in XML! This method is termed validation and an XML parser or XML validator is employed for this. There are net pages where you'll validate RSS feeds. Thus if you make a schema (or XML file) of tags and enough folks consider you and begin using it, you can exchange information in a common, simply verifiable format. That's precisely what RSS is. RSS may be a schema for an XML file. The schema includes the tag names that were created up to carry the knowledge like the title and author of the RSS feed, and then there is a section for each file in the feed that has the name, title, location, length, description, date created, and author.

RSS newsreaders, RSS aggregators, iTunes, and several alternative programs can get an RSS feed and use the RSS schema to validate it, then retrieve the files within the list to your program to listen or view or no matter!

If you wish to subscribe to an RSS PODCast Feed with iTunes or see the Technical Specification for RSS come back on over to my web site shown below.
There are picky rules about creating XML files and further rules relating to the RSS schema. However if you follow the foundations you'll use any recent text editor to form an RSS Feed for your own files that you'll use locally. If you want to create an RSS Feed obtainable to web surfers over the Net, you'll have to form certain to place the RSS Feed file on a net server AND make positive the files referenced in your RSS Feed are out there via a net server as well.

As another you'll use a web page I created that will facilitate your generate a valid RSS Feed that will display in your browser. Then you'll be able to view the supply and duplicate it to use on your native disk or save and upload to web server.

Barry Graham been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in RSS ,you can also check out his latest website about:
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

There is nothing better than subscribing to Pay per Click Management

There is nothing better than subscribing to Pay per Click Management

Pay per Click Services is a very familiar term in online advertising and marketing. A hired vendor sets up the advertisement for you, places it at the top of the search result pages. The visitors come over, identify it and click on it. With every click, the business makes money and the search engine playing host to the campaign takes a cut out of the revenue.

Given below are some of the most important reasons behind putting Pay per Click Management into effect.

1. The campaign is put on the top right or some other enviable position. Your ad stands out from the rest. People see it better and are more likely to click on it. Also, it cuts through geographical barriers. It is not only limited to a particular area or demography but to other spread out places.

2. The credibility of the ad campaign goes up amazingly. Since your appeal is a very global one, people recognize and identify with it and think of it as highly as they can.

3.Pay per Click Management accounts heavily for the popularity of your business. The entire essence of your business packed into one crisp hyperlink and placed appropriately at the top ensures people take a look at the same from close quarters.

4. Stability is the greatest asset behind Pay per Click Services. The campaign exemplifies that virtue and accounts for the steady manner in which the business grows and asserts itself on a very open forum.  

5. The responses are pretty instant because of Pay per Click Management. The higher click through ratio ensures this happens. The placement of the advertisement at the right place enables the end user to click on the same with a lot of effortlessness.   

6. You get to assert complete control over your ad campaign. The thing about Pay per Click Services is you have the required authority you need to command proceedings. The number of clicks and the money coming in through them are all under your supervision.

The benefits strengthen the case to hire Pay per Click management and ensure the process aids the business in making money.

This form of online advertising ascertains high monetary benefits. The fact there is little fuss surrounding it appeals very highly to the end user. Everything is packed into one small hyperlink, the keyword is right there somewhere in the middle, a click takes the end user to the landing page and whatever information is being searched for is available suddenly.

The concept has a very universal appeal and pleases a lot of people around. Folk everywhere just want to come over and make that elusive click which takes them directly to the landing page. That page in turn has the content that people seek and they retrieve the same accordingly.  

Guaranteed returns are a commonality through this process. Just use it well and see your money making a lot of money in the process.

John Anthony is Internet Marketing Consultant and currently associated with IDS Logic, SEO Services India, offshore outsourcing company and SEO Company India providing Internet marketing solutions to global clients.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

HTML Email - Why it is Better Than Text

HTML Email - Why it is Better Than Text

Plain text mail can have no pictures, colors in the text, different types of fonts, hyperlinks or other graphics. It is for these reasons that plain text mail falls short of what is required for the sender to prepare a dressed up mail. HTML emails and newsletters more than adequately fills the void that is made by the lacking abilities of plain text mail. When mails are prepared by senders, more often than not, they prefer to have at their disposal various features that will make the email more pleasing for the reader to view and more interactive for the reader as well. The HTML format gives senders the ability to express themselves by way of bulleted lists, emphasized texts, subscripts and superscripts, which all lend a helping hand to improve the readability of the mail. Many senders rely on these features when preparing mails to be sent out for the logical reason that they want their mails to look presentable enough so that the reader will give their mails a second look. The email should have some character so that the reader is more driven to read the mail. We can now enter the world of HTML email, which gives our emails the ability to advertise themselves sufficiently enough to warrant a better chance of a response.

To start with, we will look at the most basic advantages that HTML format has over plain text mailing. It enables us to use different colors, fonts, vary the type face size, and change the background which, as discussed earlier, plain text does not. This helps to make our emails more catchy and appealing yet not too ostentatious. In addition to enriching the text of the mail it helps us add sounds, movie clips, images and other features which definitely make the HTML email more fun and enjoyable to read and respond to. The use of multiple columns, graphics and different layouts give HTML newsletters the ability to grab the attention of the viewer. HTML email can use hyperlinks which allow the reader to go to various Internet sites to get more information than what is just given in the email itself. HTML email also has the advantage of offering marketing professionals a measuring tool. This enables them to see how many people have actually read the emails that have been sent by them and how many have clicked on the hyperlinks that were given in the emails. HTML email offers these wonderful possibilities which clearly optimize an email newsletter.

The debate about whether HTML email is preferred to text mail has been knocked about in different circles and Email marketing has been greatly ameliorated by HTML email. Emails that are used for the purpose of marketing products and conducting surveys among other things are just not as appropriate when sent in plain text format. Mails sent in HTML format receive a higher open rate because the senders can be creative with the body of the email. Email newsletters are gaining popularity and rightly so since they are cheaper to send principally because the sender incurs no print or mail costs. HTML email rather than plain text mail wins the battle here.HTML has won most of the time. Surveys show that HTML newsletters appeal to a greater number of readers than plain text newsletters. HTML format is here to stay and continues to do its job as the more capable cousin of plain text mail.

Jamie Colbs is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email ( a leading Web and permission-based html email service.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Are UK Classifieds Better Than Dating Sites

Are UK Classifieds Better Than Dating Sites

Are you aware Regarding Free UK Classifieds And Why They're in a position to Be A Ton Better Than On-line dating sites For Meeting Genuine People

Typically, there's nothing additional frustrating than the obstacles you encounter while wanting for that specific special guy or woman to spend things with. You may notice many folks that just get bored relating to the complete, traditional dating scene. Night when night in bars, on online dating sites or at singles nights will simply breed contempt. That is why everyone ought to be aware of Free UK Classifieds And Why They May Be Better Than Dating Sites For Meeting Real People.

If you have ever been on one of the various singles sites, then you recognize you have to place in a ton of effort and time. They expect you to form a gorgeous, detailed profile. Most folks very don't have any plan what they ought to place in them. Instead of suppose through each little detail, they just apprehend what they wish when they see it.

There are also a ton of individuals who can not even pay any attention to you, if you do not have footage in them. You need recent, quality photographs that you're feeling snug posting online. This will make you feel as if your intelligence and interests don't seem to be as necessary as how smart you look. There are even occasions where you have got to marvel if that is really a image of the person you're talking to. These sites are a great means to finish up feeling like a prime cut of meat in the local butchers meat order. It is high unlikely that anyone really likes being created to feel like that. No one wants to be noticed because of reasons they contemplate shallow, we need attention for the important aspects. After you discover that most of these sites all charge membership fees, it adds insult to injury.

Free commercials are now employed by many individuals that have set to prevent wasting time on dating sites. They are fully unengaged to use, thus no want to spend one cent. If something will not work out, you have no investment to fret concerning losing. You can also be fairly bound that alternative people using them think in a very manner kind of like you.

A basic advertisement is also a lot of additional terse than a close profile. It's a lot of easier to come back up with a few sentences that state what you're looking for, than it is to fill out pages of information. This eliminates the fear of attempting to be witty on a lot of different topics. There's no one telling you ways abundant to mention or what you should not reveal. You'll tell all or retain a little mystery.

They also allow you to get attention in your own way. You can use your wants and brains. With these ads, there is no want for pictures, before time. Everybody really desires to just realize unconditional love. By using these, you'll be able to realize abundant deeper compatibility. These are simply some reasons on why Free UK Classifieds And Why They May Be Higher Than Dating Sites For Meeting Real People. You'll be able to change your mind regarding giving up dating, whether or not you were disgusted with the dating sites. You'll even use classifieds in several areas and quickly realize the love of your life.

Conrad  Sanders  has been writing articles on-line for nearly 2 years now. Not solely can this author target  Dating
You'll be able to also take a look at latest website concerning :
Games for girlsWhich reviews and lists the best
Cooking Games

Friday, August 11, 2017

Scrapbooking More Than 2 Photos on a Page

Scrapbooking More Than 2 Photos on a Page

Scrapbooking layouts can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Often layouts become artistic masterpieces in themselves - regardless of the photo used. The embellishments and techniques which can be used is limitless. This scrapbooking creativity works wonderfully well for one or possibly two photos on the layout. What do you do then, if you want to include more than 2 photos on a page? Magazines are wonderful places to browse for inspiration but most of the layouts published are for less photos and more embellishments.

To create memory masterpieces with several photos can be quite easy. You need to think creatively yourself and allow your own individualism to shine through. Some suggestions which will help with this include:

Create 'collage' photo layouts. These collages can look extremely effective if done correctly. To create collage masterpieces:
1.Don't try to add every photo you have, just for the sake of it. This can look very 'scrappy' and childlike in it's appearance.
2. Do use photos with a similar theme or from the same event. This creates consistency in the layout, making it easy on the viewer who can scan the layout and see the whole story, then look closer and see the details of the individual photos.
3. Use 4-5 full size (4x6) photos positioned to allow space for a title or embellishments on one side or corner of the page.
4. Overlap the photos to eliminate distracting elements.
5. Crop the important details from lots of photos and fit them in like a jigsaw. This does require a lot of patience but does look very effective if done with an eye for detail and artistic balance.
6. Keep the 'extra's' simple. Focus on the memories and photos with the extra embellishments just that - embellishing the main focus.
7. Keep in mind what you are recording - holiday, event, childhood, family etc. Allow this to dictate the theme and feel of the layout.

Corinna Rhodes is the inspiration behind Easy Scrapbooking Ideas which is a place where you can come and gain some creative inspiration. You can see what is happening in the scrapbooking world and find links to many other wonderfully creative sites as well. If you want your scrapbooking layouts and photography to contain that 'WOW' factor then you must visit

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

DRTV Agencies Are More Relevant Than Ever

DRTV Agencies Are More Relevant Than Ever

The average person wouldn't go to family practitioner for heart surgery, nor would he or she call on a newspaper reporter to write an infomercial script. Everyone knows that an automobile dealership isn't the best place to get your car's windows tinted, and that Sam's Club probably isn't the best source of specialized business equipment. There are, after all, experts who handle such requests on a daily basis, and who can address the issue and tackle the task at hand quickly and efficiently.

This simple philosophy doesn't always carry over to the advertising world, where an increasing number of general agencies are adding DRTV production, writing and media buying to their menus. The reasoning is clear: Infomercials and short-form commercials are popular choices for the independent entrepreneur all the way up to the brand-name advertiser.

But general agencies aren't always equipped to handle direct response. DR agencies have years of proven response-generating techniques that traditional agencies rarely know (or care) about. They understand that DR is about understanding human behavior and how to generate an immediate response; it's a unique body of knowledge that can take years of experience or study to master.

The question is: Are general agencies doing their clients a disservice by providing DRTV services internally? And would the clients be better served by a firm whose employees and managers have years of experience crafting successful direct response? Absolutely. In fact, many general line agencies miss the boat completely when they attempt to produce infomercials and short-form DRTV.

One way general agencies have been able to work around that challenge is by purchasing firms with successful DRTV track records. The major marketing services holding companies have been buying traditional DR agencies for more than 20 years, bringing them into their family of agencies. But many of these companies continue to function independently. And while these firms may attempt to provide DR services to their brand agency cousins, the actual "sharing" of clients is more rare than common.

So how are traditional agencies handling the demand from clients for DR capabilities? Well, many of them still reach out to the specialized DR agencies, bringing us in as partners and sharing in fees and commissions. The relationships aren't always easy to manage, and their success depends on whether the traditional agency staff can check their egos at the door and allow DR specialists to do their job. When that does happen, everyone wins — especially the client.

Unfortunately, that win-win scenario doesn't always play out in the real world. We continue to see a battle with infomercial producers and media buyers on one side, and traditional ad agencies on the other. The major corporation marketing vice presidents and brand managers are stuck in the middle and left to figure out which one is best qualified to execute their corporation's first major infomercial campaign. The outcome is the same: The corporate marketing pros are caught in the crossfire. They postpone their infomercial campaigns and wind up missing out on the excellent leverage and sales opportunities generated by a well-executed DR effort.

Here's the bottom line: General agencies have more than 60 years of image and awareness TV experience. They understand building and maintaining brand equity, and they know their clients' products far better than any newly assigned DRTV agency could hope to achieve in a fleeting few months.

But DR experts have an indispensable asset: more than two decades of trial and error in both creative and media. They know how to create accountable advertising and what it takes to make a successful infomercial. These factors should come into play when selecting the company that will take the short- or long-form DRTV campaign off the concept table and onto the airwaves.

Much like they wouldn't hire a homebuilder to install an expensive home theatre system, marketers should think twice before handing their DRTV projects off to firms that lack the experience and expertise to create successful campaigns.

Author of over 200 published articles, Tim Hawthorne is Founder, Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Hawthorne Direct, a full service DRTV and New Media ad agency founded in 1986. Since then, Hawthorne has produced or managed over 800 Direct Response TV campaigns for clients such as Apple, Braun, Discover Card, Time-Life, Nissan, Lawn Boy, Nikon, Oreck, Bose, and Heifer International. Tim is a co-founder of the Electronic Retailing Association, has delivered over 100 speeches worldwide and is the author of the definitive DRTV book The Complete Guide to Infomercial Marketing. A cum laude graduate of Harvard, Tim was honored with the prestigious \"Lifetime Achievement Award\" by the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) in 2006.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Google Is More Than Just A Search Engine

Google Is More Than Just A Search Engine
The architects of the most powerful search engine in the world have included some really handy algorithms in their service, which allow searchers to quickly locate particular and specific types of information...

1. Definitions

In order to quickly find the definition of a word, simply type "define: word" in the search box. Google will then provide the definition of the word.

2. Area Codes

Enter a US telephone area code in the URL box to see a map of the area covered by that telephone area code.

3. Calculator

Type a math problem into the Google search box, and Google will calculate the answer. Google acts as a calculator when mathematical calculation is presented. Google recognizes the following mathematical symbols: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), to the power of (^), and square root of a number (sqrt).

4. Movies

In order to locate reviews and show times for movies playing near you, type "movies" or the name of a current film into the Google search box. If you have already saved your location on a previous search, or if you are logged into a Google account, the top search result will display show times for nearby theaters for the movie you entered.

5. Weather

To see the weather for many US and worldwide cities, type "weather" followed by the city and state, US zipcode, or city and country. Google will provide a current weather forecast.

6. Current Time

To see the current time in any city around the world, type "time" and the name of the city. Google will display the current time for that city.

7. Patent Search

To search for US patents, enter the word "patent" into the Google search box, followed by the patent number. Google will display the details of that particular patent.

8. Track Shipments

Shipments can easily be tracked using Google simply by entering the tracking number for your UPS, FedEx, or USPS package directly into the Google search box. Google will return the tracking results and status of the shipment.

9. Stock Quotes

Google can help investors keep an eye on the changing stock market. To see current market data for a given company or fund, simply type the ticker symbol into the Google search box. The resulting webpage displays financial data from the Google Finance service.

10. Maps

Looking for a map? Type in the name or US zipcode for a location, along with the word "map" and Google will display a map of that location.

11. Convert Currency

Google also has a built-in currency converter. Simply enter the conversion you would like to see performed in the Google search box, and Google will provide the currency conversion.

12. Flight Status

To view the flight status for arriving and departing US airline flights, enter the name of the airline and the flight number into the Google search box. Airport delays and details can be found by typing in the name of the city or three-letter airport code, followed by the word "airport".

13. Synonyms

If you want to locate search results for a word, along with any synonyms for the word, just enter the tilde sign (~) before the search term. Google will display results for that word and will include any related synonyms.

14. Population

To see trends for population and unemployment rates of US states and counties, type "population" or "unemployment rate" followed by a state or county. You can click through to a page that lets you compare different locations.

15. Spell Check

Google even has a built-in spell-checker. Google automatically checks whether your query uses the most common spelling of a given word. If Google thinks there may be an alternate or better spelling, it will be listed as: "Did you mean: (alternate spelling)"

16. Conversion Calculator

You can use Google to convert units of measurement. Google will convert height, weight, and volume measurements. Simply enter the desired conversion into the search box and Google will calculate the conversion.

17. Earthquake Activity

Google even tracks earthquake activity. Enter "earthquake" followed by the city and state or US zipcode into the Google search box to see the seismic activity in a specific region.

18. Related Websites

Google will display webpages that contain similar content. Include "related:" followed by a website address in the Google search box for a listing of related websites.

19. Linked Websites

When "link:" is used in the Google search box, and followed by a URL, the search results will include a listing of all webpages indexed by the search engine which contain links to the specified URL (i.e. to see how many websites are linking back to your site, or to a competitor's site).

20. Indexed Pages

When "site:" is entered in the Google search box, followed by a domain name, the search engine locates all documents within a specific domain, including all of its sub-domains. This is an easy way to get a rough idea of the number of pages indexed for a given domain.

True to Google's mission of making sense of information, Google has made specific and unique information very easy to find.


Permissions and notification of use not required.

About the Author:

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lawyer Blogs: More Powerful For Attorneys Than Websites

Lawyer Blogs: More Powerful For Attorneys Than Websites
If you are an attorney who is trying to think of new ways to gain clients, make contacts, and otherwise make more money, then one aspect of Internet marketing that you may not have considered is to start your own blog. You have probably thought that it isn't necessary to create a blog, particularly if you already have your own website. You may have thought that a blog and a website are the same thing. However, this isn't the case. There are some distinct advantages that a blog can bring you that a website cannot. Let's take a look at a few of the ways that it differs from a website and how they can help you better achieve your goals of gaining more clients.

The most important difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is typically much more dynamic. Your website probably provides some basic information about you and your practice. You probably have an About page, where you detail your credentials, your specialties, and how long you have been practicing law. You probably have another page where you list the services you provide and how much you charge for each service. Finally, you probably have a page where you let your potential clients know how they can contact you if they need representation in court. This website is definitely crucial to your online presence, and its importance shouldn't be underestimated. However, it probably doesn't get much traffic from the search engines on a regular basis. This is where a blog can be very powerful. The major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo typically don't favor static web pages that don't ever get updated. Unless your educational background or your specialty changes, then there is little reason to update your website. Your blog, on the other hand, will be constantly updated. You can share different posts that put your expertise on display. Your blog is where your personality will really get to shine through. If you create a new post even once per month, then the search engines will take notice. They will see that yours gets regularly updated, so you will probably see a flood of traffic that you have heretofore never experienced. If you connect your blog to your website, then the two will complement each other. The contacts that you send to your website will be able to see your blog, and the free Internet traffic that you get from the search engines will be redirected to your website. You'll instantly be able to notice a boost in the number of leads and new clients that you are able to acquire.

Another major benefit of a blog in comparison to a standard web site is that you will be able to interact much more intimately with your Internet visitors. Blogs are typically characterized by a comments section, where visitors to your blog can post their reaction to your blog post and usually they will pose a question to you. You will then have the opportunity to answer these questions by posting in the comments section yourself. This gives a blog a much more homely feeling compared to the rigid structure of a static web page. By regularly responding to the comments left by your visitors, you will be able to show everyone how knowledgeable and responsive you are. Your visitors will rightly draw the conclusion that this is representative of the type of service they could expect if they hire you as their attorney. You'll probably also notice an up tick in the number of potential clients and fellow lawyers who contact you directly. Simply make sure that your email address is clearly visible on your blog so that your visitors will know how to contact you. The fellow lawyers who contact you may have blogs and websites of their own, and they will probably want to work out an arrangement with you which will be mutually beneficial to you both. For example, you can send each other traffic, or he may want to advertise his related service on your site.

You may be thinking that this will all be a tremendous amount of work in comparison to maintaining a website. It's true that it does require a bit more time and effort, but it's important to realize that it doesn't necessarily need to be you who slaves away at the computer screen all day. There are many services available that can get your blog up and running in a snap. When you want a new post published, you can often hire a writer or a blog service to outsource the writing to. You can just give them the topic of the blog post, and they'll take care of the rest.

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Look Further Than Keywords

Look Further Than Keywords
A research paper called The Future of Search Marketing by Forrester reveals that there is a need for PPC managers to act as business planners instead of thinking as a channel manager. It also goes on to discuss how important it is for people to optimise landing pages to increase conversions. The paper states:

Potential customers cant convert if their post-click experience isnt relevant.

The most straightforward way of ensuring the landing page is relevant is to use a concise message that matches the ad to the page. This will also help to ensure a decent Quality Score from Google and a good conversion rate. However to excel in both these areas and to ditch the average and the decent for more outstanding rewards PPC managers need to look beyond the actual copy.

This can be done by looking at the overall tone of the ad and the type of target customers you are seeking. By looking at elements in addition to the copy such as graphics and images you can further synergise the message you send from ad to landing page. If you are offering an informational product or service in the ad then the landing page may be better suited to a serious, formal business page with corporate images and formal colours that reflect this. Colours can be used expertly to reflect any particular mood you want to communicate on the landing page.

The words you use to convey your message should be chosen with care. Although persuasive language is best you need to think about the type of person you are trying to persuade. The different personas and their stage in the buying cycle will affect the language you use. Although matching keywords is fundamental look beyond that to get the optimum conversions.

At Click Consult we offer advice on all aspects of web marketing including pay per click advertising.

The Article is written by providing Web Marketing and Internet Marketing Services.Visit for more information on Products & Services___________________________Copyright information This article is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, including live links & this copyright statement must be included. Visit www.clickconsult

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why Online Marketing Services Means So Much More Than SEO

Why Online Marketing Services Means So Much More Than SEO

There are many companies offering online marketing services and SEO all over the country but how do you know which one to use when they all use such mumbo-jumbo and geek speak. This article intends to educate a local business owner who is looking to employ the services of an Online Marketing Company.

The world of online marketing has changed enormously over the last few years and the reason for this is development Web 2.0 and the explosion of Social Media.

Web 2.0... what's that? Social Media... what's that? The advent of Web 2.0 was all about enriching the experience of Internet usage by making web browsing more user friendly. Social media is simply the many ways that we as Internet users can consume media- e.g. You Tube, Facebook, My Space, Flickr and Twitter. Now, whether you've heard of these sites or not, you can be sure that they're out there and that there are people using them. Musicians promote their music via many of these platforms including My Space and twitter, film directors (and amateur film makers) upload their work to the many video-sharing sites, comedians use twitter extensively and my mother uses Google for everything she needs before she even thinks about the Yellow Pages.

So what does this mean to a business that is looking for Online Marketing Services? It means that there are many more ways to get your advertising statements across and if the statement is labelled correctly then it can be found in Google. What's more, Google (because they own a lot of these Social Media sites) ranks these well-labelled pages very highly. Therefore if a local business like a contract cleaner, an Indian restaurant, a catering company, a cosmetic surgeon or a bookkeeper utilises these Social Media sites to advertise then they can be found very easily in Google. Not only can they be found very easily but they can also achieve high, multiple listings on Google.

How would a contract cleaner utilise a video-sharing site? Very simply, make a short film (using a DV Camcorder or even a mobile phone) explaining who they are, where their target market is and show proof of the work they do. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a film is worth ten thousand.

There are so many ways to get your advertising message across from video, podcast, digital images and simple text and now you can even have your message displayed on the mobile web as well. Imagine, you've just left the cinema with your friend and you're both hungry but you don't know where to go, so you pull out your i-phone and search for a restaurant. It's so easy.

So, before you engage the services of an Online Marketing Company in Bristol or anywhere make sure that they offer you a complete marketing package that includes utilising Social Media and Web 2.0 and that the company knows which platforms are mobile web-friendly too.

Online Marketing Bristol is a new kind of Search Engine Optimisation Company that specialises in local search using the power of social media and web 2.0.
At Online Marketing Services Bristol we have achieved page one rankings on Google within forty minutes of a site going live which makes it very easy and fast to test and track our campaigns.
If you'd like to chat about your company's website then please fill in the form at Online Marketing Services Bristol and I will get in touch with you.

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