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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tesla Fuelless Generator

Tesla Fuelless Generator

The creation of the Tesla Fuelless Generator was made possible by one of the greatest geniuses of electrical invention. The Internet, computer, cell phones, and television are all items that would not exist without his research and development. Even a century ago, Tesla understood the ability to create energy without the use of fuel. His star achievement was the fuelless generator, which has received invigorated attention from a variety of do it yourselfers who want to save money and get off the power company's grid by constructing their own seven kilowatt generators.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Croatia was the home of the Serbian Nikola Tesla. His titles included electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist-- all areas in which he was highly regarded for his knowledge and innovation.

Tesla made numerous scientific findings, with a concentration in electrical breakthroughs. The advancement and implementation of alternating current was his most significant contribution to electricity. Alternating current makes our current lifestyle possible, as it allows us to broadcast power signals over long distances.

The Fuelless Generator

The "Fuelless Generator" was the dedication Tesla's creation during the last half of his career. "The energy that operates the universe" was how he expressed the intentions of his invention. This thought is now known in modern physics as "zero point technology", though at the time, most people scoffed at the idea.

Although Tesla was never able to actually produce a prototype, he documented his thoughts and drawings meticulously, which has allowed modern inventors to draw upon his work-- which illustrates an effective design for a magnetic generator. He worked tirelessly on improving his design, all followed with patent filings to safeguard his invention.

The Evolution into the Magnetic Motor Generator of Today

The design for the Tesla generator has inspired many around the world for the creation of their own fuelless generators. Unlike during one hundred years ago, a magnetic motor has now been constructed, analyzed, and assessed to make the Tesla generator a reality. The beauty is in its simplicity: it is composed of wiring, a rotor, and purposefully situated magnets.

Even though some may try to build their own way and find different ways to generate electricity without fuel, why "reinvent the wheel" when it has already been designed so well? Virtually any advanced DIYer can construct their own Tesla generator motor by purchasing effective and detailed drawings to guide their work. Within several days, you could have your very own seven kilowatt Tesla generator fueling your energy needs. It is more than ample for the median household's energy need.

Learn How To Build a Tesla Generator Today!

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