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Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Create a Team

How to Create a Team

Members of any group will develop, over time, different modes of interaction. As in any organization there are many groups. Stages of the construction of a working team:

-the construction: Since the first moments in which the group is formed, its members begin to familiarize with each other. This period is one in which relationships are build with knowledge and explanation of the situation. Often this period is characterized by uncertainty due to the fact that individuals do not have sufficient information about each other. For this reason, the leader will have to intervene and decide all these uncertainties that may occur.

-the tension: This period is characterized by relatively large number of conflicts and tense moments generated by misunderstanding or questions, despite the fact that group members feel more secure than in the first stage. Unit group is still not consolidated because their members have not yet clarified the roles that they have met. The leaders are the ones that are designed to generate a good mood inside the group. The members are encouraged to communicate, and to decide issues, to understand the real situation and most importantly, to mobilize to achieve its objectives. Leader with the ability to determine these actions can be an advantage of the strategists.

-the normal stage: This period is installed immediately after the roles are well established and accepted by all members and the previous problems have been cleared. In this stage the team is formatted

-action: Represents the period in which one becomes mature and is focused on achieving goals and solve the challenges faced. He is able to perform complex tasks and work to resolve internal disagreements in creatively. In this stage the members know each other and previous issues have been resolved, the atmosphere is relaxed and interactive.

-the dissolution: This stage is not present in all groups. Some groups are formed specifically for the fulfillment of tasks in a limited time. Is important for the group members to have the ability to quickly assemble team for a clearly specified objective, to dissolve soon after reaching it and to be able to form a new team if necessary.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Team Values Analysis

Team Values Analysis

Values are the specific things in people's lives that are most important to them. When an individual is aware of their values, they have a set of guiding principles that enables them to behave in a manner that supports who they are and what they really believe in. This can help to prevent behaviours that are subconscious saboteurs of their progress in personal and business relationships.

At an organizational level a clear definition of the values of a company or business defines the culture that develops within the organization. When an organisation's values are shared and lived by all levels of employees and leadership, a strong core culture develops that sees everyone living and working according to a code of behaviour that supports the vision and mission of the company.

If personal or corporate goals are not being reached there is a good chance this is because individual or company values do not support these goals or are not in alignment with them.

The values analysis process typically involves the following steps:

1. Values analysis of the company and/or senior management

2. Values analysis of key employees

3. Creation of a company or department vision statement describing how the organisation or department sees its future

4. Creation of a company or department mission statement describing the organisation's or department's core business

5. Detailed analysis of values at management and employee level and their alignment with each other

There are numerous techniques for eliciting and evaluating values. A simple method is to simply ask the individual to list out the ten things which are most important in their life, and to then rank them from 1 to 10.

This values analysis process can assist in providing a clearly defined vision and mission statement and with:

• Alignment of corporate values with the stated company mission

• Alignment of management with the corporate values

• Alignment of staff with the corporate values

Overall the elicitation and alignment of values leads to more effective direction from management and more motivated action from employees toward the organisation's vision and objectives.

Chris Young is the founder of White Water Consulting ( and is a senior consultant with a broad knowledge and experience in financial services, change management and information technology. His areas of focus include delivering business-aligned IT strategy and implementing best practices in process improvement, project management and software development process. White Water Consulting provides practical solutions to designing and implementing information technology strategy. By remaining independent of solutions and solution providers White Water Consulting can concentrate on your actual business needs and recommend strategies that are pragmatic and cost effective.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Create a Dream Team

Create a Dream Team

while everyone else is drifting into the lazy days of summer, why not take some major action towards your goals?

one of the ways you can do this is by creating a "dream team." a team of supportive people that inspire, encourage, and motivate you to reach your dreams.

wouldn't you love to have one?

there is nothing stopping you from creating this team for yourself.

start by asking yourself, "what is my dream that i want support for?" maybe you want to start a new business, move to another city, or write a novel. be sure to choose a dream that is challenging! by choosing one big dream, you can effectively focus the people needed to support you and accomplish some major action.

next, ask yourself, "what are the qualities of the people on my dream team?" by jotting down all the characteristics of the people you want supporting you, it will help hone your vision of the people you will ask to be on your team, and what the team actually does for you.

then, write down a list of people you will ask to be on your team. don't be afraid to think big! a successful local businesswoman you admire, a published author, or an elected official can all be within your reach. get creative and think of people on the periphery of your network too (friends of friends) that you've always wanted to connect with and admire.

now, the scariest part can be asking. draft an invitation that embodies you and your authentic self. be clear about what support you are asking for: the occasional email? monthly phone calls? in-person brainstorming sessions? make the invitation even more special and send it through snail mail.

when i did this exercise for myself last year, it felt like a huge step. by asking strangers and friends for help, i acknowledged that they had something to offer me, and deepened my connections with several people. my continued work on "asking for help" while also building my creative dream team has been very heart-opening.

try it out for yourself! who would be on your fantasy dream team? send us a note telling us about your experience putting your dream team together - i'd love to hear your story!

Ana Ottman thrives on empowering women to lead authentic and creative lives. She provides life coaching to individuals around the country. When she is not working, she can be found practicing vinyasa yoga, "mentoring" her four younger sisters, browsing local bookstores, and dreaming up ideas for expanding her business. Ana resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband, John.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

"panda" Turned Out To: Local R & D Team Of Growth - Oscilloscope - Electronics

"panda" Turned Out To: Local R & D Team Of Growth - Oscilloscope - Electronics
A complete design team surgeon from China, specifically optimized for the Chinese market to meet the local test and measurement needs world-class performance Oscilloscopes How R & D come from? With the Tektronix "Panda" series Oscilloscopes Are more and more attention of correspondents and Tektronix Development Center of China's elite team of intimate contact, to explore "Panda" oscilloscope interesting people and things behind, listen to R & D engineers from the line the most sincere feelings.

Chance to share the "Panda" series oscilloscopes development process? Why the name "Panda"?

Tektronix Development Center in China started in 2005, our corporate culture driven by engineers, so special attention to the construction team of engineers. After 5 years of development, engineers grow. With many companies in different R & D in China, our engineers have complete autonomy, the definition of product from concept to production the entire process, not only provides support for entry-level products, but also bear the next generation desktop family of devices based R & D work.

Research began that year, "Kung Fu Panda" The film swept the world, the film's protagonist is a very cute panda, willing to use their abilities to help others. We hope this new scope, the world-class products more user-friendly image is passed to all users. "Panda" is our internal development code, when in the market, it follows the name.

Panda oscilloscope TDS1000B-SC is completely developed by the China Centre for eight core engineers responsible for developing the implementation. Tektronix has available before the decade is still a popular TDS1000 Series oscilloscopes, "Panda" series is based on the development of this product on the part of the function is optimized and improved, to be closer to the needs of Chinese engineers. We do a detailed needs analysis, determined to increase the functionality, under the coordination of the project manager to determine the framework, software and hardware engineers to complete the development of rigorous testing to enter the final production processes.

New "Panda" series which features added? Is how to meet the needs of Chinese engineers?

First, we increased the support of the Chinese panel. And customer contacts as well as in universities and Cooperation Found that the large number of young engineers in China, a survey showed that 44% of Chinese engineers between the ages of 20-30 years. Oscilloscope menu option there are many terms, often stands for the young engineers and students in school, understanding and learning of English abbreviations to time some of them, while the Chinese are more easy to them quickly get started. Chinese panel therefore decided to provide support.

Early in development, the availability of the Chinese team had differences with the panel. Because for many years, has been familiar with the environment and terminology in English engineers, the English panel more in line with their usage. How to balance the needs of all the engineers? We finally decided to offer Chinese language panel, while providing an optional menu of Chinese and English. And this approach not only to take into account the characteristics of the Chinese market, but also does not limit the product range in the local market.

Color display is another important function. Not only because of aesthetic considerations, in the two channels when the input waveform, with different colors show different channel waveforms, more convenient for users. In addition, we also made a USB interface to a large degree of increase.

Readers can share and interesting story development process?

USB interface on the testing process is very interesting. Domestic manufacturers produce a lot of U disk, product variety, quality uneven. When we are in software testing, specially went to the market to buy a lot of kinds of U disks, one by one to do testing to ensure that most of the U disk can be identified. That period was particularly difficult, because often the problem is not the Tektronix software, U disk itself does not recognize the problem led to the situation occur.

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