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Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Are Guru Tactics?

What Are Guru Tactics?

The term "guru" is not unknown to most Internet marketers. A lot of gurus are pleasant and knowledgeable people but some are just there to get you. One thing is for sure though, they all use similar techniques that I will discuss in this article. By knowing about their techniques, you can be more realistic about what their promises really are.

Here's their first tactic: these gurus show you the final results without talking about how they got there. You've probably seen some copy with compelling lines such as "You only have to work 2 to 3 hours per day." Think about it. If business people only spent 2 to 3 hours per day working on a business when they started, they wouldn't be in business anymore. If you want to spend 2 hours a day on internet marketing, you could have a nice hobby but you won't make much money. Once you've worked hard and long hours on your business, you may be able to work 2 to 3 hours a day to maintain it because a support team does all the technical work. These people answer emails, update the website, man their service desk, etc.

Here's their second tactic: these gurus leave out important pieces of information. Let's take their advice to write articles for submission to directories. You find articles on the net, edit them to meet your needs and add a link to your website before submitting them to the directories. After a week, your stats aren't impressive: a mere 30 to 40 views. You then write original articles and repeat the whole process. Original articles have to be better, right? Your stats increase to 50 views, which is far from what they promised. Weren't these articles going to bring you lots of traffic? The guru's stats show that he gets 1000s of views... The guru forgot to mention that you needed to load these articles with long-tail keywords.

Here's the final tactic: these gurus give you half-truths. You've probably heard claims like, "I made $ 75,473.99 in my first month doing..." Are they lying? No, but there is more to it. The person made $ 75,473.99 in his first month but he's not mentioning that he spent over $ 5,000 in software, textbooks, advertising, reports, recurring expenses, etc. Would you consider this a good return on investment (ROI)? It sure is but what happens if you don't have over $ 5,000 to invest? A lot of gurus hide certain costs from you in the sales pitch. Better have unlimited funds if you want to get that large sum of money...

Now that you know some of the tactics used by several gurus out there, you can be more careful and maintain the right perspective when you read or listen to what they are promoting.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three Proved Tactics To Come Up With Google Adwords Adverts For Greater Conversion Rate

Three Proved Tactics To Come Up With Google Adwords Adverts For Greater Conversion Rate

If you’re looking for some of the most targeted traffic on the net, then PPC and Google Adwords can help you out. So that’s what we’re talking about today, how to write stronger ad copy for better results. It’s not hard to make money online when you know what’s to be done.

If you’re not familiar with split testing, then you need to know that doing it will determine your success, or lack of it. But it’s not just testing in and of itself, you need to write good ad copy so your tests will be meaningful.

Even if your campaign is giving great results as of now, you should still keep testing to bring out better results. You must always distinguish yourself from your competitors. Perhaps you heard somewhere that you can do well, or get by, if you just look at successful ads and copy them. How is it possible to set yourself apart, and be unique, when your ad is exactly like someone else’s. Yes, learning how to write great ad copy can be done with the help of other ads, but you should never copy them outright. Of course you can always test it and see for yourself; nothing wrong with that. Of course you can be almost lazy and almost copy other ads word for word. It’s a gamble because it may decrease overall click throughs only for yourself. Unique ads perform better, but no matter what you can always do your own testing. Everybody wants to make money on the Internet but only those who take action can do it.

Your ad copy needs to include at least one great benefit because people want to know what they will get out of your product. So try making a list of every benefit you can think of, and then choose a group of the best ones to test. You need to offer the benefit that speaks the loudest to your target market. Don’t know the difference between features and benefits? No problem, go to Google and do a search on it and learn.

The Adwords ad copywriting tips we’ve talked about will only be as effective as you’re willing to make them; keep taking action and continuing to learn. The ability to kick-out great ad copy on demand takes work and effort, so do stick with it and eventually you will see results.

Online Marketing Strategies And Tactics

Online Marketing Strategies And Tactics
Online marketing is an incredibly strong tool that nearly every company can benefit from. This form of promotion will help you to reach consumers that you would be unable to reach through normal means. It can help you to increase your image, increase the interest in your company, and increase the traffic to your company.

With that being said this technique is more than a web ad and an email to a database. It covers multiple venues and tactics, spanning across the web to provide you with a winning strategy. If you want to have a successful internet campaign you need to plan out things carefully.

These five tips will help you to plan out your own strategy. They will help to bring together a cohesive marketing strategy that will be as efficient and effective as possible.

Speak Clearly : You need to make sure that your tactics speak clearly and concisely. You need to effectively communicate your message to the masses; this means that they can easily understand the message that you are trying to get across. Think about what you are trying to say to your audience and say that in the clearest way possible.

Know your Target : You need to make sure that you understand everything that there is to know about your target market. You want to know how they operate to understand exactly how to market to them. If you do not know your target, you will not be able to effectively reach them with your ad strategy.

Know your Options : Every good promotional plan will completely exhaust available options. You need to know your various options, and need to work to understand which of these various options will work for your company.

Work Cohesively : A strategy needs to execute materials that are cohesive. Cohesive tactics will help to create a campaign, making your broadcasting as effective as possible. Keep the same tone in your writing style and the same design style to create a cohesive look.

Follow Up : In the end, you need to make sure that your efforts were successful. You need to follow up with your strategy, analyzing your tactics and methods after the marketing campaign is carried out. This will help you to understand whether or not you need to tweak, change, or completely end your campaign.

These tips make it easy for you to plan out all of the intricate details of your online marketing strategy. They will help you to understand how to speak to your audience, how to narrow in on your audience, and how to bring together an entire strategy. This cohesive campaign and strategy will help to keep your business on track as it reaps the benefits of internet advertising.

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Google Maps Chiropractic Marketing Tactics

Google Maps Chiropractic Marketing Tactics

When people put the word "(your city) chiropractic" into Google, what every chiropractor wants is for their practice to be the top one that pops up on that searcher's local business map. Getting your chiropractic listing ranked first on Google Places (formerly Google Maps) is certainly an attainable goal. Here are six tips that you can use in your business listing to ensure that your office finds its way to the top for maximum exposure.

Multiple Reviews and Google Maps

It is extremely helpful to your rankings if your practice has multiple reviews. By "multiple," we mean as many as you can get. You want the volume of your reviews to overshadow those of all other chiropractors in your area. If others have five, 10 and 30, then you want 60, 70, 80 or more. Reviews are massive in terms of acquiring high rankings on Google and having your business highlighted on the map.

It is important that these reviews are real and they should be from your past or current patients. The best thing to do to facilitate this is to contact your patient-base and ask each of them to write a review. Use email to do this and give them a link to the review area.

The Power of Photos and Videos

Google Maps love photos and videos. Use as many videos and still images as you can and make sure that your company logo is on each. The videos don't need to be long. They can offer health tips, nutritional information and describe helpful exercises. Make each video subject specific, offering useful information in easy-to-understand, capsule form.

Photos can show you at the office, involved in charity or community work and even on a special trip. The photos and videos are all about connecting on both a professional and personnel level with prospective patients and keeping linked to your present clientele.

Keywords and Your Business Description

Using the correct keywords in your Google business description is important. Choose these words with care as they are designed to interact with the search engine, garnering you hits.

Utilize Keywords in Your Business Name

Hopefully you have keywords, such as '"chiropractor" and "chiropractic" in the name of your business. This technique is very powerful. Make sure that you list your keyword rich business name correctly with Google.

Connect through Back-links and Citations

Whatever and wherever you post something related to your business, you want to make sure that it links back to Google. Each one of your press releases, articles, blogs, photos, citations from other authority sites, etc. should have a link to your Google business listing.

Offer Limited Time Coupons

Google business listings allow you to upload coupons that can be downloaded by visitors. Offer limited time coupons that you change from time to time. Limited time coupons are a good way to get people to act since the expiration date on the coupon helps motivate people to take action. Keep changing your coupon offers and track which ones seem to work best in bringing in new business.

People will find you with Google Maps

Your Google business listing can be utilized to ensure that you garner hits, raising your search engine rankings and making your business pop-up on that prominent Google map. The great thing about Google Places is that people will find your chiropractic practice instantly and fast. Use each of the six tips above to access the power of this feature to get more new patients monthly.

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