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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hosted VoIP Services ? Hosted IP Telephony Systems

Hosted VoIP Services ? Hosted IP Telephony Systems

Business communication has undergone some rapid changes since the 1970’s when PBX systems were the most advanced business communication technology available. Contemporary businesses of all sizes have upgraded to the diverse and powerful features enabled by hosted VoIP services.

Hosted VoIP works by sending digitised voice signals across a broadband internet connection. These signals are sent to an IP platform where they are directed to the intended destination – either another VoIP user or a regular phone on a PSTN network. The calls and transmission of data is quick, reliable and economical and when coupled with the advanced user features of VOIP, hosted IP telephony is a formidable force for business communication.

Advanced features of Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP solutions can be tailor-made to fit any business requirements. PBX phone replacement systems (or SIP Trunking solutions) allow those businesses not quite ready to change their entire system to VoIP to have access to the use of some VoIP telephony systems. A broadband connection can be run through a PBX phone, allowing businesses to use the advanced features of VoIP and reap the benefits of these.

VoIP uses a broadband connection

Calls over a hosted VoIP network are free between VoIP sites. A business network runs from an internet connection, the calls are made through the internet and so there are no line rental costs or tariffs per minute. When VoIP calls are made to a regular PSTN line, the charges are minimal when compared to normal PSTN tariffs. Another money saving feature of hosted VoIP is the lack of expensive installation needed, these services are quick and easy to install and require virtually zero onsite support or maintenance.

Easy user interface

All features are controlled through and easy user interface. Even though the many features are advanced technology, using them is simple. All features can be accessed and controlled in real time. Also, the advantage of easy functionality saves time because no training is required. When time is saved, money is saved. Softphones (controls for using VoIP services) are run through a computer for simple and hassle free access to VoIP technology. Employees using VoIP can control who they receive calls from and at what times.

Satellite and global roaming technology

Satellite services and global roaming allows employees to stay in touch via their VoIP network. Employees can work from home whilst having access to all VoIP features available on their work network because they can remain on the work network, no matter what their location. VoIP phones can be programmed to follow employees wherever they go. This service is especially useful for business trips.

Worldwide Wi-Fi hotspots allow those on a VoIP network to access the internet, make calls and use all of the functionality which VoIP provides no matter where the employee is situated. If there are no Wi-Fi hotspots, calls are charged at the local rate. Conference calling is also a major benefit to business as world-wide conference calls connecting international clients and branches of businesses are low-cost yet high quality and reliable.

Greater network control

Greater control includes network set up and billing. IT managers need not worry about having to control a difficult and complicated network. VoIP is easy to use, requires minimal installation and offers quick and easy functions to control the entire network. Receptionists are still able to manage multiple incoming calls and direct them to the correct person across the hosted VoIP network.

Advanced fax and email functionality

Hosted VoIP services also allow for advanced voicemail, and fax functions. Voicemails can either be listened to through an audio play back or recorded as emails sent into the relevant inbox. Faxes are recorded as digital files and can be stored in an inbox and forwarded on as required.

These VoIP services allow for incredible communication solutions. Increased communication capabilities of a higher quality which have far lower operation costs and tariffs have the ability to transform a business into a powerful force. Efficiency and client satisfaction can be increased by businesses using hosted VoIP services.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Great Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems

Great Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems
Telephone networks work by connecting over a primary public network, which is called the public switched telephone network or PSTN. The PSTN extends worldwide and consists of regular telephone lines, fiber-optic cables, undersea communications lines and other connections. Through telephone exchanges, which actually provide the connection between one phone and another, this network enables any two phones in the world to access each other provided their owners can dial the right numbers.

Businesses that have a large number of customers and/or clients communicating with them on a daily basis need effective communication strategies to handle this large volume of voice traffic. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has become very popular because communication can now be handled almost entirely over an Internet connection, eliminating the need for two separate lines, which saves money. Even this does not properly handle the number of incoming calls, however, because they still need to be transferred and connected properly.

Currently the most popular solution is to use a hosted private branch exchange or hosted PBX. A PBX works exactly like an exchange on the PSTN except it handles both incoming calls and internal calls. Thus, PBXs facilitate effective communication both within and without a regular business structure. Handling massive volumes of telephony traffic is now made simple and easy.

In the old days, telephone exchanges used human operators to manually connect calls using wires and ports. Today, the work of switching is done automatically using digital electronics. The need for human operators has now been changed from manually switching calls to maintaining and repairing the digital software and computer hardware that now does the work of switching. There is still a need for human operators in most businesses because of calls that are sensitive or who simply need human reasoning and interpretation.

Within the world of PBXs, there are several types of exchanges that can be used. Of these, the most popular is to have hosted PBX services hosted with another company. In other words, the business outsources their own exchange services. This affords a tremendous advantage because the business itself does not have to maintain a physical system on location. A computerized hosted PBX system offers many advantages to the company, including:

- The ability to combine individual calls into one conference call and split up a conference call into individual calls

- Automatic voicemail systems that allow users to reject incoming calls and send them directly to voicemail, notify users via email message when new voicemail messages appear, etc.

The exchange can also handle an overload of calls by simply placing excess calls on hold and re-routing incoming calls to many different automatic voicemail answering machines for users who are busy or simply not available. Hosted PBX services give businesses all the resources they need to be successful, while minimizing the impact of high call volume on busy days. Hosted PBXs provide their clients with everything they need to keep their customers happy, which is the most important part of doing business.Jen Silva is a writer and specialist of small business resources and solutions on topics such as Virtual PBX. Please visit for more info on Virtual PBX.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Home Generator Systems

Home Generator Systems

A home generator can be very efficient in emergency situations or any time when you lose power to your home. When the power in your area or main source of power goes out a home generator system will keep your power up and running. Power outages can be caused by inclement weather, natural disasters or if a power line goes down for any other reason. When power goes out it can take hours or sometimes a couple of days to get it running again. Instead of losing power during this time your could maintain power with a home generator system.


A home generator offers many benefits to the user. When your home loses power for whatever reason, the generator will automatically and carefully turn on and provide your home the electricity for important things such as air conditioning, lights, and anything else you might need. This can be very beneficial in emergency situations. One of the great things about modern generators is that they are designed to automatically turn on when power is lost. This keeps you from having to stumble around in the dark or leave your family in an emergency situation. With such advances in technology you no longer have to stumble around in the dark looking for flashlights only to find that they have no batteries or worry about candles which could lead to fires. All of these unnecessary things are not only dangerous but are a risk to your safety. A generator could mean safety for your family in an event that power goes out.


Generators are not only a safety feature but they are also relatively inexpensive. Don't wait hours or even days to have power restored to your home and instead opt for a generator to keep your family safe and comfortable. In the event that your home loses power there are many benefits or having a generator. If your home loses power, you may not be able to heat or cool your home leaving your house and family exposed to whatever temperature it is outside, this can be dangerous in extreme temperatures. In addition to regulating temperature you will also be able to run lights which can keep your family safe and comfortable in any situation. There are many good reasons to consider a home generator system for your home. In the event of power loss of an emergency situation you want to know that your family is safe and comfortable.

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Home Generators Raleigh

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Oki Digital Printing System Release Conference Held In Beijing-oki, Digital Printing Systems -

Oki Digital Printing System Release Conference Held In Beijing-oki, Digital Printing Systems -
Co., Ltd. Chairman Dongrun Koizumi HC printing network Recently, the world's leading provider of commercial printing solutions company work its China region OKI Proxy Taihe Group co-organized "OKI Digital Printing Systems conference, "Chang Fu Gong Hotel in Beijing come to an end. Organizers OKI Oki Commercial (Beijing) Ltd Dongrun Koizumi, Beijing Zhicheng Taihe pay digital office equipment Co., Ltd., the text, and the Beijing Institute of Graphic Vice Dr. Dean Pu Jialing, Printing Branch of China Printing Association, chairman of Lijia Lu rapid and other related leaders and guests attended the event.

The conference is the third OKI Printing center field for the text held in professional digital printing products and solutions to promote the Council received extensive attention in the industry, attracted participants from all levels of government agencies, military and large enterprises, printing and copying center More than 140 active involvement of the responsible person.

Meeting, OKI and Taihe company shows after printing from prepress to digital printing solutions package, which as the core of the digital printing systems product OKIC9800MFP become the biggest bright spot. C9800MFP is OKI A3, the company introduced a professional color MFP, color copy / print speed of 36ppm, black and white copy / print speed of 40ppm, 1200x1200dpi high physical resolution, image enhancement up to 4800dpi; stable, continuous high load operation, the output stability as one; high-speed color and competitive price advantage, either pre-or post-purchase costs and maintenance costs, are quite competitive in the industry. India to meet the body text

center output demand, C9800MFP built-in high-precision image processing and color Management (EFI), users can focus on more high-precision image processing and printing variable printing high-tech products, is ideal for Design Into a book file, notice, presentation, internal reference and other documents and bidding documents, sample pictures, brochures, invitations, greeting cards, certificates, personalized printed products, digital printing, variable information printing operation soon.

C9800MFP imaging using advanced LED technology, not only saving Environmental protection And in applications, LED technology, based on flat paper path into the flat leaving the print media almost no bending process, so C9800MFP paper capacity as high as 64-268gsm, while providing 1.2 meter long pieces of print, so that guests feel Application of digital printing more attractive experience.

Ministries from a printing plant manager Xue C9800MFP watched with interest the system, he said, "Before, we do not know OKI, OKI this meeting for our products and technologies on display impressed us. Digital Printing is a printing and copying center for every trend must face, we are now printing digital printing systems engineering in progress, OKIC9800MFP will serve as our first choice. "

Enthusiastic response for the meeting, OKI Dongrun Koizumi's chairman was not surprised, he expressed confidence in OKI's products, this confidence comes from leading technology and superior quality. "OKI is a professional Printer Manufacturers, it has been a 130 years of history, throughout the course of development OKI insist the management policy of continuous improvement, always 'allow customers to trust' as a business philosophy. Early, we have been a serious Taihe Group, market research, printing and copying center fully understand the development needs of digital printing, therefore, the meeting issued the digital printing systems must meet the customer needs the most. "

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Best Blogging Systems

Best Blogging Systems

I was originally turned on to writing a blog a few years ago by a great book that you can still buy from Amazon called Who Let the Blogs Out? by the inventor of, Biz Stone - a name that is noticeably big in Twitter - he founded that as well! However, I was smitten and immediately created my first blog - coalface - and occasionally blogged.

The features looked great and I enjoyed passing comment and I definitely got a few calls and had a few chats about blogging. But as you will see, it did not really enthuse me...

This post is about the technology behind blogging rather than blogging techniques. It took another series of events for me to move on. The technology is nothing without the content but oddly, it was the technology that spurred me on to write better content and now my blogging is more enjoyable and I have more readers than ever before and I really think it was the technology that helped me. So this is a short journey on what helped me and I hope it helps others.

I really like Blogger, it is easy to use but I have been inspired to choose WordPress for a couple of reasons. I can host it - and all the software - on my own server. There are a lot of third party free and paid for updates, themes, plugins and all sorts of useful gizmos that I think would be really helpful in customizing the blog, whereas I feel rather limited to the varieties and services. I have tried Drupal and Joomla and I love them both too, although I have more sites out there in Joomla than Drupal.

In addition and for me, most importantly, as it sits on my own server (albeit like Joomla and Drupal), I can use a real domain, granted I can do that with But somehow, the very fact that there is a free ware version of WordPress somehow sets me free and I feel freshly invigorated in the world of blogging. WordPress is so much lighter than Joomla and Drupal, less clunky, more to my point.

I was nearly put off by what seemed to be bad press about WordPress 2.7 - and I took the plunge anyway and it was great. It turned out that there are al ot courses out there that included videos and screen shot of the previous versions. Version 2.7 it would appear was a major revolution in the ongoing development of WordPress and although I did experience a few teething problems, the latest bug fix upgrade has fixed all that - and that is the power of open source! I have become a fan of WordPress because I have already been able to edit the template and it still works. In minutes I was able to work out how to glue some other applications into the software and use it as the basis for a system to build more sites, and this is important, as at the current count I run just under 1000 and that does not include client and partner sites. I need to build more...

I would also be the first to admit that my designs are not the best in the world - I just do not have the time - and WordPress offers a wide variety of those too (like Joomla and Drupal). I found Joomla and Drupal both well supported, both SEO friendly, you really need to decide for yourself.

What did it for me was that WordPress started off as a Web 2.0 platform and whilst that may be true for Joomla, it does not seem to be the case for Drupal. So if it is between Joomla and WordPress, the difference to me was the homepage and features offered by WordPress rather than Joomla...

So in summary, I reckon that it is possible to take full advantage of the latest 2.7 versions of WordPress blogging software and modify it for a range of uses. Although some of my applications step away from traditional blogs but I am looking to include all the essential features that you find in them. I am also excited by the increasing array of widgets that I am using. These are quickly plugged into the WordPress framework and since the latest upgrade, easier to keep up to date. 

I am indeed impressed by the latest version of WordPress. The code has, apparently, been rewritten from the ground up and as a result there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of code required - all legacy code has been removed, leaving the emphasis on providing spaces for future code additions. To me it is its flexibility that makes WordPress the most powerful solution.

I am not saying that is not useful, it is just that WordPress is more flexible for me. My top tip has to be to go with the solution that is the most flexible - always! So if you follow this top tip, I hope you enjoy as I have done and further enjoy WordPress as soon as possible. As given the option I expect for new web and blog projects for the forseable to employ WordPress 2.7 in more projects - I am convinced, I am a convert.

Lets hope it all works out! It certainly seems like a good place to start and there does appear to be a lot of support for the new version...    

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