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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Add Mileage to Your Glider Swing

Add Mileage to Your Glider Swing

 A glider swing is like any other piece of furniture: it needs to be loved and looked after so that it will last, maybe even one day achieving the status of an heirloom. Well-kept furniture can be passed down with pride from one generation to the next. When it comes to maintenance, outdoor furniture is more time-consuming, and especially something with moving parts, like a glider swing. But as with any quality piece of furniture, the better built it is, the less work you will need to put into it. Here are a few tips for caring after your glider swing.

Be a Track Star

One thing that's unique to a glider swing and other glider chairs is their gliding track system, the operating mechanism that gives these seats mobility. A track that isn't oiled won't slide properly, and the gliding motion will be choppy, or even get locked and not be able to move at all. Depending on where you place the glider swing, you may need to oil the track more or less often, as rain and other weather conditions can more quickly wear away the coating.

Call me Rusty

One way in which glider swings are superior to porch swings is that with a glider swing you will never have to worry about rusty chains, which can be a hassle to repair. That's because gliders either operate on wooden swinging beams, or else on a fixed track base. That being said, however, rust is always a prevalent issue. Before you buy a glider, look to make sure that all metal hardware is rust-resistant. Most zinc hardware comes with rust-proof coatings that make it very durable. Remember to check all the different parts that might contain metal pieces, depending on how the glider swing is put together.

Getting Off Kilter

Some models of glider swing, especially the ones which more closely resemble porch swings with their free swinging bases, are prone to developing a wobble, or tilt. This uneven swinging can be a pain. To protect against wobbling, regularly tighten and replace all bolts and fasteners in the moving part as needed. More than just save you from the annoyance, you might even prevent an accident.

Wooden You Know It

Finally, in the end it's the wood that's the most visible part of the glider swing, and consequently the part that requires the most care. The wooden parts include not just the seat, but also the base, and often a frame, canopy and connecting beams. These all need to be looked after in the same way as you would care for any piece of patio furniture. As a natural occurrence of time and weather, wood is prone to cracking, splitting, warping and rotting. While some woods are naturally more durable than others, even the strongest of hardwoods will deteriorate given enough time. Splinters and cracks in the wood need to be sanded down as soon as they are noticed to avoid the problem spreading further.

The best way to care for a wooden glider swing is to avoid problems from the onset. To achieve this, use varnishes, oils, sealants and paints to coat the wood a few times each year. Not only will it protect the lumber from insects, rotting, cracking and more, but it will also seal in the beautiful coloration of the wood. Left unfinished, wood develops a marked gray sheen as a result of UV rays. 

Tonya Kerniva is an experienced research and free lance writing professional. She writes actively about Glider Swing and Porch Swings.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Swing Extremes: Impact Position

Swing Extremes: Impact Position

All good players have one position in the golf swing that's similar despite their very different-looking swings. This position is impact. Good players retain their wrist-cock through the hitting area so that their left wrist is bowed and the right wrist is flexed (for right-handed golfers), and both hands are slightly in front of the golf ball at the strike. This is often called a late hit or clubhead lag, and good players use both to create a tremendous amount of clubhead speed and power in their swings.


High-handicappers tend to do the opposite at impact. Instead of a late hit, they actually execute what's called an early release. They scoop the ball of the edge, because they lost too early at a low hysteresis. Rather than a bow to his left wrist and hit the ball in his hands early, they have a collapse of the left wrist and hands are behind the taylormade tour burner irons.


Therefore, they suffered huge losses power and direction, and the end of the section is very weak hit up. This problem is often to reach a better iron play ball than their forest, because the ball is kick-off, they can get hit with the scoop or a ball. In order to achieve better and more consistent ball solid drive, but it needs to break even on the left wrist early in the impact of the ball.To create a late hit, you must sequence the swing so that your hands, wrists and clubhead arrive at impact in the correct order. This is called sequencing.


First, check your left-hand grip (your right if you're left-handed) to make sure that the taylormade tour preferred irons handle is held primarily in the fingers as opposed to the palm. When you look down at your grip, you should see at least two knuckles on your left  hand at address. The V formed by the thumbs and forefingers on both hands should point to the right side of your face.


Second, as you swing back, allow your wrists to hinge naturally. To help create wrist hinge, imagine that there's a hole in the butt end of the club and the shaft is full of water. As you swing back, pour the water out of the shaft onto your right leg. The wrists should be fully hinged by the time the left arm becomes parallel to the ground. This backswing wrist hinge must be duplicated in the downswing.


Third, as you start down, feel as if you're leading with the butt end of the club. Try to maintain your wrist cocked as long as possible on the downswing before allowing the clubhead to whip through impact. Think of impact as a finish line to a race. Your left hand should come in first place, the right hand should come in second, and the clubhead should come in third. If you let the clubhead win the race, you'll fail to achieve the correct impact position.


Now, shift your lower body weight and hands toward your target. Your hips should be slightly open, your left wrist should be flat and there should be some angle in the back of your right wrist. The capital Y formed by your arms and titleist cb 710 forged irons at address should now resemble a lowercase y. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat. Next, make a full swing, focusing on creating the lowercase y at contact. With a little practice, your shots will become straighter and more powerful.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Step By Step Golf Swing Position

Step By Step Golf Swing Position

Powerful golf swing is from the right shot stations. If the body feels constrained or difficult to maintain a balance, there is no way to swing at maximum speed, not to mention a solid ball.



Good golf swing position to master and its purpose is twofold - comfortable, balanced. Ease means that the arms can stretch and swing, to the greatest centrifugal force.


Hands do not grip the golf clubs at knees slightly bent, upper body to lean forward from the hips until your arms to hang down naturally, and his hands in front of the thigh about 5 inches (1.3 cm) respectively. The forward's standing as the arms swing freely available space.



Deliberately keep the body posture will prevent the effects of leverage, and this effect is necessary for a strong swing. Therefore, pay attention to the distribution of body weight between the heel and toe in the middle position.


By side with the height and length mirror to check the position: point of view from the side, toes, knees and shoulders should be at the ball in the preparation of a straight line. This position is to ensure that the appropriate angle of upper body forward, both for the arms hanging naturally provide enough space, but not so over-forward. Thus, when stretching your arms swing and Crazy For Golf, the body can maintain a stable stand.



The following are prepared to hit the ball test whether a simple way to maintain a balance. Hand taylormade2009burnerdriver usually hit the golf ball at starting position gracefully, and let a friend from behind a push, if the body well balanced, you will not stumble forward; if you have to move forward, then the focus excessively on toes. At this point the golf ball should move stations and a number of stands upright, and then again try to make friends from behind a push to see results.


Have a good position can make golf players have good golf swing, or it is called the powerful golf swing, no matter what your golf clubs like, good golf swing position is a step for better swing.

Have a good position can make golf players have good golf swing, or it is called the powerful golf swing, no matter what your golf clubs like, good golf swing position is a step for better swing.

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