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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How To Subscribe To An iPod iTunes-RSS PODCast Feed

How To Subscribe To An iPod iTunes-RSS PODCast Feed

Maybe you have got seen a very little orange brand for RSS, Atom, or XML feeds for newsreaders. Don't know what a newsreader is? That is another story! There are totally different versions of the emblem out there, so simply do a pursuit on PODCast feeds or try Apple's iTunes website. You'll be able to probably use these PODCast feeds with iTunes and your iPod? There is another one especially for PODCasts that is labeled "RSS PODCast". It is "fer positive fer sure" an RSS PODCast feed, but the others could also be feeds for audio or video into an iPod? If you "subscribe" to at least one of these feeds using iTunes, your iPod will be automatically updated through iTunes whenever a brand new "episode" or "program" is available. An "episode" or "program" is a new video or audio file that becomes accessible at no matter amount the publisher of the feed decides. So a way to you do it you ask?

Well I'm glad you asked! I am using the Windows version of iTunes, but most of this could apply no matter the platform or version. Start iTunes as you usually do. From the menu, click Advanced that can open a drop-down menu showing a lot of options. From this drop-down menu, selected Subscribe to PODCast. A window can open where you can enter a PODCast URL (this is often like the trail you enter in your browser). If you haven't already found one, use the techniques I discussed within the previous paragraph. Just copy it and paste into the windows. Then click the OK button. Before we tend to continue, note that iTunes features a column labeled Supply and one of the items under that column is labeled PODCasts. Your read has been changed to the present PODcast window showing the new PODCast subscription you just entered. And this read is where you'll come back at any time after you start iTunes to read your subscribed PODCasts, hear them, or delete them.

When your subscription is retrieved it is listed on the PODCast view. In Windows iTunes you can right-click this to display properties and choices like CLEAR which is iTunes for delete. This view additionally contains icons on the road with the RSS subscription that you can click for info concerning the PODCast. The primary icon is a right-pointing-triangle that when clicked exposes the whole set of programs in the subscription. The instance I gave you includes a few. Offer it a try. The next icon could be a right-pointing-arrow inside a circle that can take you to the subscription website. The miscroscopic "i" inside a circle when clicked will show you iformation about the subscription or program.

My version of iTunes retrieves the first program that I will play by double-clicking. If I wish to play different programs I click the GET button to download the program and then double-click to play.

You'll be able to control how often iTunes checks for updates to the feed, what to do when new programs or episodes are offered, or that programs or episodes to repeat to your iPod by clicking on the SETTINGS button below the PODCast read window. This brings up a windows with a PODCasts tab. Create your required choices and oh, yet one more issue ... ENJOY!!!

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