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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Popular and Unpopular Style Sheet Languages

Popular and Unpopular Style Sheet Languages
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is one of the most recognized languages used for styling a website. It is also known in the industry as "tableless web design" for it is one of the few styling languages which gave designers and developers simplicity in web designing, allowing them to focus more on designing rather than coding.

However, a number of styling languages were also introduced and in the past even before CSS was developed, while others were founded to compete with CSS or to improve its simplicity. Here are some of the most recognized styling languages used in the past and in today's modern web development trends.

Both type of styling languages were introduced at the time when tableless web design was in-demand. DSSSL or Document Style Semantics and Specification Language and FOSI or Formatting Output Specification Instance are types of styling languages which was developed for use in SGML or Standard Generalized Markup Language and was later used for XML.

In parallel with the move from SGML to XML, the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is gradually replacing DSSSL. However, many of the concepts used in XSL originated with DSSSL, while XSL have also used the same approach used by FOSI.

According to many web design Philippines experts, DSSSL was accepted as a standard in style sheet languages, similar to CSS, but because of its complexity for the World Wide Web, the World Wide Web Consortium thought about creating a DSSSL-Lite. As for FOSI, it was never accepted as a standard in web designing.

XSL or Extensible Stylesheet Language, is a term widely known in the market today as a family of languages used to transform and render XML documents. These include:
XSL Transformations (XSLT) – An XML language mostly used for transforming XML documents.
XSL Formating Objects (XSL-FO) – An XML language for specifying the visual formatting of an XML document

According to many web design Philippines experts, XSL is more powerful compared to the use of CSS in a number of instances, particularly with the combination of XSLT and XSL-FO.  This is because XSLT is a Turing complete language, while CSS is not; this demonstrates a degree of power and flexibility not found in CSS, while XSL-FO is unlike CSS in that the XSL-FO document stands alone. This is the reason why XSL is also accepted as a standard in web designing.

However, the complexity of XSL, particularly XSL-FO, makes it complicated for web designers to design a website. According to many web design Philippines experts, CSS implementations in web browsers are still not entirely compatible with one another and it is much simpler to write a CSS processor than an FO processor.

Other Style Sheet Languages

JavaScript Style Sheets (JSSS) was a stylesheet language technology proposed by Netscape Communications Corporation in 1996 to provide facilities for defining the presentation of webpages. It was founded to compete with CSS technology although JSSS itself was never accepted as a formal standard and it never gained much acceptance in the market. It now remains little more than a historical footnote, with many Web developers not even being aware of its existence. The proposed standard was not finished.

Sass or Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets was designed as a meta-language on top of CSS, and is meant to abstract CSS code and create simpler stylesheet files. After its initial versions, its founders have continued to extend Sass with SassScript, a simple scripting language used in Sass files.Visit for more info.


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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Carriage Clocks Create Style

Carriage Clocks Create Style

Most homeowners want their home to have a feel that is uniquely their own. They want it to reflect their personality and style, and at the same time be comfortable and functional.

No one wants to live in a 'museum', where you can't touch anything for fear of damaging it! It takes time to create the atmosphere you are looking for, but careful choices will create that space that is 'You'.

One choice that you make is the type of clock you have in your home. If your decor is contemporary, you may choose digital clocks, or clocks with modern style frames or cases.

For the more traditionally themed home, a popular choice is carriage clocks. These timeless clocks are  excellent as a focal point or centerpiece of a room.

Some of you want authentic antique carriage clocks, and they can be found in antique stores, and maybe even pawn shops. Or, perhaps there is one that has been passed down in your family...that adds an even greater value to your clock.

Another choice is to find a reproduction. There are many quality antique style clocks or antique reproduction clocks available on the market today. With a wide variety to choose from, be sure to take the time to choose the clock that fits your style.

There really is a certain magnetism that a carriage clock brings with it. These magnificent little clocks will certainly catch the eye of all your visitors. Not only that, but when the clock chimes out the hour, your guests will be charmed!

One of the common places to display your carriage clock is on the mantel above your fireplace, or perhaps on a bookshelf or a table. No matter where you place your carriage clock, it will have an impact on the room that will be noticed by all.

The style, quality, and craftsmanship that go into carriage clocks is a rare, hard to find characteristic in today's modern clocks. It is these very characteristics that will stand the test of time. This is the type of clock that will become an heirloom to last a lifetime.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Original Penguin - Euro-chic Style With A Fresh Fifties Twist

Original Penguin - Euro-chic Style With A Fresh Fifties Twist
Care to take a page from the books of style icons, such as Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. The fresh from the fifties looks of Original Penguin have been embraced by Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Adam Brody as well as by famous athletes, especially golfers, like Arnold Palmer and Aaron Baddeley. The Penguin look started in 1955. It was established by the Munsinger company. Originally purveyors of underwear and military wear, a Munsinger salesman brought along the idea of a penguin trademark for golf shirts manufactured by the company. With innovations such as underarm gussets and moving a pocket out of the way of the golf swing movement, the Penguin golf shirt became so popular that the company started manufacturing bowling shirts and then other clothing.

Jeans, button-down shirts, polos, t-shirts, jackets, and scarves are just some of the popular and timeless fashion items adored by stars, athletes, and fashion-forward people worldwide. Plaids aren't just for lumberjacks and farmers anymore. The trendy colours of plaids, prints, and solids merge with the lines of the fifties and sixties that have defined style for more than fifty years. In today's Original Penguin, men, women, and children can look as cool as trendsetters like Clint Eastwood and Dean Martin did back in the day.

The Original Penguin brand was purchased by and is marketed by Perry Ellis. The brand has two clothing lines: Original Label and Black Label. The men's only Black Label is more golf-inspired in nature. The idea for the penguin as a brand is said to have come about while Abbot Pederson was on a business trip to New York. The head was torn off a stuffed penguin. A stewardess wrapped a tie around the penguin's neck and commented on how dapper he looked. The penguin's new look would be immortalized on clothing of all kinds around the world.

The modern rat pack look creates a clean and hip look for adults and kids. Characterized by layering different Original Penguin pieces, this look is being picked up by stars of stage, screen, music, and sports. The trendsetters embracing this Penguin iconic fashion sense are making it appeal to multiple generations globally. Stand-out clothing items are fantastic for gifts or to create your own unique look. Get a swingin' look for city nightlife, work, school, or play with Penguin's original style. This Euro-chic style is perfect for almost all occasions.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Add Your Style In Your Garage Doors

Add Your Style In Your Garage Doors
Garage doors are not just to protect your vehicles inside the garage. Garage doors play many roles for your house. It act as security and a place to keep your car dry, they also add value to the overall look of your home. Finding a right garage door for your home is much easier these days and there are many options available for you to choose the different materials available, which include wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and even fiberglass.

With so many options available for choosing your choice of material for garage doors is an aesthetic option and a great way to get a custom looking garage door for you. These garage doors are much lower in prices and getting a custom looking garage door at such prices is the best option for anyone.

Here we are going to discuss more about the various material options available for garage doors and there pros and cons.

Usually you will notice a number of homes with wood garage doors around. Wood highlights the style of many homes because of the natural beauty and you can carve various designs on it of your choice.
However, wood garage door requires more maintenance, though, than doors made from other materials.

Doors made out of wood require additional care to stop weathering and moisture damage. This further leads to flabby and go out of shape and you have to keep a check on the doors regularly and paint or seal them whenever is required. You can ask for some professional services to do these routine services job for you in every two to three years time.
Especially, wood doors require regular checking and maintenance in wet weather climates to keep them moisture free.

Vinyl is an outstanding option as it mostly comes with a lifetime limited warranty which defends against denting, rusting, peeling, cracking or sagging. This is a cost effective option and fits in everyones budget.
The best benefit of these doors are that they require less maintenance and you can easily wash it sometime to keep it clean and to maintain its look. Vinyl garage doors are usually lasts for several years and it is the best choice in extreme weather climates. These doors can be purchased in many different designs and colors, as well as with other options, such as windows or detailed, wood-grain patterns.

However, will all these awesome and long lasting features there is one drawback of these garage doors and that is limited style and design options in it. You cannot find many designs in these garage doors.

Aluminum is strong material for making garage doors and the best thing about this material is the strength with lightweight. Aluminum garage doors requires little maintenance and usually do not crack or fade. You can also add insulation to these doors and with this they become more energy efficient. As aluminum is a cheap material so you can save many dollars by choosing these doors. Though it is a lightweight material so you can easily use it for framing glass garage doors and this is the best way to give your homes contemporary and stylish look.

Steel is the strongest alternative for your garage door. You can also add more style to your home by using steel for your garage doors like you can emboss it with wood grain designs. Steel usually do not require much of maintenance as these doors do not crack or decay and you can even purchase vinyl-clad steel which is rust free. These can also be insulated with polystyrene foam to maintain energy cost.

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