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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Generate Multiple Income Streams Online

Generate Multiple Income Streams Online

I would like to welcome you and quickly get started to discuss how you can generate multiple streams of profit online using a few simple techniques...

So, let's get going!

We are asked on a weekly basis the same question... this question proves to be fundamental to online profits and success...

People usually start with asking something like:

"I've been following you and Ken and seen your blog posts and reviewed some of you training information, it's really interesting but how does it all come together?"

"Is there a basic flow or some piece of info that will teach me how all this stuff works together to create a simple business system I can model and generate multiple profit streams ourselves?"

The answer is yes.

Putting that information to good use will allow you to see the 'big picture' of what we're teaching you how to do. Understanding the 'big picture' allows you to be more creative and the individual steps become easier to do, since you'll know what 'process' you're building that will deliver long term consistent results while adding more programs or affiliates to create multiple profit streams.

It will break down the basic fundamentals of Internet Marketing:

1. Building a List
2. Building a Relationship with your List
3. Marketing To Your List

And it takes some very basic tools:

1. YOU - the information you acquire from courses and emails you read that help you then have valuable content to share with others in the areas of: Personal Development, Internet Marketing, Social Networking.

2. Your Lead Capture Page - so you can build a list that YOU own and can communicate with people as long as you wish.

3. Email Autoresponder - Mandatory tool for the internet marketer. This is where 99% of our sales and your sales will be generated. It's where and how you build a relationship with your list. An autopilot email autoresponder to send out email follow ups to your leads for the rest of time.

4. My Story Page - Build relationships fast using automation and social networking tools. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. These sites are free and allow you to have a space to refer your new list to get to know you. You can now use these same places to actually find others and build your list for free. We show you how to do that step by step.

5. Business Site - To monetize this activity you'll need to set up some kind of business program to generate profits. We teach people to start with 'no-brainer' programs that allow you to monetize the broadest market possible to start.

6. Multiple Income Streams - Built on autopilot by simple invitations from your email autoresponder, you have an army of valuable resources, training products, tools and traffic services to offer the people on your list on autopilot. This is called "Affiliate Marketing" and it's how you generate an endless array of income streams from building ONE system. I'd begin with this one:

That's it in a nutshell. It's pretty simple actually and it's an organized SYSTEMATIC way to use the internet to generate the kind of money that will allow you a variety of options in life.

In our training, we'll break it down step by step and show you how simple this is. The time and effort comes in the beginning as you set up the pieces to this puzzle. But you build it ONCE.

Then you simply focus on driving traffic, which we get into in our future training...

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more.

All the best success,

Kathy and Ken

Kathy and Ken Kelly are professional internet marketers and Baby Boomers. After years in corporate America and real estate sales and development she and her husband Ken took the plunge into the online world of a home based business. They enjoy working and sharing their journey into this business arena with other Baby Boomers looking to reinvent themselves. They are offering Free Training on Social Media and Viral List well as a 7 Day FREE Internet Marketing Bootcamp with lots of tips and ideas to help you grow your online business...check out their blog and where you can grab this offer and also for more information and tips...

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