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Sunday, July 30, 2017

B2b Telemarketing Still Delivers High Quality Results In The Current Climate

B2b Telemarketing Still Delivers High Quality Results In The Current Climate
The United Kingdom has been one of the many first world countries that outsource lead generation services with the use of telemarketing to an offshore partner. Many companies in UK strongly asserted that no other direct marketing tool can deliver results in a fast-paced and accuracy-filled process as good as telesales. Even the highly praised online marketing has been hailed only for its cheaper costs and reach capability. Other than that, there is not a thing that it is better than business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing in UK.

So, why do British firms put their trust on telemarketing? Actually, there is a constellation of reasons why. To name some, the list below enumerates them.

Combination play in generating sales leads. B2B telemarketing works best with a combination of other direct marketing tools, like email and direct mail. A combo of techniques produces better results than solely depending on one strategy.

Scouting for big opportunities. For the business organisations in the Great Britain, the best thing about telesales is that, it gathers a pool of big opportunities that may be lost if a lame technique is employed. Through the specialised pre-qualification process, telemarketing segregates prospects from those that exhibit the BANT (budget, authority, need and time) attributes to those that do not. After the extraction, the focus is centred to qualified sales leads.

Direct conversation. Aside from its reach capacity, telesales allows prospects to respond in real-time. This live conversation allows the telemarketers to easily search for companies that are interested in doing business to the former's clients. Furthermore, the agents can directly know what goods and/or services do the prospects use and need. This kind of information may be used to analyse current market trends and consumer behaviour.

Qualification of prospects. As opposed to other direct marketing mediums, it is only through telemarketing that qualification happens after a prospect is identified. Meaning to say, potential buyers are immediately screened to verify whether they possess the attributes of a qualified sales lead from a pre-determined criteria.

Engaging with the decision makers. Unlike business-to-customer lead generation, B2B telemarketing permits professional telemarketers to talk with the decision-makers of a particular business entity. Reaching these people directly leads to decreased miscommunication and prospects can become sales in an easier fashion.

Enhance internal efficiency. The risk of failure is higher if a British company does telemarketing duties than outsourcing it. It is expected to be that way because doing something that is not within the field of expertise begets poor results. On the other hand, contracting a third party service provider uplifts internal efficiency, and overall effort is directed towards the core functions of a company.

Build a strong brand. From a list of a thousand prospects, not all will show the qualities of a good lead. The positive note on this is that, telemarketers aid in building a strong brand for a clientele. Many prospects may not be potential buyers as of the present time, but their knowledge of the products of a certain firm in UK helps create popularity.

International expansion. For business organisations planning to expand their operations outside Great Britain, telemarketing serves as the most appropriate device to use. The reasons are already enumerated on the preceding items.

If the distance of a lead generation is lightyears away, then firms in the United Kingdom have to prepare a space shuttle that will be able to reach such objective. Among the many models to choose from, they ought to select B2B telemarketing as the fuel that will power the entire program.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Backlinks Are Still the Major Website Traffic Stream

Backlinks Are Still the Major Website Traffic Stream

Let's start with this experiment.  Go to Google, Yahoo or MSN and type "get it here" in the search box. Note the results on the first result pages and try to deduce why the results came out what they are!

Being on the first page of results on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN for certain keywords is the purpose of every search engine optimization project. Being at the first page, will bring free organic traffic and of course more business and value to the website.  When optimizing for search engines, most optimizers concentrate on optimizing the website itself by enhancing titles, keywords, descriptions, image alts, page text and other factors that with no doubt are very important for any search engine optimization project. However, I noticed that webmasters get lazy when it comes to the most important factor that brings websites to the top of the search engine results.

At the time of writing this article, both Google and Yahoo returned in the first position for the "get it here" keyword. MSN returned the Adobe flash player page. The least amount of results was 354,000,000 search results.

When you go to either the adobe flash player page or the quick time player page and take notes from a search engine optimization prospective; "get it here" is not in the domain name, not in the title of the page, not in the keywords, not in the meta description, not in any alt of the images nor anywhere else in the pages text or html source code! Further, you can bet that you will get the same notes if you looked at all the web pages on the first result pages of Google, Yahoo or MSN.  The question is: how did these pages get to rank high in search engines in such a way in spite the fact that they are irrelevant and not optimized for that specific keyword?

The domain name, title, meta description, keywords, image alts and page text are all important seo factors but they are obviously not the answer. The major search engine optimization factor is backlinks.

Optimizing your website's elements such as the keywords and your page texts is just the beginning. Those elements are important but they should only be considered as a preparation phase. The real work starts right after finishing this phase.

Adobe flash player and quick time is used by millions of users. You probably have encountered something similar to this sentence "This page requires flash player. If you do not have flash player installed get it here". The "get it here" is a backlink to the flash player page. Millions of websites have a link to the Adobe flash player page with "get it here" for the text of the link and with no doubts that's why adobe flash player is number one for the "get it here" keyword.

An important thing to notice here is that the benefit of having backlinks to a site is not only by bringing the website to the top of search engine results. A backlink also brings even more website traffic from clicks on that link. If you have paid for a pay per click marketing campaign, then you know how much a click is worth! Millions of users click the "get it here" link and go to the Adobe and QuickTime website at no cost to either! You do the math!

Backlinks are with no doubt your primary source of website traffic. Backlinks bring you to the top of search engine results. Backlinks establishes your website popularity. Traffic to your website is the value of your website, backlinks are what creates traffic and therefore, building backlinks should be on the top of your marketing campaign priorities to maximize the traffic and value of your website.

Backlinks are simply the links that you get to your website from other websites. If you do not have sufficient amount of links pointing to your website, you will keep striving and paying money to get a small portion of traffic that probably will not cover your expenses nor will it be worth the time you spend using other search engine optimization methods such as optimizing your website content. Even if you have the best website with the best content, if you do not have backlinks, you will not have any significant website traffic.

By: Hassan Sayed
Webmaster at a place for webmasters to find everything needed for a website. offers lots of website resources and tools and a complete webmaster resources directory Also offers, web design, website hosting, professional website templates, web directory, article directory webmaster resources and tools.

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Why Postcards Are Still Effective Marketing Tools in a Digital World

Why Postcards Are Still Effective Marketing Tools in a Digital World

These days, everyone has gone digital. Websites, emails, texting, and phones and computers that allow you to connect to it all. If your business is part of the online network, you might feel like advertising through the "snail mail" is a waste of time. However, it might be a better investment than you think.

Why Email Doesn't Work

If you are already online, you might think that just emailing your customers is a better investment. After all, it costs next to nothing to send an email, whereas postcards, although cheaper than other advertising methods, still cost at least the price of the postage. However, take a moment to think about email:

• People can get hundreds of emails a day. Stop and think about how many emails you receive during the average workweek. Some people can receive hundreds of emails a week or even daily. This can make it hard for your email to stand out from the others. On the other hand, when is the last time that you received a postcard?

• Email has spam blockers. Most computer-savvy consumers will have some sort of spam blocker or other protection on their email account. While you could be sending them the emails, they may not even receive them. Instead, the email could be getting funneled to a junk mail folder and quietly deleted. With postcards, at least there is the time it takes for the person to walk from the mailbox to the trashcan/recycle bin for you to make a first impression.

However, don't give up on email entirely. Keep in mind that not everything can be explained on the back of a postcard, so you can use the postcard to encourage people to subscribe to email newsletters or visit your website for more information.

Crunching the Numbers

One great advantage about postcards is that they are so inexpensive and yet can generate you multiple sales. First class postage is less than $ 0.30 per postcard. Printing can be even less than that, especially if you buy in bulk. If you spend $ 0.50 on each postcard, including the postage, to send out to 500 customers, you would only spend $ 250! Depending on your products or services, you could make this back with just one or two sales! This means that you can cost effectively market your business on a regular basis.

How to Get Started

Getting started with postcards is easy to do and likely will not cost you any more time than any web-based advertising. To get started:

1. Get your addresses together. This can include mailing lists from current client lists, purchased sales list, personal contacts, and more.
2. Create a winning design and message and/or contact a printer to assist you with creating a fantastic design and message.

3. Address and mail out the postcards. You may consider having the addresses preprinted on the cards to save time, or have address labels made to make it easier for you.

4. Determine your results. You should see your postcards bring in at least four times as much money as it costs to send them. If they aren't, then you need to rethink your strategy.

5. Repeat. Keep sending the postcards out. A client who wasn't interested in your services today may be interested in the future.

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