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Sunday, August 13, 2017

WordPress Step by Step Install

WordPress Step by Step Install

This is a step by step simplified and detailed instruction for WordPress installation. This is for which requires that you upload WordPress to your own hosting account. which is similar is hosted by WordPress for free but many feel that the freedom to blog under a domain name that you own is better in the end. So to have a blog you will need:

A domain name.
A hosting account.

Pick a domain name that suits the content of your proposed blog and change the nameservers to those supplied by your hosting provider. I will lay out simplified instructions for changing the DNS settings later. So you have your domain name pointed to your hosting. Let's get started. These instructions are laid out as per a HostGator hosting account which uses a cPanel. I am sure that these instructions will suffice for other major hosting providers. But as I said this is exactly how it works with Host Gator
If the domain name you opened your hosting account with is also the domain name you choose to use for your WordPress blog skip to number 1 below. If you are using an add on (different) domain name for your WordPress installation continue on to number 2.
Log into your hosting account and scroll down to domains.
Click on add on domains.
Type or paste the domain name into the "New Domain Name" box.
Move to password and type in your chosen password.
Type password in again.
Click add domain.

The domain is now installed on your hosting and you are ready to install your WordPress.
In the control panel of your hosting scroll down to Software and Services which is just below the Domain section.
Click on Fantastico DeLux which is the blue smiley face icon.
In the left hand menu click WordPress.
Click on new install.
From the drop down menu "Install on Domain" pick the domain name you wish to install WordPress on.
Leave install directory blank.
Administrator name and password are the name and password you will use to log into your blog control panel so make sure you remember them.
Site name is the name that will appear in the header of your blog.
Description will appear under the name of your blog.
Both name and description can be altered at a later date from your blog control panel if you so desire.
Click install WordPress and you are finished.

If your domain name has propagated then you should be live right now. Note that sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for a domain name to propagate. Propagate is a techie term for your domain name migrating from one set on DNS to another. How do I change my DNS settings? This instruction is for the Go Daddy control panel. Go Daddy is the largest domain name registrar and so most people use it. I'm sure these instructions will get you through any domain registrar control panel.
Log into your Go Daddy control panel.
Rest the cursor over domains on the right of the top menu.
On the drop down menu click the "my domains" tab.
Find the domain name you wish to change the settings on.
Click the box in front of it and the top menu will light up.
Click nameservers from the top menu.
Put the dot in custom nameservers
In your HostGator control panel at the bottom of the left hand menu you will find your hosting nameservers, it will be something like "" and "". Copy and paste them into nameserver 1 and nameserver 2 in your Go Daddy set nameservers page.
Press OK and then OK again.

A further note WordPress plugins are uploaded to your WordPress Blog control panel. However WordPress themes are uploaded to your hosting control panel into the Themes folder for the domain name that your WordPress blog is loaded on.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Step By Step Golf Swing Position

Step By Step Golf Swing Position

Powerful golf swing is from the right shot stations. If the body feels constrained or difficult to maintain a balance, there is no way to swing at maximum speed, not to mention a solid ball.



Good golf swing position to master and its purpose is twofold - comfortable, balanced. Ease means that the arms can stretch and swing, to the greatest centrifugal force.


Hands do not grip the golf clubs at knees slightly bent, upper body to lean forward from the hips until your arms to hang down naturally, and his hands in front of the thigh about 5 inches (1.3 cm) respectively. The forward's standing as the arms swing freely available space.



Deliberately keep the body posture will prevent the effects of leverage, and this effect is necessary for a strong swing. Therefore, pay attention to the distribution of body weight between the heel and toe in the middle position.


By side with the height and length mirror to check the position: point of view from the side, toes, knees and shoulders should be at the ball in the preparation of a straight line. This position is to ensure that the appropriate angle of upper body forward, both for the arms hanging naturally provide enough space, but not so over-forward. Thus, when stretching your arms swing and Crazy For Golf, the body can maintain a stable stand.



The following are prepared to hit the ball test whether a simple way to maintain a balance. Hand taylormade2009burnerdriver usually hit the golf ball at starting position gracefully, and let a friend from behind a push, if the body well balanced, you will not stumble forward; if you have to move forward, then the focus excessively on toes. At this point the golf ball should move stations and a number of stands upright, and then again try to make friends from behind a push to see results.


Have a good position can make golf players have good golf swing, or it is called the powerful golf swing, no matter what your golf clubs like, good golf swing position is a step for better swing.

Have a good position can make golf players have good golf swing, or it is called the powerful golf swing, no matter what your golf clubs like, good golf swing position is a step for better swing.

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