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Monday, October 23, 2017

World Heritage Sites In Spain

World Heritage Sites In Spain

Visiting Spain

Spain is definitely one country that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Spain has a wide range of monuments, museums, and other places with wonderful views to offer. These places are especially important for the tradition and the culture of Spain, but are also important for its history. A cultural holiday could be one of the most wonderful holiday ideas you have ever had. Yuso Monastery has been a World Heritage Site since 1997. The church is formed out of three naves. The jewel of the church is the 17th century altar. The Corinthian columns, the Plateresque pulpit, and the Greco-Roman choir form one of the most beautiful monasteries is Spain.

The Roman Forum, situated in Tarragona, is an outstanding example of the Roman heritage. It is different from other Roman constructions due to its rectangular square. One other amazing vestige of the Roman conquer are the City Walls in Lugo. They date back from the Classical Roman Period and once you get there, you can visit The Cathedral, The Roman baths, the Church of San Pedro, and the Roman Bridge.

Something That You Cant Miss

Once youve seen all that, you will be prepared for The Silk Exchange. This is the most important and beautiful example of Gothic civil architecture in Spain, which was built between 1482 and 1492. The ten years were enough to complete a work that is now a World Heritage Site. It resembles a medieval castle and contains four parts: The Tower, the Orange-tree Patio, the Room of Columns, and the Sea Consulate Room.

Your holiday must end by visiting La Sagrada Familia. The Church, built in the 19th century by following the plans of Antoni Gaudi, is the centre point of sightseeing monuments in Barcelona and in Spain. The construction is impressive with the number of bright decorations on the facades; decorations of great taste and inspiration that please the eye of the tourist.


Booking hotels can be a difficult thing to do in Spain. If you want a nice, relaxing holiday, choose villas for accommodation. Villas are all over the country; in every city, in every town, and in every village, so it wont be difficult to find one. They offer wonderful accommodation conditions. The owners can prepare for you the traditional dishes, and you will definitely have wonderful views from your room because all of these villas are situated in picturesque places - real paradises on earth. Is there anything else that you can ask from a holiday? I think not. So enjoy your staying!

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