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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Brand Soymilk Private

Brand Soymilk Private

That is the case the morning of September 13, my mother used


When do milk, found that home will jump up, and soybean milk fever was very powerful to jump 2 times charged, be put out milk made here to explain, the 9 Yang Soymilk make soy milk, until the last well , inside the motor are to be transferred to, or soy milk and the benefits it will all end up, in fact, in other words, we do milk, when the motor is good, but my mother felt terrible fever, certainly problem, called I sent Aftermarket


Under the Ministry of repair, so I will be sent to the nine machines the Department of Xuhui District, Shenyang Aftermarket Division, Department of Civil

Home Appliances

Maintenance stores, Address: 31, Lane 380 Tian Yao Qiao Road Tel :021-64488 ***.

Was sent in the past, when opened, and found a lot of water, at that time did not think about, we have built on the side.

Results on September 16 or 17, when staff members call each other, that the motor is broken, to receive 95 to change, I was no agreement, because, sent before the motor sure is good.

To Sept. 19 to get it back, take the time not too concerned about when the house lights are dark, they asked the other party, why is that my motor is bad, the other explanation: Generally that water and jumping power, the motor is bad. Oh, this interpretation idiot heard of them.

Got home, my mother discovered how such an old machine, surface grinding marks is very serious, we spent 5 months in home care with the things that are impossible to grind like this, and also the surface of the corner very thick putty. My mother washed five times, no wash, before you know Na Qu, do not wear track surface point, and now it looks like I definitely can not be created at a time when the maintenance is very simple, all the surface of the cylinder a wear scar, not the 1:30 Council will use them, and heating tube surface is also black, Hu substrate, each time we run out of clean washing machines, and can not have these things, so we conclude that not our machines, but the motor is bad.

9 20 the morning, I went to the official website, Soymilk Yang nine were


. Maintenance at the Department of Xuhui District claims


Give me up and asked me what the situation, I voiced again, the boss would not stop looking for me inside the holes, hoping to find the point mark, unfortunately not succeeded, attitudes Mody, just like I owe Like him, it is bad, and finally said, let me bring machines and invoices in the past.

Me and my mother and father went to the maintenance department, the owner, met, on that play ball, have said they did not question the implication that we are vexatious, has been reluctant to talk about Why such an old machine problems, and turn to say what the invoice how and how, wake later, the boss installed as sympathetic as we do that, I can help you repair, you want to say thank you to me. This is his exact words, I really do not know what the quality of such people in the end.

End result is to help us chose a motor, but is not recognized for our machines.

I just want to use two words to describe: wicked.

Boss classic quotes:

1. The world ah, what people have. (The phone told me, meaning that I am deliberately provocative)

2. Have you unhappy, and now I have a disagreement was. (This was asked impress us, when suddenly came a)

3. I can help you repair, you want to say thank you to me. (To the end, and give herself the next step)

Strongly condemned such acts. 9 Yang company as production side, also has the responsibility not to retreat.

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