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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Spanish Queen Sofia Cares for Panda Babies

Spanish Queen Sofia Cares for Panda Babies

The twin pandas were born on September 7 at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium. The cubs were conceived through artificial insemination in a joint effort by Spain’s National Research council and scientists from China. The Zoo Aquarium in Madrid is considered as one of the most important institutions because of its commitment to conservation. Recently, the Queen Sofia of Spain has visited the little cubs. The Queen seemed to be very interested in the daily care of this heart-breaking pandas. Although they still remain at the setter, the cubs are growing healthy and  receive the lovely care of their mother Hua Zui Ba, who is proving to be an excellent in the care of her cubs despite being a new mother. According the Zoo preservers, Queen Sofia could not hide her excitement and joy to have so close to these gentle animals.


Spanish Queen Sofia feeds milk to a baby panda at the Madrid Zoo & Aquarium on November 5, 2010.


Spanish Queen Sofia watches Chinese expert feeding milk to a baby panda at the Madrid Zoo.


The two pandas were born in Madrid on September 7


This is the first time pandas have been born in Spain since 1982, and only the third litter to be born in Europe.


Spanish Queen Sofia was interested in these two pandas. When she arrived to the care centre, the first question she asked the zoo preservers was that if she could take the cubs in her arms.


According to scientists, the birth of two pandas is a great achievement in the world because it refers to a species in serious danger of extinction.



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