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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Socially Optimize Your Internet MLM Business

Socially Optimize Your Internet MLM Business

That's right socially optimize your internet MLM business.

There has been a lot of emphasis lately on optimizing our MLM blogs and web pages using all kinds of SEO tactics and plug ins and all of these things are very vital.

But how are you at the personable and interaction side of things?

You may be able to drive tons of traffic to your sites but how do you handle it after it arrives?

I mean you have all these people coming to your house and what do you do?

Do you play the good host and allow them in for a wonderful time?

Or are you like a hermit who never even bothers to answer the door?

If your the latter I hate to say it but that's optimally stupid.

So let's look at some ways to optimize the social side of our internet MLM business and keep a houseful at all times.

My first recommendation would be...

Contribute Content As Well As Share Others Content Often.

This can be done in many ways.

The most obvious way of contributing would be through your MLM blog.

With updates on topics in whatever niche you are targeting or something of interest to you that you want to share whatever just do it regularly and be visible.

If you don't have a blog that's ok you can still "contribute".

If you come across a good website, news story or hey blog post. You can share it either by copying and pasting or with other applications you can add to your browser or that are already available on most blogs (Facebook like and share buttons, retweet etc.)

Tribes are also one of the best ways to promote your content and others by participating.

My tribe for example the MLM Magic Tribe on Facebook is a good place to contribute and share.

Everyone who participates there is great about promoting not only their content but others well and have or are developing a great presence on Facebook.

The trick is to be sociable, active and visible on whatever platform you are using so that people get familiar with you and come to trust and like you or at least respect your opinion.

Respond To Readers, Followers and Friends Consistently.

Nothing like a one sided conversation they suck!

Whatever social media you are using to promote your internet MLM business stay in touch with those your trying to reach!

Some people just aren't trying to be rude when they don't respond they are just not organized.

Well that's cool there's an app for that...somewhere.

For twitter I would advise tweetdeck you can organize tweets in columns that pertain to you instead of scrolling through hundreds on your homepage and trying to reply to them.

It also has new feature that allows you to schedule tweets for a later time or shoot a 30 second video right there from the interface.

With Facebook I would advise checking your updates (the little globe on the left) regularly or there is a plug in the Facebook Dashboard Widget if you have a blog and you can catch a lot of your activity from Facebook right in your dashboard.

And finally for YouTube I like Tube Toolbox it allows for a variety of things such as gathering users from a particular video or niche and putting them into groups so you can target your "invites" to people in your niche plus comment on videos and and check your inbox from the same application.

Well these are just a few selections I hope you have found them useful. Want to be the social media magnet you deserve to be click on the links below and lets get started.

Social media not your thing? Or want to learn how to put together an MLM blog? Learn how to use these tools and explode your internet MLM business plus get a free copy of article marketing secrets when you subscribe. Thanks for reading.
Steve Shoemaker