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Monday, December 4, 2017

How to create holiday slideshow

How to create holiday slideshow

This tutorial will introduce you the information of how to create birthday slideshow, you don't need professional computer experience, just follow the steps as below, you can create your own holiday slideshow as soon as possible!

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With Photo Flash Maker Platinum, you can create holiday slideshow with photos, music, FLV videos, text, transitions and effects, then output SWF flash file to save to your computer, upload to social websites like MySpace, Live Spaces, blog, etc., upload to our free web album Go2Album, or insert to your own website.

Now let's see how easy to create holiday slideshow by Photo Flash Maker Platium:

How to create holiday slideshow

It's very easy for you to use Photo Flash Maker Platinum to create slideshow. With only a few clicks, a professional and wonderful holiday slideshow will be made. Let's follow a few simple steps to create one!

Step 1. Add photos (add videos if you want to create video holiday slideshow) and choose transitions

Step 2. Choose template to display the holiday slideshow

Step 3. Publish the holiday slideshow

To upload holiday slideshow to Go2Album, select the second option and put in Go2Album ID and password, then the created slideshow will be included in your go2album account. Just tell your friends the URL of this album and share.

To upload to social websites, you just need to copy the code from the go2album album site, then paste into the desired place of the social websites.

To insert to your personal website, preview the video slideshow after publishing, then copy the code under the slideshow, paste it in anywhere of your HTML web page. After that, copy all produced files in the same folder with your HTML web page, and upload to web server.

Interested in creating holiday slideshow with Photo Flash Maker Platinum? Then  you can share with your friends and family of this hot holiday slideshow!

Photo Flash Maker( helps you to create photo flash slideshows with music, burn slideshows to gift CD/DVD, build dynamic photo flash gallery, and share photo flash in Go2Album, MySpace, Blogger, and many social websites.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Create a DVD Slideshow

How to Create a DVD Slideshow

What is a DVD Slideshow?

A DVD Slide Show is a display of a series of chosen images or videos. You can add several images, videos, sounds and apply your desired effects on them to make them look stunning when played on DVD. Creating a DVD Slide Show is very easy. All you need is a few images or videos and you are ready for your first dvd slideshow.

How to create a DVD Slideshow?

There is no experience necessary to create a DVD Slide Show. You can create a wonderful slideshows in minutes provided you have the best dvd slide show software with step by step design. If the software's interface itself is built step-by-step to create a dvd slideshow, how can you go wrong?

If you are creating the slideshow for the first time ever, you won't know what steps should be taken first. Just so you know, in first step, you need to add images or videos to the slide show. You need to click on "Add Photo/Video" button and add the images to slideshow. You can add upto 1024 images in a single slideshow!

Now suppose, you add fifty images to the slideshow, then you can apply different transition effect to each image. These transition effects are the key to make your slideshow look stunning. You can even edit the photos and adjust the speed of transition effect.

Once you are done with images and their effects, you need to create a Menu. You can choose from many readymade templates within the software itself and add background music to create a dvd slideshow with music. This menu will act as a DVD menu and will be visible to anyone who will play the DVD so you should really make this special.

Once you are done, you can preview the whole presentation before burning the DVD. If the preview is what you want, you can simply go ahead and burn the DVD otherwise go back and edit the settings to get what you want and then burn the DVD Slideshow.

Creating a DVD slidesohow is very easy provided you have the best dvd slideshow software which supports all features as described above.

Want to create your first DVD Slideshow with great ease? Why not tryout this DVD Slideshow Builder for free. This DVD Slideshow Software has everything you want!

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How to Create a Slideshow?

How to Create a Slideshow?
Have you got big box of photos in the back of the closet that's worth a million and at the same time next to nothing? If you can't share your photos easily, they seem to be not useful. You'll be surprised to find out that it's simple and inexpensive to turn your deteriorating images into an enjoyable work of art. Photo scanning services can digitize your photos for as little as a nickel apiece.

Get Artistic. Turn your scans into slideshows that you can view on a TV. You can purchase software like Pro Show Gold by Photodex and have a ball creating that masterpiece. It's easy, you basically just drag your images into a time line in the order you want, add text to the images if you desire to clarify what the photo is about, and then add your own music. Pretty simple! My favorite feature is the "Ken Burns" effect that allows you to zoom in or to different parts of the photo to bring life to your images. The built-in photo editor allows you to color correct, crop, or rotate your images right in the program. Your 3x5 snapshots will look good even on a widescreen TV.

If you need slideshow freeware you'll find it on the web. Different free services and software are suitable for different purposes. Some make it easy to create and upload your slideshow to social networking sites. Some are simply slideshow creation software. Spend some time exploring the features that are offered, and always download from a familiar site. Sites like Goggle Picassa, Extra Photo Slideshow Free, and Wildbit software can include music and photo editing capabilities. They may not allow you to show your slideshow on a TV.

You may want to think about placing your slideshow in a digital picture frame. Prices have come down on digital picture frames with some 14" frames selling for as little as $ 99. Some of the smaller frames now go for under $ 25. We expect this trend to continue. With memory card prices also hitting new lows you can afford to put your entire digital photo library on them. Lots of digital frames come with slideshow software installed, and some will play audio. So when your friends come over you can crawl into the back of that closet to dig out the box of gradually fading photos, or you can flip on that beautiful digital picture frame.

Look at some of the online slideshow hosting services. These can help keep friends and family from needing to download and store your slideshows. Sites like Picturetrail and Iwebphoto can make viewing your slideshow easier, especially if you have a lot of images, and allow you to edit, remove, and replace your items at will. Remember to add text to your images to help everyone understand what they are. And then go crazy with special effects. Have fun!

Make sure you choose a photo scanning service that scans at 300 dpi, and don't pay for more. See if you can find a service that includes automatic photo enhancement at a reasonable price. This can do wonders for some if not all of your images. And be sure to insist on a complete copy of the original scans that have not been rotated, enhanced, or manipulated in any way. Then always make a copy of your master scans to use for anything. Shop around, scanning costs can vary greatly.

Scanning photographs permanently protects them from destruction and loss. Once your images are stored on a DVD and sent to two or three different places you are assured of always being able to retrieve at least one copy. You can generate copies on your computer for the price of a blank DVD to share with your friends and family. Day to day loss of quality is no longer an issue. Your treasured memories are safe and sound.

Be sure to include your typical photographs in your slide show creations. Pete Fontaine invites you to learn more about photo scanning at his website

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Let Flash Slideshow add Zing to your Website

Let Flash Slideshow add Zing to your Website


For an online business, it is indispensable to have a promotional strategy that is highly marketable online. It has to be bankable too. In the modern times, what works best concerning online promotion is flash slideshow. This strategy has all the properties that you might need to create a niche for yourself and your website in the marketplace. You can opt for a slideshow creator that will help you create a commercially viable flash slideshow. There is no doubt that you'll achieve splendid success by putting such a technique to use. All you need is a little know how of the software, so that positive results deliver.


Gaining a basic understanding about the working of the software is not taxing at all. Once you gain this understanding you can bring a lot of variations in your flash slideshow. A good software comes with an easy-to-use interface, wherein you can get all the required information about its usage. By using a slideshow software, you can design flash banners for your website. You can also use the software in designing menu, introduction, and applying effects to text. A flash banner advertisement gives a distinctiveness to your website. And you can apply varied backgrounds, colors, images, music and animation effects. However, you could also choose to keep the background of the flash banner static. This also has its own charm! If you want to have a static background, then you can put transition and special effects to use. Special effects can be applied to the entire banner or to different elements of it.


As you use a flash slideshow maker, you'll come to know that you can use it for innumerable purposes. A complete editing kit gives you the freedom to edit, crop or rotate images. You can brighten your images or add contrast. You can plug interesting backgrounds and color schemes to your banner. Besides, you can apply effects like gradient, blur, shadow and many more. With text effects tool you can customize the size and color of the text. For a more interactive banner you can put callouts, clipart and captions. What is good about an adept software is the fact that it allows you to export your banner slideshows in formats like SWF and HTML which make it easier to upload online. If however, you don't want to design a banner on your own you can choose to pick ready made templates and customize them in accordance with your needs.



Anee Steven, an online market analyst and also a successful author. He has written various articles on various topics and this time around, he is writing article on creating websites, banner and slideshows using tools like flash intros, flash templates software, flash animation software, flash software etc.

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