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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Digital Signage - Useful Technology

Digital Signage - Useful Technology
All manner of industry and trade will and do use Digital signage to attract attention to themselves. Take the classic case of the retail industry for example. They founded in-store digital media networks that enable customers to induce exposure to targeted advertising, bit screen interface, product information programming, and so on.
This method is also very helpful in creating info known to specific groups. Universities, colleges, company coaching centers use these to supply info regarding college, academic events schedule, sports events and thus on.
The transportation trade will use this technology by manner of putting in interactive kiosks for tickets, directions, reservations, flight or train arrival or departure data, and so on. Hospitality trade constituents, such as hotels, resorts, casinos, night clubs, and bars use this technology to speak vital messages to their guests and patrons.
Hospitals, doctors' offices and other healthcare facilities use signage to speak important info to the patients per the facilities, preventive health programming and so on. After all nearly any organization would benefit from using this technology. Advertising through digital signage has some inherent advantages, that are one thing like this:
o These are times of fleeting attention spans where holding someone's attention has become impossible. People hardly have time to look at television, much less the ads shown on them. Thus this techno could be a powerful various, where customized content across a variety of digital displays exposes the audience to a much more interactive and dynamic interface with the advertiser.
o An interior signage advertising system works fantastically in areas of high footfalls, like lobbies, parking centers, escalators, window displays and therefore on. Choosing the proper location is of paramount importance here.
o Out of doors signage on the opposite hand may be a wonderful chance to catch moving pedestrian and automobile traffic. Additionally it enables nighttime advertising. That apart the messaging will be modified on demand and in real time reflecting a current event or happening. Advertise breakfast foods within the morning and restaurants in the dark!
The range of equipment related to this technology, is kind of extensive. In the most, it consists of LED digital signage, plasma displays, LCD displays, digital signage hardware, digital kiosks and digital billboards. Considering that it needs so abundant of technology for use, it's necessary that the firm one engages is well equipped and trained to try to to the job. For they not only have to consult the shopper on the best attainable, answer, however additionally install the equipment and train the client in its use. Apart from that, they additionally have to keep the shopper inside budget. Moreover they have to provide adequate repair and service facilities long after the equipment has been installed.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Digital Signage and the Advantages of Outdoor

Digital Signage and the Advantages of Outdoor

Digital signage is fast becoming one of the most popular advertising medium; it is certainly one of the fastest growing. It's effective, low cost and can reach large audiences for a fraction of the investment of comparable advertising systems such as TV or radio.

It is being deployed in retail units, transport hubs, concourses and in surgeries and waiting rooms. And one area where it is beginning to permeate and is becoming increasingly successful is outdoors.

Outdoor digital signage is growing in popularity and its rise is due to the many advantages an outdoor screen can offer for promotion and marketing compared to an indoor device.

Outdoor screens have one key advantage over indoor digital signage in that the audience figures for an outdoor display are usually far greater.

Just think about an digital sign inside a retail store, nearly everybody that will see the sign is already in the store (and presumably already a potential customer) but far more people will walk past outside and of there is a display there, then greater numbers will see it and if the content and promotion is appealing enough – it will drive people into the store.

Outdoor displays are now replacing many of the static signs and advertisements that have long adorned our high streets providing many advantages over these traditional signs and adverts.

The ability to provide multiple content on a single screen; to upload content centrally, without the need of a visiting technician; having an advertising medium that stands out and is more engaging than the static competition,  provides advertisers with all the advantages they need to justify the initial expense of an outdoor digital signage system.

And there is an expense. Ensuring the outdoor screen is going to be able to cope outdoors means either investing in a rugged outdoor or waterproof TV or using a commercial grade screen in a protective outdoor LCD enclosure but with the advantages outdoor digital signage offers advertisers and promoters it is a price many regard as worth paying.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Top Ten Outdoor Digital Signage Tips

Top Ten Outdoor Digital Signage Tips
Advertising outdoor signage is great for businesses to show shoppers the identity of your shop and what you are supplying. It is normally made of durable plastic signboard with big artwork and emblem on it, for consumers to view immediately. Some are crafted with UV protected plastic to combat fading due to long direct exposure to sunlight, others are crafted of metal and vinyl banners for a strong and lightweight design that will remain a long time. You can also make use of them to welcome dropping by colleagues and family at the entry ways of your house while incorporating a touch of design and beauty to the outside the house.

Using outdoor digital signage poses different challenges to indoor systems, from protecting the device from the elements to getting the content delivered but the benefits of using outdoor LCD's and plasma for digital advertising or information is that you can reach a lot larger audience. There are of course many pitfalls in implementing outdoor digital signage, here are ten ideas to avoid making costly mistakes:

Ice cold outdoor digital signage

Increasingly, there has a lot more installs and interest emanating from ski-resorts and mountain areas in Europe and the United States. The screens are being used for both advertising and information and their use in such areas it is a good example of the unique benefits that outdoor digital signage can offer.

Assessing the effectiveness of digital signage

Using digital screens for advertising and promotion is becoming a common form of advertising. Digital advertising and outdoor digital signage are springing up all over the place. With quite high initial outlays there is certainly a considerable investment involved in embarking on the digital route, but is it worthwhile?

What goes into protecting outdoor digital signage

As outdoor digital signage expands as a concept, more and more people are aware of the need to protect LCD screens in outdoor locations. Whilst waterproof outdoor TVs are an obvious choice for an outdoor campaign, commonly outdoor LCD enclosures are being implemented by more and more installed because of the cost savings.
With more and more businesses researching for possibilities where they can find their marketing solution for greatest eye ball views they are now deploying them in car lots, car dealerships, hotel parking lots, even McDonalds are using outdoor signage to up sell their menu whilst buyers are waiting in the drive through queue.

In each unit a thermostatic cooling and heating solution is accessible to guarantee the internally encased hardware is kept at the ideal temperature inside stopping the systems from overheating.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Digital Signage ? Reasons to go Outdoor

Digital Signage ? Reasons to go Outdoor

Digital signage and advertising is now as common in shopping malls and concourses as two dimensional posters and signs. The reason: LCD screens are very cheap and the costs are falling all the time. And because digital signage content can be uploaded remotely, without the need for somebody to visit the advertising site, they eventually save money too.

Digital screens are more engaging and eye-catching too, far more so than static signs; however, this can lead advertisers into a stalemate – as more and more people get involved in digital advertising the more difficult it is to get noticed.

There is a solution, however, that can raise the profile of digital signage promotions and advertisements, and help get advertisers ahead: outdoor digital signage.

There are far less digital signage devices outdoors, although they are becoming increasingly common, that said, there is still advantages to advertisers who have far less digital competition in outdoor locations.

It can be challenge, placing a screen outdoors, as obviously it will need protecting from the weather and extreme temperatures but this need be neither difficult nor expensive.

While specialist outdoor digital signage displays are available, as are outdoor LCD screens, they can be highly expensive – one of the reasons that many advertisers are yet to embark on outdoor projects. But, there is a simpler and more cost effective solution – use a standard LCD device, the same as you would indoors but house it in an LCD enclosure.

Outdoor LCD enclosures enable standard LCD devices, either commercial or consumer grade; media players, or small factor PCs, to be completely protected and housed in the correct environment – no matter the weather, temperature or location.

Resistant to impacts and vandalism, LCD enclosures are a simple and cost effective solution for placing a screen outdoors and even for small businesses they enable them to get ahead of the crowd.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

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Assessing the Effectiveness of Digital Signage

Assessing the Effectiveness of Digital Signage

Using digital screens for advertising and promotion is becoming a common form of advertising. Digital advertising and outdoor digital signage are springing up all over the place. With quite high initial outlays there is certainly a considerable investment involved in embarking on the digital route, but is it worthwhile?

Assessing the value of any advertising medium, let alone something as new digital signage can be difficult at the best of times but many potential digital advertisers are put off as they are unsure as to whether the effectiveness of the campaign will lead to a return on the initial investment.

Quantifying the success of digital screens can be tricky. Unlike other promotions digital signage is an indirect sales medium and accounting for its success can be difficult to measure, even with better than average revenues; however, some research has gone into the subject and there is now more evidence as to the effectiveness of digital advertising.

Research conducted by Brunel University and ROI Team (an independent retail research company) looked in-depth at the effectiveness of digital signage in the world famous Harrods store in Knightsbridge, London.

They discovered that digital content, combining both visual imagery and informative text has the most significant and positive effect on shoppers' consumer purchasing behavior.

The research centered on nearly 500 face to face interviews conducted in spring this year and concerned a digital advert for a holiday in the Maldives which was shown on three different mediums, including a digital signage campaign and a control advertisement with the viewers responding more favorably to the digital signage advert.

Increasing effectiveness

While the effectiveness of digital signage is certainly less in doubt thanks to the latest research there is still much that can be done to increase the effectiveness of a digital advertising campaign.

Perhaps the most fundamental thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of a digital sign is to increase the audience size and the simplest method of doing that is to take the digital display outside.

Outdoor digital signage will reach far more people than a similar indoor campaign, and although there is an added cost of protecting the screen from the rigors of an outdoor location, the extra viewership can soon recoup any additional investment.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Digital Signage On The Railways

Digital Signage On The Railways

The railways in many parts of the world have always been central to the transportation systems. Furthermore, the railways hold a nostalgia and special place in people's lives other transport networks have never been able to reproduce.

The railways are also one of the keenest implementers of digital signage compared to any other industry from the earliest days of using digital out of media for advertising and information it was the railways that first implemented it.

The railways use digital signage for three different purposes:

Providing information – And it could be argued that they were one of the first industries to use TV screens for use out of home. Railway stations have always needed to provide information and even before the development of flat screen televisions, monitors were being used to provide timetabling information. Now most railway stations have a digital signage system that relays when a train is due and to arrive or depart.

Advertising – Because of the amount of people that still rely on the railways and the central role they play in the network infrastructure, billboards and posters along railway lines have always been sought after by advertisers. Now outdoor digital signage systems are being erected on platforms increasing the effectiveness of this sought after advertising space.

Keeping travellers occupied – Another use for digital signage that can be combined with advertising has been well adopted by the railways and that is using digital signage screens for entertaining commuters.

Not only can entertainment programmes be run on the digital signage screens in the carriage but also advertising can be added to the content allowing the railways to offset the cost of the devices by gaining advertising revenue.

The railways are one are where digital advertising and outdoor digital signage has really benefitted the industry providing extra streams of revenue as well as providing a better service for commuters.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Affordable Signage From A Sign Company

Affordable Signage From A Sign Company
Good, prodigious quality apartment signage from an affordable sign company involves several different factors, including the type of sign, the site at which it will be used, the color schemes that are going to be used, navigation and the actual message that is going to be used. The inventors and fabricators of these signs must attain balance and merger not just with colors, but with every other aspect as well. For example, we would want apartment signage from an affordable sign company that blends in somewhat with the architectural components of a building without appearing obtrusive, being placed too high or too low in altitude, and it must have all necessary information on it, such as the name of the complex (obviously) and a phone number, for example.

An effective sign is going to make it easy for people to find the complex, it is going to bring in new residents, it will make it easy for delivery personnel to find customers, and it is going to represent the complex in a positive manner to the surrounding community.

One of the complicated design fundamentals to successfully incorporate into apartment signage from an affordable sign company is creating a design that will attract positive attention without sticking out in an adverse way or being too distracting. A very important purpose that is served by apartment signage from an affordable sign company that is well designed is directing and aiding the one time visitor, emergency response vehicles, and even the pizza delivery guys to a persons residence. The single most important statement is the statement a place makes over an entry monument and the production of the informational illustrations at the visitors center, most often.

If you need some new apartment signage from an affordable sign company, they can aide you and offer a wealth of experience to help you solve any problems with your current signage, regardless of the size of your needs. Many companies will offer special promotional pricing for requests that require multiple signs to be fabricated, so always feel free to ask when you are interviewing possible contractors and businesses.

But these kinds of signs do not just include the signs at complexes over the visitor center, the office, or the buildings themselves. It collectively includes building numbers, unit numbers, the marketing signs and project identifiers, the sign at the leasing center or office, signs for future residents, parking signs, stop signs, yield signs, speed limit signs, SLOW signs and Children Playing signs. In addition, apartment signage from an affordable sign company typically includes gate entrance and exit, pool rules, directional signs, fitness center rules, information for the mail, rent drop postings, restrooms, and tennis court rules.

For more information on sign company, please visit our website.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Common Blind Spots Of Digital Signage System Advertising

Common Blind Spots Of Digital Signage System Advertising

Digital Signage Systems, in the form of LCD, LED, plasma or projected images, are used for information or advertising purposes. The advantage offered by digital signage over fixed or static signage is ease of content, targeted messaging, time-content synchronization and eventually superior ROI on ad spend. However, given that this medium is a technological one, there are certain blind spots that can make or break an advertising campaign.

Blind spot #1 Location

Before installing, one must make certain considerations, such as permission from local and civic authorities. Inadequate space for installation can be a problem if not factored in early. Finally, poor visibility can defeat the entire purpose of the display. For example, earlier in-store signage was usually suspended from the ceiling. These were easily missed by customers who would walk under the signage without ever looking up.

There needs to be a clear focus on the importance of the message, instead of being fascinated or too involved with the technology. Careful surveys of effectiveness during trial runs can iron out issues that might crop up during the actual campaign.

Blind spot #3 Content

Updating the content on your digital signage system is as vital as determining the content mix and the objective of the content (increase brand awareness, footfalls or sales, etc). It is said that attractive signage actually creates an appetite for fresh content in the consumer. Repetitive content is the easiest way to allow your customers to lose interest and turn a ‘blind' eye to your message. The days of endlessly looping a television commercial on signage is a very narrow vision of the possibilities of digital signage. This is a natural expectation from a dynamic media and should be respected.

Blind spot #2 Equipment

Equipment expense is usually a bugbear for most people. However, selecting a digital signage system based solely on price can prove to be an Achilles heel in the long run. Inexpensive options might not last as long as more costly equipment does. Reliable software, displays and controllers can get the message across more consistently. On the other hand, investing vast amounts on technology will prove useless if your content is basic and repetitive.

Equipment restrictions have declined with advancements in technology. Current signage systems are of the ‘plug-and-play' variety and can easily be connected and the content can be updated from remote locations as well.

Always keep in mind the objective of deploying signage - be it brand building, information dissemination or traffic increase.

For more information on how to efficiently leverage a digital signage system, visit This firm offers technology-based solutions for not just the retail industry, but for the banking industry, the petroleum industry and postal services.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Digital signage and outdoor advertising

Digital signage and outdoor advertising


Advertising, in today's world, is a whole new industry which is fast-growing and has achieved monumental popularity and success. There have been astounding advances in this field. As and when technology has developed, advertising and its techniques have also improved. Gone are the days of pamphlets and billboards, the 21st century welcomes the era of digital signage with open arms. Digital signage is a new trend in advertising in the form of an electric display. It has replaced the billboards by LCD, LED plasma displays, or projected images, which can be found in public areas like corporate building, retail show rooms, malls, important city junctions etc.


Digital signage displays messages, advertisements, slogans etc. It is mostly controlled by basic personal computers through a variety of proprietary software programs, which is quite cost effective. Advertising agencies charge a bomb to display an ad in this cutting edge technology. It is quite advantageous as the content can be easily exchanged; supports animations, signs can adapt to the context and audience, and can even be interactive. It's like watching a giant TV, specialized only for advertisements, on the road! They are more effective than billboards or other static signs. Digital signage has many different purposes to it. Some of the most common applications are:


Public information – news, weather, and local city news, there are also messages regarding travel information and public safety messages like fire exists etc
Internal information – the screen is in a corporate building and the messages displayed pertain to only the corporate working there, health messages, safety drills, and corporate news.
Brand building
Influencing customer behavior
Enhancing customer experience – in a mall or a drive through restaurant, people can be entertained when they wait for their order
Enhancing the environment – they add impressive décor to the place and interactive display signage add more value to the environment.


This type of advertising is referred to as outdoor advertising. Digital signage displays content and messages on the big screens with the aim of delivering messages to a specific target audience at specific locations. The timing of displaying is also specific. It is commonly referred to as "digital out of home" or DOOH. Outdoor advertising has always had a success in influencing the customer behavior to a particular brand or product or service, however, it has amassed huge success through the digital signage medium.


The success rate it has shown has exceeded the results seen by the effect of billboards. Gone are the days where billboards needed to be changed manually, these days' messages and ads can be changed like flipping channels when you watch TV. By the success rate it has displayed, the use of digital signage by outdoor advertising, it is clear that both are here to stay.



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Outdoor Digital Advertising - Stopping Destruction To Digital Signage Screens.

Outdoor Digital Advertising - Stopping Destruction To Digital Signage Screens.
Outdoor dynamic signage is utilizing awesome systems to sell and increase branding for any number of firms.

Branding is moving away from printed posters or even newspaper print, but a simple flat panel screen Television along with a fundamental media player is being deployed to seize your eye with jaw dropping impact.

Out of home dynamic signage is in every shopping centers, airports, ferry terminals and transit hubs. Even small businesses are using them to sell their products in store and strengthen sales.

Out of home electronic marketing is a marketing solution that can promote or enforce you brand every second of the day, so is the expenditure worth it? Well it certainly is as many advertisers are employing this method to get their marketing point across, now using new equipment you can broadcast your advertising to local mobile/cell phones ideal for messaging to local people.

Outside electronic advertising will replace previous promotional methods within the next 3 years this is the motivation why many broad sheers have gone on line, so they can advertise for customers but the return on investment is very poor compared to open-air digital advertising.

Outside digital advertising - defending your investment

Outdoor dynamic signage is fitted outdoors, nevertheless we are all conscious of how fragile the monitors are, if you have ever had an LCD or plasma display, you will know they are noticeably thinner than CRT screens and the slightest bang can smash the screen and render the TV ineffective.

Have you ever asked associates and family about their new flat screen TV when they have infantile offspring, you will see that a plasma or LCD television is easily smashed; this could be from your child's favorite gadget or a gaming consoles handset accidentally hitting the screen.

Now a commercial screen that is used for dynamic advertising can cost in excess of $ 2300 per monitor so protection is a requirement, if not it is quite senseless in deploying the costly displays if they are not protected.

Now envisage the dangers when you put a commercial monitor outdoors, you have the probability some hoodlum will through a rock or stone at the display and if it hits the Monitor, you are sure to have an pricey replacement cost, however on the other hand if the display is protected in an LCD enclosure, this will offer all the protection required, principally if the unit is fitted to a wall high up at say 12 feet from the sidewalk.

Outside digital advertising protection with an LCD enclosure

Sunlight Dilemma.

There are several challenges to watch for, first there is the sunlight if the screen is placed too near the front of the enclosure the heat build up will over a period of time start killing the pixels in the screen making the screen crash before it should.


An LCD enclosure must have a UV filtered viewing window; this will filter out most of the destructive UV rays that kill the pixels and another point is the display must have a minimum of 2" gap between the TV and the door if not this gap will trap the heat and it will not dissipate.

Vandalism Dilemma.

When you leave out-of-doors digital advertising unattended in isolated environments, there is an enormous chance they will get smashed if there is no protection.


An outdoor electronic marketing enclosure offers special solutions against vandalism, ordinary units that are designed to be installed from ceilings or high up on walls, keeping all the hardware out of arms way, stopping vandals from spray painting the monitor.

Then there is the locks, look out for outdoor dynamic marketing enclosures that are fitted with high security door locks as most manufacturers fit ordinary locks that are easily accessed by a screwdriver.

Let us think about the viewing window, now when deploying digital out-of-doors marketing solutions in volatile areas you need to also upgrade the viewing window thickness, look for a company that provides these in a variety of thicknesses up to and including " (19 mm).

Over the past 21 years the author has created a range of outdoor digital signage protective enclosures and founded LCD Enclosure Global who are the leading manufacturer of LCD monitor enclosures, they also offer anti vandal Lcd monitor enclosures that provides all the protection and security needed for outdoor use, this range of monitor enclosure is perfect for home use too.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Outdoor Digital Signage – 24 hour marketing

Outdoor Digital Signage – 24 hour marketing

We now seem to live in a 24-hour society of rolling news, round-the-clock TV and never closing supermarkets. Advertising too is becoming a 24-hour industry, especially in the outdoor sector where the night, no longer limits the ability of street advertisers.

Outdoor digital signage is fast becoming one of the fastest growing advertising mediums. Over ten percent of all outdoor advertisements are now digital with LCD, plasma and LED screens taking the place of many of the traditional print and static media.

The great thing about outdoor digital signage is its flexibility and noticeability. Not only are digital screens fare more engaging and eye-catching than static media, the ability to schedule adverts, place content from multiple advertisers on once screen and remotely upload content are a real boon for advertisers.

They can maximise the revenue from a single screen by selling advertising segments, having several different companies advertising on the one screen, and they don't need to hire a technician to post up new content either.

Protection is the only real challenge with outdoor digital signage as the screen needs to be guarded against the weather and adverse temperatures of an exterior environment.

This can be simply achieved, however, with the use of an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures protect, not only against the weather – providing a waterproof barrier. But they also ensure the housed LCD is operating in the optimum environment as they have internal temperature controlled systems. Fans, heaters, air conditioners and insulation can all be added inside and LCD enclosure to ensure the temperature inside the device is at the optimum.

LCD enclosures don't just enable digital signage for outdoors but will extend the life of a manufacturers system – saving money. They are also far cheaper than using bespoke outdoor systems and can be used in industrial and factory type locations too, as the LCD enclosure is just as good at keeping dirt and grime away from the device as they are the weather.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

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Digital Outdoor Signage Are Good Advertising Tools

Digital Outdoor Signage Are Good Advertising Tools
Electronic outside marketing is a growth sector for the past couple of years and due to its success in the flexibility it brings to fresh signage techniques.

One of the chief problems for a firm who rolls out dynamic marketing in outdoor locations is that they some times do not plan ahead, for instance if they are fitting a wireless network in October they sometimes wonder why they have challenges with the installation in spring, the fact is the survey was unquestionably done when all the leaves had fallen from the trees, then when spring comes the trees burst into bud and this natural thing prevents the wireless signal. The same can be said for the electronic outdoor signage hardware.

Now this was okay in the spring and summer but now as the weather turns for the worst, these eatery proprietors have to thing about removing the outside monitors and putting them into storage for the winter which in turn could upset some individuals who enjoy this entertainment, or the other decision is to put the TV into a winter proof casing, these units offer the accurate heating level at a preset temperature, so for instance if you are in Alberta and have to maintain a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius you would just set the built in thermostat and the heater comes on when the temperature falls below 5 and then knocks off when the temperature is met, only using power as and when it is desired.

If you have ever been fortunate to visit the big apple and got to Times Square, you see plenty of massive video walls displaying videos and adverts for various products, this is dynamic outside signage. This includes a huge format screen with a device that holds the ads on and plays the adverts through the display at particular times to appeal to certain viewers.

Targeting specific audiences is very worthwhile and this is why firms from large corporations to mom and pop stores are evaluating electronic marketing as the return on investment is very hasty and can even pay for itself from month one. This is why businesses such as Tommy Hilfiger have an interactive signage window in their store so consumers can use it when the store is closed.

Still if you are a new company for instance in the clothing sector and are targeting the 30 something age range, you will need to use modern technology, so your store could have a face book page or you could tweet your offers on Twitter, using this technology appeals to more youthful clients and are willing to give firms a chance if the technology is right.

Outside electronic marketing can be deployed to sell coffee deals on cold mornings, picture you are in a spot, you are frozen just after getting of the tube, you pass an advertising display displaying a person warming their fingers on a mug of coffee and the coffee shop is just opposite, can you ignore the temptation or would you call in for a warming beverage?

Lari Smith has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Specialize in flashing board articles. If you need more about neon signs and outdoor signage, please reference

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Digital Signage- Advanced Mode of Digital Marketing

Digital Signage- Advanced Mode of Digital Marketing

US$ 800 million, that's the current market of Digital Signage, which has proven its worth and has become one of the most effective form of marketing channel. In fact, the projected market by 2011 is said to be around US$ 3.5 billion, thereby making it the fasting growing channel. The major manufacturers are Sony, NEC display solutions, Samsung Electronic, LG Electronics, Sharp and Mitsubishi; there are also numerous other small companies that have over crowded this market; however it has been predicted that in times to come the ones that would survive would be those that have the expertise in digital signage solutions and also have the experience in installation.

It has been noted that, in order to survive in digital signage solutions market, the solution providers have started to provide more than just digital signage panel, that is, to provide a complete signage solution that would encompass wireless cable, software and mounts. A recent study has claimed that through digital signage displays, there has been brand awareness effect of 47.7%, hike in purchase that estimates to be 29.5%, also there has been an upswing in sales volume of about 31.8%, generate growth in repeated buyers that's around 32.8% and also create in store traffic of about 32.8%. Now these statistics clearly show a huge rise in demand for digital signage solutions with absolutely no signs of the demand going down. 3D Digital Signage This has become the most recent topic of conversation in the industry of digital signage.

The ever growing technology has made it possible to have 3D display signage; with Samsung beginning to produce 3D panels for 3D LCD and LED televisions. Well this would certainly create a need for production of equipments in order to make 3D signage, so that it' easily accessible for small and big companies. The 3D experience is certain to bring a whole new experience to the customers as compared to the regular digital signage. 3D advertising and marketing is soon what we all would be exposed to in times to come.

For more detailed information, visit Digital Signage Solution, Digital Signage Hardware.

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Digital Outdoor Signage - Captive Viewers Marketing

Digital Outdoor Signage - Captive Viewers Marketing
Digital outside signage or advertising can vary in magnitude depending upon what you want to reach the public and how you want to achieve it. For instance there are large video walls in Times Square NY, or you will see Flat panel displays in your local shopping center, both options work well but they vary in cost significantly so it depends on how much you want to invest.

Electronic out-of-doors advertising goes under a number of names, but "captive viewing marketing" conjures up an image in my mind, a little like brain washing. But let me highlight how this is being done successfully.

Air ports.
Whenever you go to any public transportation service you are confined to that specific designation until your bus or taxi or even plane arrives. As you are waiting you are basically killing time and are forced to hear or watch whatever is being advertised. This is a big example of "captive audience marketing" as you are seeing a specific message on a display board.

Vehicle Electronic Marketing.
These vehicles are both trucks and specialized transportation that has massive video walls on them, they usually park in areas that are known for being congested during rush hour, this means that through the hustle and bustle of getting to and from the destination they see advertisements on the vehicle screens. This way the marketing enterprise gets the information across to you for the duration of the time you are detained, in the nicest of ways.

Physicians and sickbay waiting rooms.
Going to the doctors for some is painful and upsetting enough, however picture you are waiting for the doctor to mosey in and start discussing the reasons that brought you in. As your waiting you watch the commercial so to take your mind off what you are worrying about. This is done in all doctors' offices and hospitals so showing commercials assorted with cartoons to both mother and child is ideal.

Car wash.
Even the small entrepreneurial businesses are using electronic outdoor advertising. Car washes are one of the many to incorporate this marketing scheme to try and sell other services offered through their business or another company. So customers are watching whatever messages are being displayed while having their cars washed.

To do this they are using LED neon message boards. This allows the store or shop owner to write any message he wants people to see. This is more resourceful because it can be changed as often or as less as one chooses. Without needing to worry about the same repetitious message being seen over and over again.

Lari Smith has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Specialize in flashing board articles. If you need more about neon signs and outdoor signage, please reference

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Why Digital signage information points are required

Why Digital signage information points are required

We have heard for long about the use of digital signage in retail. This is where it is necessary to market product or service for the benefit of the institute, a brand or any corporate house. However, digital signage use has found its use in different way into various information points. Digital signage information points are necessary within the schools and factories. It is also necessary in rail and plane ticketing services. Most of the public services as travelers' information departments and also the police community needs to exhibit public information for people through the digital signage.


Digital signage information points are essential because it serves as the perfect platform by means of which group of people can avail the information quickly. It helps in delivering the information quickly and efficiently to the customers. Information can be passed on from a point to the people. It is necessary because it prevents the commotion.  Since, the signage makes use of the brilliant method of audio, video display for making compelling statement to the customers, and also sometimes providing the opportunity to avail certain services, it is quite popular.


Digital signage information points are helpful in most of the areas where the public make repeated enquiries. These areas are when the public is kept waited for information regarding any flying schedules or train times. Instead of creating a chaos, it arranges the commuters effectively. It is also helpful in areas where it is necessary to make eye catching statement to the audience. The information and the statement are also made in such a way that it should stay with the audience long. Most of the time in such information kiosk, the touch screen digital signage is put to use. Since, these information kiosks are put outside, it is either made of waterproof encasing or enclosed within a protective case. Touch screen displays are sensitive within such enclosure as well. Consumers and commuters are today well versed with the use of these systems in their day to day life.


Digital signage is important for brand building as well. If the services and information reach the consumer effectively and quickly, then reliability for the brand increases. In the marketing field the HD media players is most often used. This is because it is able to effectively convey the message through the advertisement to the targeted market. The high definition displays collects the information and puts it effectively. Starting from simple text to different images, flashes and animation can be used. Together with videos, there are different sounds that can be used as well.


Information points providing customers with current times and the schedules of different services are quite common. Most often such information points use a system where the units are directly connected to the internet or the official site of the brand. Customers can place their order against the product. Customers can browse the products. Potential audiences would know what is there to offer in particular brands. Everything is done smoothly and efficiently against such systems.

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Increasing Awareness, Marketing and Branding – Outdoor Digital Signage

Increasing Awareness, Marketing and Branding – Outdoor Digital Signage

Promotion is part an parcel of nearly every business; from retail to education, manufacturing to finance, getting the message across is an essential to increase awareness and drive up revenue.

Outdoor digital signage is one of the latest marketing tools in the advertisers' arsenal. It's a term to describe the use of any type of digital, LCD or plasma screen, used for promotion in place of traditional signage.

An outdoor screen has many advantages over other types of outdoor advertising such as the static poster of billboard.

Not only are outdoor digital signage screens brighter and more colourful than static signs, the use of transitions and moving images makes the digital version far more noticeable and engaging.

But there are other advantages to outdoor digital signage too. Because of its digital nature, content can be uploaded remotely, this means unlike billboards and static signs, no technician is required to put up new content or replace the older adverts.

As content is digital it also means that multiple advertisements can be used on the same screen, this is extremely attractive to advertisers who can maximise revenue from a single display but equally it drives down the cost of outdoor advertising as more space is available.

Another great advantage of outdoor digital signage is the flexibility of it. Content on outdoor screens can be timed for particular events, days or times of day – equally content can be uploaded instantly, making outdoor screens ideal for use as narrowcast information or emergency displays.

The only downsides to outdoor digital signage is the high initial cost of sourcing the screens, protection and installation; however, this cost can be driven down by using an LCD enclosure combined with a standard commercial grade screen rather than an expensive waterproof outdoor LCD. Content too can be generated in-house, further reducing costs and making outdoor digital signage more available.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

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Uses of Outdoor Digital Signage – News and Information

Uses of Outdoor Digital Signage – News and Information

Anybody looking into outdoor digital signage or display screens for public areas, may be excused in thinking that signage is predominantly designed for advertising, branding and promotion; while marketing is obviously a key area for Dooh (digital out of home) as it gives advertisers great advantages over static posters and commercials, there is another key area for using screens in public places: information.

We all live in an information age with the internet, mobile communication, 24-hour rolling news, Twitter and other technological innovations, many people dislike being away from a source of information and news for too long. Even on holiday when people are relaxing on the beach or during other leisure times and locations, you will find PDAs and smart phones being deployed to keep people up-to-date with the latest happenings at home and abroad.

Many locations such as transport hubs, waiting rooms and receptions are now utilizing digital signage as a means of satisfying this information demand. The great advantage of digital screens is that this information and news can be mixed with advertisements or localized information such as railway timetables, news of flight cancellations, advertisements and other self-interested content.

As people are keen to look at, and even seek out information and news, the information provided acts as a hook to get people to view the screen and therefore take heed of the localized or advertizing content too.

This is very successful in all sorts of locations. Doctor's surgery's can provide important health advice and intersect it with the latest local news, while in transport hubs news feeds can display the latest headlines while also providing crucial news of cancellations and delays.

Many locations for news and information screens are not in the best location for conventional TV devices; for this reason, many of these news and information screens are housed in an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures are weatherproof and can cope with a wide range of temperature extremes and also protect from dust, airborne debris and vandalism.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Outdoor Digital Signage Protection – Challenges and Solutions

Outdoor Digital Signage Protection – Challenges and Solutions

Using screens as out of home digital advertising is becoming an increasingly popular advertising and marketing tool. Many shopping malls, retail parks and stores now have screens installed as part of their in-house marketing.

Indoor locations are not the only places where digital signage screens are installed for advertising, more and more outdoor locations are being used making outdoor digital signage one of the fastest growing mediums.

There are many challenges in using screens in outdoor locations, particularly when you have to consider the environmental elements that can damage or disable a screen.

Protecting the screen in an outdoor location is therefore vital but understanding what type of protection is required requires some thought and an assessment of the outdoor location it is to be installed in.

Type of Environment

Not all outdoor locations are the same and different locations present different challenges for protecting LCD screens and there are also drastic seasonal variations at some locations.

The first thing to consider is waterproofing. Any outdoor screen, no matter where it is placed, will require waterproofing. Even the hottest and driest areas on Earth are still susceptible to some rainfall so no matter where the sign is to be situated in an outdoor location ensuring the water can't penetrate the outdoor digital signage enclosure.

Temperature is another aspect that needs to be looked at carefully; both the highest ambient temperatures and the lowest need to be catered for. In some locations that means that the digital signage display has to operate in extreme heat of the summer whilst still being able to function in the freezing temperatures of winter.


One of the simplest and cost effective methods of protecting screens in an outdoor location is to use an LCD Enclosure. These digital signage enclosures can contain everything required to ensure the screen will operate no matter what the ambient conditions.

These LCD enclosures contain circulation fans, heaters, air conditioning not too mention waterproofed housings that ensure no ingress of any outdoor elements.

LCD enclosures are also rugged offering protection against vandalism and impacts – another important factor in using outdoor digital signage in unmanned locations.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

High Tech Digital signage for Retail Solutions

High Tech Digital signage for Retail Solutions

Digital signage in retail is one of the best contemporary methods for marketing your products. This is a great tool for retail industry where the major portion of the profit is directly linked to the mode of advertisement. Marketing is the means through which you can reach out to people and it indeed needs to be attractive for people to take notice of your company or brand. How much ever great the technology you use in your products be, unless you market them, your products serve no better purpose than decorating your showroom.

Numerous companies offer excellent marketing solutions for retail business and a wide variety of other concerns. Their main products and services constitute digital signage. Marketing campaign using digital signage in retail involves a detailed step-by-step modus operandi. First of all, you need to have clear content. Then you must have a creative and interesting channel to convey it to your customer base. You must choose a proper, compatible technology for displaying the developed content. The system must be installed and configured properly for your specific usage. It also needs to be maintained properly for constant use.

Being a business person, you may have only the comprehensive knowledge of your product. Getting creative and technical is something that is definitely not easy for you. Above all, managing advertising and business single handed is a very challenging task. And that is why digital signage companies are there to lend a supporting hand for you. By taking care of all the processes involved in advertising/marketing as mentioned above, these companies offer you comprehensive solutions for your advertising needs.

These companies usually have a team of AV designers, IT programmers who sit and discuss the retail marketing needs with you. They throw feasible digital signage in retail ideas at you and take note of your responses. With your co-operation, they can design excellent content for your retail products and upon your agreement, will employ an appealing digital signage design. They install the software and configure the set up for you and any of the update issues and technical problems in the future will be addressed by skilled professionals.

Usually there are three sets of system solutions out of which the technicians and consultants can help you choose a system that addresses your needs comprehensively. One of the basic services provided by them is the entry level system. If all that you want is a simple layout capable of displaying digital messages for a particular number of times, this system is suitable for you. They provide you with a very user-friendly interface using which you can easily display messages using display systems like LCD, plasma screen, etc.

If you are looking for a slightly more advanced system, they have got the Enterprise system for you. If the same basic content has to be shown in a more attractive way, this system works best for you. The digital signage in retail is enriched with quality graphics to make the display look all the more appealing.

The advertising system is the third kind of solution system. This is the most sophisticated system of all which offers selective display in monitors. Everything is controlled using remote systems providing a greatly flexible digital signage in retail advertising solution.




Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

About Digital Signage in Retail Marketing Campaign

About Digital Signage in Retail Marketing Campaign

In today's world of hustle bustle, getting the attention of your potential customer is not an easy task. You need to be highly creative and sensitive about your target audience's taste. If you are using outdated technologies, all you are doing is wasting your advertising capital. Especially when it comes to retail business, you may stay away from investing in anything but advertising. Retail is an industry where reaching out to people and conquering their interest is the only way you can see profit. There are so many competitors vying with you in this industry, so you need to be equally competent, if not significantly more. Cheap obsolete advertising ideas will definitely not find you a place!

Digital signage is one of the techniques that can help your products have a better reach. Even if you are a big brand in the retail industry, with a digital signage in retail marketing campaign, you can get more people into your customer pool and increase the existing customers' interest in your new products.

Digital signage marketing campaign is advantageous and effective for more than one reason. Without spending much, you can update your product messages, ads, and information in real time. This mode of advertising can be more visually appealing than the conventional billboards, posters, etc. Also posters are for fixed content. But if you want your advertisements to get more interactive and creative, digital signage marketing has more ideas.

Digital signage in retail mode of marketing has some standard methods which ease your advertisement complexities. If you want to update the message content, you can get it done regardless of the distance of your location from the company. Thus digital signage is a cost-effective way of marketing your products and services.

You can find a number of notable providers of digital signage products and services. The deliverables of high tech companies are of high quality. They ensure that all the above mentioned advantages of digital signage are made available to you. They employ highly qualified technicians to provide you with convincing marketing solutions and gripping digital signage boards for your products. They operate as a team of capable IT technicians, skilled AV designers and expert installation handlers.

Designing a successful advertisement or marketing campaign for a concern in the retail industry is quite a challenging task as the industry is bloated with competition. Professionals and technicians operate by understanding your product and needs thoroughly. This ensures that in the end, you get more than what you wanted. What is more striking is that the technicians employed by these digital signage in retail companies are so skillful that they design effective digital signage boards for you within your own budget limits.

Right from preparing the marketing content, designing the digital signage to installing it, the digital signage in retail companies take care of everything. They also provide you with any extra guidance regarding the placement of your ad or the timing of your ads. However, their services don't end there. They also make sure that they are always there for you to provide technical support. By choosing to go for the services of such companies you can relax on the advertisement and marketing front and concentrate on the business. Why should someone be bothered when everything right from design to maintenance is comprehensively taken care of?



Resus offer forward thinking advertising solutions in the Digital signage market place.

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