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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cyber Digital Plaza, Shanghai - Shanghai Cyber Digital Plaza - Gifts Crafts Industry

Cyber Digital Plaza, Shanghai - Shanghai Cyber Digital Plaza - Gifts Crafts Industry
Shanghai Cyber Digital Square The late nineties the twentieth century, China's information industry is in the rapid growth stage, but was widespread mismanagement of IT e-Marketplace, the business philosophy behind the case, the existence of the Chinese market was the introduction of a new business model Marketplace opportunity. Cyber Team in 1999 with the pioneering master of the market demand, first proposed the "digital square" concept, creative "4C" products (computer, communications, consumer electronics, web) into a unified retail platform, and With a passion for new business, and excellent execution, limited resources and time pressure, overcome all kinds of hardships, in Dec. 25, 1999, in Shanghai Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai the successful opening of Cyber Digital Square flagship store, the official opening China's new era of IT chain stores.

SEB as Cyber transliteration from the Greek Kyber, intended for the steersman. Cybermart borrow Cyberport Cyberport concept, this concept of Cyber Digital, extend to generalized digital technology.

Cyber provides local and foreign partners, the best channel to enter the Chinese market.
SEB for the three links provide the best platform to improve management through channels established manufacturers, distributors and consumers win-win relationship, to provide better

Future, SEB's goal is to build their own core competencies, to become the most valuable marketing channel and platform IT

Establish a national distribution of the most extensive channel of value-added services 3C
Expanding national chain stores reached 500, with a close network of major secondary cities across the country.

At home and abroad Cooperation Partners in the Chinese market the most effective service platform
Often active participation among members, more than 50 million or more
Core competence Integrated Marketing: Is to understand customer needs and market, proficient in a variety of marketing models to Cyber chain store for the integrated marketing platform, full use of internal and external resources, to provide high quality / unique / multi-directional / most effective marketing services ability to integrate the ability:

Effective implementation of: Quickly develop clear objectives, action strategies, in the limited resources and time, the most effective ability to compliance. "SEB" effective implementation of the focus on: speed, service, cost

Core values (A) the integrity 1. Cautious Cautious, careful to promise to treat heart sincerely to uphold the reputation of doing things the individual and team

2. The courage to assume responsibility and make their mistakes.
(B) positive 1. Spontaneous, take the initiative to, contact, Lectra wait, evading the heart.
2. Is not self-imposed restrictions, the courage to try, constantly looking for / creating opportunities for self-improvement and learning.

3. To positive thinking and a healthy attitude to face setbacks and challenges, and uphold our values and doing your best.

4. All things are possible, as long as I (we) are willing to try their very best intentions, step by step!

5. "To" can be! Not "to" give up the opportunities.
(C) Disciplinary 1. Obey the decision-making, implementation, and dignity that disorder, to complete the task.
2. To strict, serious attitude out every "small" things.
3. Devotion to duty, honor and discipline, not s blood profits.
4. Self-respect, awareness, introspection, self-discipline. (D) collaboration 1. For the team's common goals and best interests, to lay down standard consciousness, eliminate selfishness and work together

2. Diligently to communicate accurate, coordinated action.
3. As a matter of fact, the intellectual fight in April 2007 to establish dare to hit the international trade (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Province: Shanghai City: Luwan District Address: 310 South Road, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xinhua Building, 16th Floor, New

Contact Contact: Office of the Tel: 021-64726565 Fax: 021-53831033

Website: Cn

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