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Monday, October 23, 2017

Setting up your PPC Campaign

Setting up your PPC Campaign

When it comes to a successful PPC campaign, it’s not merely going with the largest and most expensive option. Whilst there are several pay-per-click companies to choose from, your company’s PPC success starts first with matching the goals of your plan with your overall online marketing approach. PPC campaigns do work and work extremely well, if, and only if, companies have clearly defined goals and objectives and have properly done their homework. Therefore, what are the critical steps to setting up your PPC campaign? 

1. Keywords Matter 

If your customers were to describe what your company does and provides, what’s the most likely word they would use? Why is this important? Simply put, coming up with a list of the words to describe your company is the basis for choosing the keywords within your PPC campaign. Some keywords may garner higher costs than others, but you’ll never know for certain until you make a list of the keywords that your customers use when they search for your company online. 

2. Budget, Budget, Budget 

One of the most important aspects of success with respect to your pay-per-click advertising approach is to properly manage your budget. Going for the most expensive keyword doesn’t guarantee success. The fact is, even when potential customers click on your company’s advertisement, there’s no guarantee they’ll follow through with a purchase. You’ll likely secure their contact information, whilst increasing your market presence, but that’s no guarantee that every click will lead to a potential customer. 

3. Choosing the Right Pay-Per-Click Companies 

If you want your PPC marketing approach to garner results, then it might just involve going with a number of pay-per-click companies. Temper your decision against that particular company’s ability to deliver your advertisement to your target market. If your market is smaller than most, then review the benefits afforded by a smaller PPC provider. Be sure to understand your market and choose the most appropriate method of delivering that message. 

When it comes to PPC success, it really boils down to choosing the right keywords, maintaining your budget and ultimately, choosing the right PPC company to work with. In the case of pay-per-click advertising, practice makes perfect.


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