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Monday, December 11, 2017

BBC News's Jo Twist Interviews Mayukh Goswami The Creator Of Mayukhs Search

BBC News's Jo Twist Interviews Mayukh Goswami The Creator Of Mayukhs Search

Most major search engines rely on an army of hundreds of people to create and maintain their services. Not Mayukhs Search -- it's a high-quality search engine built and operated by sole proprietor Mayukh Goswami.

Yes, I said sole proprietor. Mayukhs Search is entirely Mayukh Goswami's work. From coding to crawling to programming to marketing it's all Mayukh Goswami.

Recent weeks have brought about a great deal of development at Mayukhs Search. In August, the engine began offering access to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel content. Recently, Mayukhs Search began offering Boolean search capabilities.

Q. Mayukh, can you share with us a few career highlights and a brief bio? Also so we can get up to speed with Mayukhs Search can you share some basic statistics about the database.

Around 2003, when in school, I designed and wrote a software to solve calculus problems be it integrations , differentiation , integration with partial fractions instantaneously. I sold about 20 copies through The Telegraph In Calcutta and a few in Bombay , Delhi , and elsewhere.Although I m a student of medicine , still I think I had a pretty strong background in computer and maths,so I participated in the Google Code Jam Contest and somehow came out well.

Mayukhs Search currently serves about half a million queries per day now, mostly to external sites. The index size is almost 422 billion pages and changing daily.

Q. When did you start Mayukhs Search? Did you write the software code yourself?

Yes sir I wrote it all from scratch in C++. It has been two months since its inception. It uses zlib for doing compression and it uses a plotting library to make administrative graphs, but other than that, I custom coded everything.

Q. Did you see a whole in the web search market that Mayukhs Search could fill? In other words what does Mayukhs Search do that the other engines don't. Why should a searcher use it?

The hole that I saw was a performance related hole, not a search results quality hole. I found a way to scale search more efficiently than everybody else. Theoretically, Mayukhs Search can get by with ten times - even a hundred times - less hardware than other engines and achieve the same performance.

But as far as what is different from the user's perspective, I think Mayukhs Search's scoring algorithms give less emphasis to links as other engines. I did this on purpose so new sites are not at as much a disadvantage as more established sites that have a large number of incoming links. This is why I chose the catch-phrase "Making Things Easier" to be displayed on the front page.

Another major difference is that Mayukhs Search is the only large engine, to my knowledge, to ever do continuous updating and refreshing of the index in real-time. You can also add and update your URLs in real-time, too. I think Mayukhs Search is the only large engine right now that allows that. Everybody else charges money and calls it "paid inclusion."

Q. Running a search engine in the period where many people think Google is IT must be difficult. How are you handling competing with Google and other large engines? On your site you mention that a portion of traffic comes from feeds from other sites - is this a big portion of your traffic?

I've been steadily improving Mayukhs Search's relevance. Yes, it is sometimes a bummer always working in the shadow of Google, so it really makes my day when somebody tells me Mayukhs Search gives better results. I think for a lot of queries it does, not for all of course, but those instances are almost always because of my hardware budget.

I have $ $ 1,500 of hardware and Google has maybe around $ 50 million. Go figure. Since I don't have the money or resources to compete with Google right now , so I more or less rely on the sponsors and dropped crumbs. I rely on the difference in my scoring algorithms, my real-time indexing features and my dirt-bottom pricing structures to differentiate Mayukhs Search and it's products from Google. Yes, the large majority of the queries I serve come from the search feeds I supply to clients.

I haven't run into any problems yet. I've gotten some emails from someone claiming to work for the KGB telling me I need to remove a particular page from the index because it might endanger somebody. In those seemingly urgent cases I try to remove the page right away, but I'm also aware that it could be a competitor of the page being removed. The large majority of the time, however, everybody is being honest. Yes, Mayukhs Search does follow robots.txt.

Q. From a business perspective, Mayukhs Search carries no advertising? Is this a decision you plan to keep? How does Mayukhs Search make money?

Money is derived from selling search services on my products page. At this point I don't think I'll put up advertisements unless I need the revenue to support Mayukhs Search or myself.

Q. As someone with operational experience and programming skills, would you care to comment about what's wrong with web search today?

There's an incredible amount of room for web search improvement today. Search is just beginning. In a few more years I think search has the potential to displace operating systems as the most complicated program space in the market. There's still a good amount of innovation in the operating system space, but it is pretty well tilled soil. I think the search sector is just beginning and has much more room to grow than the operating system sector. An operating system will allow you to write a report, the search engine of the future will write the report for you.

Q. What are your longtime goals for Mayukhs Search? Do you see it more of a testbed for new ideas that you'll sell to others or market as enterprise search technology?

Once I finish my spell checker and some other things I really want to continue my work on some new and experimental algorithms that bring a fresh perspective to search. That is something that really interests me. My to do list is literally a quarter of a megabyte.

Thanks, Mayukh

For BBC News-Jo Twist

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

News submission?ending of your search for efficient News Publisher

News submission?ending of your search for efficient News Publisher

Have you tired of seeking single software that can fulfill all your news submission demands? Have you not gotten success in your aim? The News Publisher has been made by seeking this demand of the users regarding news submission. Though there are many soft wares over internet that fulfills some of the requirements but the only software that provides all specific features in it is News Publisher. News Publisher allows you to submit press release to 100 top rated press releases that cause the high ranking of your website as well. Whenever you do news submission to any of these websites, the News publisher generates its submission report in the form of pdf and html format. Suppose, if you are publishing press release on all of these 100 directories, you will be provided the report of all these submissions by News Publisher.

Even, you need not to register these websites as well. This task is also attempted by the News Publisher. For instance, if you want news submission and registration at the same time, you just have to provide your necessary information regarding your identity to the software and it will register your accounts and ultimately provide you a registration report as well. The problem of captcha recognition has also been solved by the developers of this software. Some other features that make it unique among all other news submission software are its support to hyperlinks and its pursuance of the editorial guideline castigated by each of 100 directories. Along with news submission to relevant category, it also includes the targeted keyword in each press release appropriately. In this way, it eradicates the chances of low traffic to your website.

All these things have done by this sole software automatically without any outer indulgence. Similarly, unlike all other news submission soft wares, this News Publisher facilitates you with life time support in every problem. Once you become the customer of this company, you will be provided not only lifetime support, but also all essential updates of new releases from the company. In this way, you will be able to know about all novel products made by the same developers for your ease as well. For the thorough information of the product, please click

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Build Backlinks That Will Help Your Rankings On Search Engines

Build Backlinks That Will Help Your Rankings On Search Engines

You should focus on creating high quality backlinks, but this process is easy and effortless to complete. Yes, you can create targeted backlinks by commenting on other niche related blogs. You might be thinking that creating all of those comments will take up too much of your time. But fortunately, this is where you will have to make a wise decision. You are allowed to put your link and name in your blog comments. It is vital that you comment on the right blog and do it correct. First of all, be certain the blog's topic is related to yours because your comments will appeal to other readers with this same interest.

Second, you should be certain that the blog has a high page rank because making comments on this type of blog will provide great backlinks that will be beneficial in more ways than one. Third, you don't want to comment on a blog that has a "no follow" tag. Basically, you want the search engines to give you credit for your backlink. You can locate many internet tools that will tell you whether or not it is a "no follow" blog. Finally, don't put your personal name in your comment's anchor text; only use the name of your product. Once you start tweaking this technique, you will realize that it has many possibilities. So, go on and try it out.

When you are building backlinks, things are better if you are unique and ethical with your methods. Creating Squidoo lenses and HubPages hubs is a wonderful way to get good backlinks to your website. These websites let you give knowledge to your readers via your own content. The plus point with them is that they allow you to post links in anchor text, which makes them a valid candidate for your link building venture. Don't exploit these sites by doing illegal things, but instead utilize them as a part of your link building success. Search engines will give your backlinks more ranking when they see than they are on sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages which have link juice. This means the pages you build through them will themselves rank well along with pushing your own website for your chosen keyword.

Finally, but just as impressive, you can opt to utilize press releases to get backlinks. All you need to do is to create press release and forward them to distribution services like PRWeb and PRWire, and see your backlinks increase. Lots of people say that SEO campaigns are reliant on backlinks if they want to succeed, and it's the truth. Just remember that more backlinks is the name of the game when it comes to gaining a higher spot in the serps.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

How To Use Backlinks To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

How To Use Backlinks To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Using link exchanges has always been a popular method for building website backlinks. Link exchanges have been used for numerous years. However, things have changed because the search engines have gotten smarter when it comes to ranking websites and now value one way backlinks more.

But, this doesn't suggest that reciprocal linking does not exist. You just have to be a little more slicker about link exchanges and steer clear of the wrong sites. There are websites that were created for the sole purpose of creating links, but don't bother using them. Instead, exchange reciprocal links with sites that are in the same niche as yours.

For instance, you might have a blog in the martial arts niche that focuses on judo training. You can locate other blogs that also talk about judo training and determine if there is an interest in reciprocal linking. When you do this, the search engines will have to go along with it because it is above board and relevant to your website. One other way that's great for getting backlinks is to utilize the social voting websites like Delicious. These sites have become highly popular in the past few years, making them the apple of Google's eye when it comes to high rankings.

Plus, the content on these sites is updated all the time and it's usually quality. Google will take sites like these and will make sure all eyeballs can see them, because the sites offer information people can use. The search engines really look up to them these days. What you should be trying to do is get the most out of these websites without people thinking you're just sending spam.

Last but not least, the best technique you can do to get as many links as possible is to create the kind of content that others want to add their links to.

Those sites that have hundreds of websites and blogs linking back to them provide quality content that people enjoy reading. If you want to get a fair idea of this method, just logon to and check out all those articles that got dugg the most. They are there because they offered high quality. If you can create content that's high quality and that people will find enjoyable, then backlinking will be one of the simplest things you've ever done. In summary, link building can be seen as a step by step process that gets complicated if you try to rush in and miss a few steps.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Search Engine Optimization - How to Maximize the Backlinks Click Through Rate

Search Engine Optimization - How to Maximize the Backlinks Click Through Rate

Promoting websites to increase the online sales is as important as promoting your products on TV or other media. The marketers who has experienced the online marketing outcome, they are always up to the industry trends to make up their web products as per on going development.

There are many ways to promote your web products online, like email marketing, CPM marketing (pay per impression, usually you pay for 1000 impression of your ad), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing (pay per click, cpm and content marketing), social bookmarking (book marking your important URLs or developing contents like Squidoo Lenses or Amplify or clipmarking and then reciprocating the links), press releases, article submissions, web directory listings, business directories listings.

In general, we used to divide the above activities into two main categories,

"Search Engine Marketing" 
"Search Engine Optimization"

But if you review the various marketing strategies you will find one common thing in all the activities is "Link Building" links pointing towards your own website to increase your keywords Ranking in the various Search Engines.

Various opportunities lies on the web to get the back links as discussed above, the important thing while back linking your website is to use the compelling and to the point associated text or description so that you will get a good Click Through for your overall links on the internet.

Most of the SEOs or the self SEOs they only bother to get maximum links back pointing but they never give importance to the description or the associated text that actually serve to increase the CTR of your links.

Let us take an example of Google AdWords Advertising, Google AdWords places ads on the right side of the page or top of the page of search results, While running an AdWords Advertising campaign you design the campaign in the following manner, select the keywords, write an add, plan your bids or budget, you also plan for countries or locations to display the adds.

While your advertisements are online the most important factors that influence your CTR is "the add placement and the text of the ad", If your text ad is not perfectly matching with user search query or text ad is some how loose or not grabbing the attention of the user, there are maximum chances that users will not click your ad.

Remember: Internet users are searching for right information and you are the one providing the information to the internet, If your information are not catchy or compelling you will not get any response from the users. While building the links, the most important thing is you have to leave the impression on the users and force them by impressive piece of information or writing to get clicked.

Your back links are an assets and you need to build your assets very carefully. On internet you will have abundant opportunities to build good links but remember don't loose the opportunity just by writing improper description. Social bookmarking web 2.0 properties are thousands out there to get the back links.

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Consultant, a well known figure in the Pay Per Click Marketing field and copywriting skills and has a great experience in successfully completing over 100s projects in the niche mainly through freelance assignments. Content based SEO skills are yet unparalleled and helped a lot of internet marketers and search engines professionals.

Monday, October 23, 2017

How to improve your site search

How to improve your site search

Making sure that your search engine makes it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for is business-critical. It is also very difficult - good search engines can cost an awful lot of money and require a lot of ongoing effort to keep them up to scratch.

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As an example: on Monday 12th December 2005, I wanted to buy a copy of Jamie Oliver's new cook book Jamie's Italy from So, I went to the "Books" section of their website and searched for "olivers italy" and these 9 items appeared on the results page:

1. "The American Tractor" by Patrick W. Ertel
2. "A Garden in Lucca: Finding Paradise in Tuscany" by Paul Gervais
3. "History in Exile: Memory and Identity at the Borders of the Balkans" by Pamela Ballinger
4. "Oliver Tractors" by Jeff Hackett, Mike Schaefer
5. "Wyoming (Moon Handbooks S.)" by Don Pitcher
6. "Wines of Australia (Mitchell Beazley Wine Guides)" by James Halliday
7. "All Music Guide to Jazz: The Definitive Guide to Jazz Music" by Ron Wynn (Editor), et al.
8. "Larousse Gastronomique: The World's Greatest Cookery Encyclopedia" by Prosper Montagne
9. "The Teacher's Calendar: The Day-By-Day Directory to Holidays, Historical Events, Birthdays and Special Days, Weeks and Months" by Holly McGuire (Compiler), et al.

Jamie Oliver's book didn't appear anywhere on the results page, even though it had been Amazon's 3rd best-selling book in the previous 24 hours.

The problem was that I had typed "olivers italy", instead of "oliver's italy" (which would have returned Jamie Oliver's at the top of the search results list). That single missing apostrophe was all that it took for Amazon's expensive search engine to splutter, fall over and fail.

So - if Amazon can't do it, it must be impossible, right?

Wrong - here are some things the boys & girls at Amazon could - and should - have thought about.

Two types of problems

There are two basic types of problems that a user can experience when they are searching for something:

- User-error - the correct search term is entered incorrectly (i.e. the user intends to enter a search term that would cause the search engine to return results that are relevant to their needs, but they enter it incorrectly).
- Search engine error - the wrong search term is entered (i.e. the user enters a search term that the search engine does not relate to their needs).

User error

People generally enter the correct search term incorrectly because they either:

- Don't know how to spell it.
- Have made a typing error

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It's important to realise that there are millions of potential customers who can't spell very well. For example, a 2003 survey of the literacy (i.e. reading and writing) estimated that there were 16% of English adults (aged 16 to 65-year-olds) had literacy levels no higher than those expected of an 11 year-old (source: The Skills for Life Survey).

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Search Engine Borrower

The Search Engine Borrower
Do you want to get ranked in search engines all over the internet? If you think that's impossible, this article will surely change your perception. Anyone can get themselves ranked just as long as they know the most effective way of doing it. As you read along, you will learn how to use a certain technique called The Search Engine Borrower for you to get on top of any search engine literally in just a matter of minutes. Sounds hard? Let me show you how.
First of all, it is important that you remember that someone already has the traffic that you want. For every search term, there are 10 results on each page and these people are getting the traffic that you want. You might wonder how these people got on top and how did they reach the place of being in the first few numbers of that very first page. There are a couple of ways on how to borrow their rankings and get free traffic really fast.
A really cool trick that works well is typing a search term and looking at the sites that come up for that term then look at what's available. The very first step that you need to do is to search your main keyword on Google. Look in your niche and find out where the traffic is then go after it. One aspect of the search engine borrower is by using social network sites like YouTube to get ranked. The second step is to find out who is listed. You can look up blog posts and book results for this because they allow you to get free traffic. The next thing is to look at how much traffic they're getting and ask yourself how you can utilize what's already there. You can think of a way that you can get yourself into these listings and then borrow their rankings.
There are a few more important points that you should keep in mind. First is to find a market which is very important since this is your basic need in order to move to the next step and then look for the people who already have your traffic. If it's YouTube, you can post comments. If it's a site that doesn't allow advertising, you can do a joint venture or purchase a link on their website. You may also contact them and tell them about what you are going to do just so you wouldn't look like a spammer. If it's a forum or bog, you can get involved in the conversation and if it's a directory site, you can submit your link.
Just following these few steps will help you achieve the rank that you want to be in through the list of sites that are already there. Keep these things in mind and you will always find your way through the ranked list and get the traffic that you want.

Christine Lugo works for Marcus Campbell; a successful internet marketer for more than 10 years now who has helped many people in the same business industry online. For more information, please visit

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Start Your Engines - Reverse Cell Phone Search Engines That Is - Paid Search Or Free?

Start Your Engines - Reverse Cell Phone Search Engines That Is - Paid Search Or Free?

There are companies providing reverse cell phone search, free. It is possible to find a person's name, address, and other information from public records just by entering a phone number into a reverse cell phone search engine. The problem with the free services is they have small databases and can lead to frustration.

I will give you a place with links to a couple of the free services at the end of this article. If you need to find the owner a number is registered to you have some choices. Usually the first choice is a free reverse look up. Most people start out searching these sites as it is only natural to want to find the info for free. However, these services are only a starting point. The information offered is limited because the database of phone numbers is generally small. They are small because they are derived only from public records. This means that few if any cellular numbers are included. The data also relies on consumer input and can be quite stale as people don't even know they can update their info on them. This can lead to frustration but not an end to your search.

The second option available, and preferable once you know what is going on, is to use a quality site that owns a vast database. These databases include all types of phone numbers including home, business, mobile, unlisted, toll free and pager numbers. Updates are applied regularly so the information is current. Cellular service providers charge these companies large fees to have access to the private databases. That is why they are so much more accurate in what they provide compared to the free option.

The small price paid for access is well worth it for the time saved alone. There are "one time search" as well as yearly options as far as the fee goes but if you plan on searching for than a couple numbers the annual fee is the better deal. The report generally includes the name, address and cellular carrier information. The search itself takes only seconds.

Click this link for -> Links to Free Searches. My top rated choice for doing a Cell Phone Reverse Lookup can be accessed by simply clicking this link ---> Cell Phone Listings . You can find out fast. CHECK IT OUT!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Job Search Engines - How to Find the Best Job Search Engine

Job Search Engines - How to Find the Best Job Search Engine

Are you looking for a job? Most of the people reading this would answer in positive. Every year bunch of students is passing out from the grad school and start looking for suitable jobs. What is the actual definition of suitable jobs? Different people have interest in different fields.

Some want to be doctors while others want to be lawyers. It is always very important to choose the field of your choice so that you can have complete job satisfaction and can make proper developments in your career. Today internet is one of the best ways to look for the jobs.

There are lots of job search engines present on the internet. But all these search engines might not be great. So it is always very important to look out for the best job search engines.

People usually want to know how they can find out which is the quality search engine. First of all it is important for you decide about the type of job you will be searching for. If you interested in government jobs then you can select the job search engines which specifically offers the list of the government jobs.

This will save you time because you will not have to filter the jobs from a varied list. Other than this, one of the best ways to find out the top job search engines is by performing a research.

You can take the help of the internet to perform the research. There are websites which can provide you with the names of the top search engines for job search along with their ratings. The experts even offer a review of these search engines.

Check out the most authentic review and find out the ranking of the job search engines. The experts can surely suggest you the best option. You can also ask for suggestion from people who have already got good job opportunities from the job search engines.

You must always remember that your career depends on the kind of job you get. It is always better to start with the beginner's job which will help you create some experience and this will surely enrich your resume.

You can also look for the search engines which offer to create a professional resume for you. Resume are always important in job search. It is quite difficult to create the kind of resume employers want without professional help.

Before joining a job search board you must check whether the membership is free or not. These boards usually offer free membership. You also need to check whether the job posted on the board are authentic or not. To find the top job search engines you need to be careful and you need to work hard.

You should remember that the best things in life do not come so easily. If you are looking for the executive jobs then you can check out the executive job search engines for a better result. These job search boards can connect you with your employer.

To learn about more job and career tips and to gain access to one of the internet's best job search engines featuring thousands of job listings, please visit Silas Reed, Writer for Hound, writes articles that inform and teach about different job profiles and career advice.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Upcoming Search Engine Expertise

Upcoming Search Engine Expertise
The current search engine expertise grants abundant scope for enhancement and the obligation is on chief search engines to transmit SEO expertise to the subsequently levels. A search engine is a software application that searches world wide web-sites for definite keywords and furnishes a catalogue of documents where the optimal keywords are recognized.

Actually, search engines exude a 'spider' to get back all possible pertinent documents. A program namely indexer scans these all documents and generates an index pertaining to those words that are enclosed in documents. It makes certain that just consequential results are revisited for every key-word search.

Search Engine progression:
Results of search engine are normally ranked and presented in array of relevancy. Search engine progression may be pithily stated as:
1) The searcher enters a query into a search engine germane to what he is searching for.
2) Then, search engine scrutinizes through possibly numerous millions of web-pages in its catalog to locate documents in reply to searched query.
3) Search engines execute the search exertion in a progression of ways - crawling, then indexing and processing, then judging relevancy and regaining - to fetch the best feasible results.

The definitive endeavor of search engines is to present quality results resourcefully and rapidly. Currently, several website visitors nitpick that performing a search is lucky to acquire straightforward results in chief search engines. Numerous computer experts concur that after conducting the longing search, one frequently continues the fingers traversed for the projected information to appear.

Actually, search engines are annoying to boost search results for better recognition of the objectives of searcher to drag more fitting and less inappropriate results. Factually, many searches even are oblivious how to etch correct query. Also, search engines are progressively charging more to business subscribers for services. They maneuver results in advertisers' favor and quite frequently regain stacks of immaterial information.

Vicinity for Enhancements in Search Engine Technology:

The role of a search is multipart but there is abundant scope for upcoming enhancement. The instantly exclusive vicinity for escalating search effectiveness comprises query caching, sub-indices creation and provision of smart disk. An undeniable obligation is there to advance chic algorithms to decide the aged web-pages that necessitate re-crawling and innovative pages that must be crawled. Another key upgrade is scanning images that must shortly be feasible with all search engines.

Search engines obligatory must confer consideration to fine-tune strategies like page rank, propinquity information and anchor text. The crucial pointed ambition of search engines must be to fetch true search results and clear-cut information around a swiftly budding World Wide Web. Search engines should re-erect the style for scanning web-pages, indexing and acting in-depth searches.

Depict circumstances where Google is proficient to continue trail and supervise the web-sites that a viewer views and retains a chronicle of all search queries. This sort of tailored information might deeply develop the validity of results presented by search engines to said visitors.

Matthew Smith works as an SEO expert with many successful websites. He often shares his secrets of how to get backlinks.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Avail Sem Services To Get Good Ranking In Search Engines

Avail Sem Services To Get Good Ranking In Search Engines
Considered as a form of internet marketing, search engine marketing tries to attain high visibility and online presence for your website on WWW (World Wide Web). The main aim of search engine marketing (SEM) is to represent your message efficiently and efficaciously, driving more traffic at your website and attain top notch rankings in the leading and prominent search engines. Few biggest Search Engine Marketing vendors are Yahoo!, Google Ad Words, and Microsoft Ad Center.

Each and every website tries to achieve top of the search engine results. Though, it has been extremely significant for website owners to build good ranking by properly taking care of search engine marketing services. For fetching best possible results, you can go for on page and off page search engine optimization. The process of search engine optimization is a more detailed procedure that requires consistent monitoring for good rankings in the search engines.

In fact, several website owners aid and approach search engine optimization companies to avail good results and rankings. Each and every search engine has different rules. Search engine marketing services are basically designed in such a manner to build and fetch best ever results in all search engines individually. In fact, SEM helps in depicting the strategies used to advertise and advertise on the web.

The gamut of search engine marketing services involves:

1-Content development and optimization Backed with skilled and talented content developers, Search Engine Optimization companies are responsible for creating rich and quality content and its optimization. The content written is grounded on the keywords suitable for that website. The content optimization is done by placing relevant keywords in the search engines, so that when anyone searches your company with the help of those keywords, he/she can reach your website through search engine results.

2.Link building Directed in the form of extra information in several websites, search engine optimization companies build links for a particular website. The links can be reciprocal or non reciprocal in nature.

3.Directory submission Directory submission is quite an innovative and different approach used by search engine optimization companies to create online presence and high visibility of websites amongst directories. is one of the best Search Engine Marketing provider company in Australia. Our Search Engine Marketing Services is always tend to give the best with merging our Search Engine Optimization.

Friday, October 6, 2017

How Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Organic Search Results Work

How Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Organic Search Results Work

The main advantage of Search Engine Optimization services is its ability to improve a client's online performance through search engine results and traffic to the site. The main two types are Organic results and "paid" or Sponsored Links.

Organic, also known as (natural), results are what appear in the search engines results page like Google. There is also no guarantee of higher page ranking in Google's organic search results, however taking strategies to implement keywords in as many ways as possible in the site either in the page titles or navigation will greatly help.

Positioning and relevancy is everything when it comes to a customer finding your landing page. Where in the past homepages was the central point for location of a site, this has now become more obsolete. New articles, blogs, news are all written on a daily basis and businesses would be advised to allow search engines to crawl their whole website rather than just their direct URL link.

Another technique to aid in the sites positioning is choosing an appropriate domain name for the business. Try to word it as easily as possible, something customers will remember. If possible try to combine a keyword or key-phrase in the domain name to give some indication of the types of products and services the company provides.

Paid advertising known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) provides about 20% for the sponsored or promotional links that search engines provide i.e. Yahoo! Sponsored Search or Google Ad words. Businesses pay to have their results shown up as paid listings in the search results in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage over others. The advantages to having paid advertising are the positioning in the search results and having more improved visibility.

This can also be an expensive option for the company at hand. As each pay-per click ads are charged to the company. Where they pay a set amount, which they specify when they make the ad, with a maximum amount they are willing to pay. So in turn this affects the positioning as the higher the positioning the more the budget costs of advertising. SEO can take a while to take effect and doesn't solely depend on the bidding price. PPC could be a benefit in the beginning if used correctly and efficiently as these listings are only a short-term solution.

PPC does not necessarily guarantee a consistently higher position. However this is not always the case as many customers skip the paid advertising sections and click on the organic results, which in turn receives about 80% of the market share.

Overall paid advertising can be a costly expenditure to a business and it would be much more beneficial to try and gain positions in the organic results as much as possible.

For solutions to SEO techniques and Pay-Per-Click advertising an excellent source would be this Website Design company based in Edinburgh, expert professionals in this field.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Google manipulates search results

Google manipulates search results

As more and more businesses strive for a top ten Google ranking, it's becoming harder and harder to achieve. This is especially true for smaller businesses that simply don't have the budget for a big link popularity campaign. But hope may be just around the corner. If a top ten ranking for your primary keywords has been eluding you, then read on!

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Google manipulates the results

Google is trialing an 'enhancement' to the way it displays its results. Instead of showing the top ten results for the exact words you enter, in the trial Google suggests three related results that you might want to check out. Where does it display these suggestions? It shunts (or replaces) results 6, 7 and 8 !!!

In this article, I refer to these results as 'intruders'.

To see some 'intruder' results in action, search for "piggy bank". Results 6, 7 and 8 are actually 'intruder' results; they're the top three results for the more specific, less popular search, "piggy bank lyrics". Google assumes that people searching for "piggy bank" will probably be interested in results of a search for "piggy bank lyrics".

On first impressions, it's tempting to think that this makes it harder to get into the top ten (because now it's really the top seven, and the last two results may be easily overlooked). But it may actually make it easier - especially for smaller businesses. Let me explain why...

The advantage for smaller businesses

It all comes down to who can rank in the top ten for the most popular searches - like "computers", "cars", "doctor", "pets", etc. For anyone in these industries, a top ten ranking for these keywords is the holy grail. Unfortunately, these sorts of searches are presently dominated by big corporations with hefty search budgets. Most smaller businesses don't even try to compete. Instead of focusing on these hotly contested keywords, small businesses tend to focus on much more specific keyword phrases - like "computers boston", "second hand cars ohio", "female doctor new england", "discount pets for children", etc.

Niche PLR Article Package

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But Google's trial may change that. Remember, it's replacing results 6, 7 and 8 of a popular, broad search with results 1, 2 and 3 of a less popular, more specific search. If the trial becomes a standard feature, a search for "computers" might well include three 'intruder' results from a search such as "computers boston". As discussed above, results 6, 7 and 8 are likely to belong to big companies, whereas results 1, 2 and 3 of the more specific search are more likely to belong to smaller businesses. Therefore, when the switch occurs, it's out with the big and in with the small!

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Related Google Ranking Articles

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Get First Search Engine Ranking?

How to Get First Search Engine Ranking?

This has always been one of those predicaments where the end user feels like scanning and going through all the available textbooks on that particular topic. The very question about making one's website so effective that it achieves first search engine ranking is good enough for the whole think tank top pull their hair out. But then there are those who work very hard to achieve the same and accomplish it effortlessly. This is because they have their basics right and never try too hard to do something highly innovative. They use the basics in that process, along with some creativity and well thought strategy to enhance the overall efficacy. This overall concoction that gets made suffices for the top search engine ranking. The search engine optimization campaign this way turns out to be the most effective and result yielding.


The very first thumb rule to get the first search engine ranking on the very first page is the usage of organic, ethical and white hat search engine optimization features. These features are recognized and acknowledged by search engines as well. This recognition ensures that search engines are fond of those websites that which are built through these features with all of them showing the results they should with the due course of time.


Search engine optimization is a concoction of features. The features are of varied type with each having its own purpose. Link building is used for establishing the connectivity of the website with various other sources. The links are spread all over and help the website connect to different sources so that more and more people get to know of the site and are able to associate and relate with it. Content is written and rewritten with keywords being positioned strategically so that people are able to locate the website at once. There is not much struggle involved in the same. The designs are implemented on the website to make it look attractive. They are a mix of creativity and strategy. The tags and the bookmarks follow. They are done at appropriate places for the end user to locate them well.


These are some very basic things that ought to be done to ensure the campaign is on track. The results start flowing in within no time and the website can be seen gradually going up on the search engine ranking ladder. Following these stated measures will at least ensure one thing if not many; you stay on the right course towards seeing your website become a big success story.


The website optimized through these methods is sure to go onto achieve something very big and will in all possibility achieve the top rank. It will never be the same and will do exceptionally well over the web ensuring in the process that the administrators behind it make a lot of money and are able to see good things coming ahead of them. Keeping it simply without going overboard is the trick, uncover it.

The author is associated with First Search Consultancy, which provides best SEO at nominal cost with guaranteed top search engine ranking. Know them better from UK discussion forum at First Search Consultancy - First page on Google.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Make Money Marketing People Search Engines

Make Money Marketing People Search Engines

If you're reading this article, then you are either in the field of internet marketing, or you want to be, or you're doing some sort of engine people search, and you came across this by accident. The latter wouldn't be that far of a stretch because there are so many people related searches being done on the internet today. Which is precisely why I am writing this article. So if you didn't know how big this niche is, or even if you did, you probably want to hear what I have to say.

It was just a few short months ago that I was just getting involved with marketing people searches done via various means. I had known that there were many searches being done, and I had seen various companies at ClickBank looking for affiliates to help market their product. What I didn't know is that one third of all searches performed on Google and Yahoo are people related. That's when I decided I would really throw myself into this field.

Well, that's just part of the story. I started marketing reverse cell phone lookups, and was having some success with that. As most affiliate marketers know, this type of marketing, if done through search engine optimization, can take some time to get really rolling. Then I was about to move on to another niche, when I, by total coincidence, came across something that would change the direction I was heading towards.

While I was doing some research for the next niche I was going to market, I came across a few companies that were marketing more than just one different type of search. It was then that I saw the really awesome potential here. I just didn't have enough time on my own, to be able to make as much money as there sure seemed to be the potential to make. However, I decided to temporarily, not move on to the next niche. I decided to see if I could find a company that had already been where I was right at that moment. Surely, there was someone who had found a way to truly maximize this potential. Surely there was someone who had figured out how to be efficient, because that way I could make the most out of my time.

After searching and searching, I did find a company that is truly ahead of their time. This company is called Acme People Search. They are a company that saw this burgeoning market, and put together quite an impressive way of making money by giving people their own search engine websites. From these sites, one can make money by marketing all types of searches, as well as getting people to join as marketers, and thus, add them to their streams of income through hosting company affiliates. Do you want to learn more about this amazing company! Go here, If You're Curious!

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Pros of Social Media to Local Search Marketing

The Pros of Social Media to Local Search Marketing

Every now and then I bumped into entrepreneurs asking if there really is a need to engage in social media given that we have enough existing venues for local search marketing. To them I say in business, there is never enough for everything. New ways are by themselves, opportunities to move your business up the notch.

Why then is it essential to use social media for local search marketing? Social media is undeniably the latest platform for promoting your business online by developing links and connection and subsequently generate traffic. It is excellent for local search marketing because of the following:

These days, practically everyone has his or her social media profile. It is actually a repository of just about any niche that you can choose and sort to your business advantage.

Generate more traffic. You can augment your other local promotion by tapping into social media to increase more leads. If you can get people to hear your thoughts and comments in various forums and communities, it wont be long before they will search you out further for more information. Consider this therefore as the highlight of your local search marketing, you being able to drag your targeted niche to your website.

Social network for local search marketing allows high interactive chance between you and your targeted clients. Social network is one of the most effective media to evaluating what your customers think about your products and services. If they like it, they will tell you and even share their thoughts with other people in their network.

You could capitalize on this to drive more clients into trying out your products and services. If they do not like it, they will also tell you about your low notes. You can take their comments and improve your products to suit their needs and demands.

Social network is critical in relating to your target niche. The keyword here is "share" and most definitely, the very essence of social media and Internet for that matter is "info sharing". To give you're a better edge and earn their trust, you need to reach out well to your target niche. It is too expensive to organize events offline but with the Internet, you can easily start forum topics and community discussions and even events where your target niche can gather up and share their thoughts.


Explore more useful ways on how to boost your business via local search marketing. For more 
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Search engine optimizing - Essential for a website

Search engine optimizing - Essential for a website

Previously it was not a big deal to run a business effectively but with the advent of technology it has become quite a hectic task to accomplish because now there is a trend of online business. Most of the people assume that just by owing a website on internet can make them earn more profits but you must know that without optimization a website can do nothing. Search engine optimizingis necessary for optimizing a website on search engines in order to get highest ranking because before visiting a website they check its position on the top ten ranking lists. Content of a website needs to be impressive and informative so that it can be appreciated by the visitors and above that keywords relevance is also an important factor. If the keywords are appropriate then it becomes easy for spiders to determine rank of a website.


Search engine optimizing is an essential need for making a website popular among the masses because it takes in to consideration all the important aspects required for enhancing the rank of a website. It should be done by an efficient professional so it is necessary for you to choose the suitable company for getting your website optimized. SEO New York is one of those companies which can provide best services to you for inviting prolific traffic to your website. Search engine optimizingis a tool for developing the standard of a website. It is not always true that all search engine optimizers charge a huge amount for providing their services as some professionals also avail their services at cheaper rates. Designing of a website matters a lot for its success as every visitor gets attracted towards it automatically. Themes of web pages should be in accordance with the aim of establishing a website.


Search engine optimizingis to be done in a way that should take a website on the top most position of ranking lists of search engines. Whenever an online user navigate a website in order to extract any kind of information from there then there are number of web pages which shows the required content according to the keywords mentioned by the user. So you must use relevant keywords for your website in order to make it convenient for spiders to find out the ranking for it. There are a number of companies who are concerned with providing best services for optimizing a website on search engine but if you want that existence of your website should be unique then find out the best one among all. You can log on to various websites which contain information about the services and charges of search engine optimizers working in well reputed firms.


It can be concluded from the above information that search engine optimizingis an essential requirement for inviting ample of traffic on a website. This technique is adopted to enhance the standard of a website in the ranking list of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. So what are you waiting for? Just go and consult an optimizer for your website.


James Taylor is famous Search Engine Optimization expert and he shares his knowledge on SEO. If you want to know about search engine optimizing, search engine optimization New York, seo optimization, search engine optimizing, SEO New York.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

PPC Search Engine Management to Boost Your Business

PPC Search Engine Management to Boost Your Business

Pay Per Click management services are mainly involved in handling the PPC campaign of your business/website. However, along with it, they usually also offer other services such as pay per impression, article submission/marketing, SEO, SMO and other related services. Consequently, they are able to increase the traffic to your website. Although, the end result is due to the combined efforts of various techniques employed PPC i.e. Pay Per Click is a major contributor towards the achieved results.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a type of internet marketing wherein you pay a stipulated amount to a search engine for every click on your ad. These ads are created targeting certain keywords and appear alongside the search results irrespective of the ranking of your website. It is to be noted that the ads will be displayed for free and you will have to pay only when a user clicks on it. So to speak, the visibility of the ad is free! PPC is widely considered to be one of the most effective internet marketing techniques to obtain quick and valid results. Needless to say, it is being opted by many businesses.

PPC management services

With many businesses using the PPC marketing technique, you should be able to step into the picture with a difference. Various factors contribute towards the success of a PPC campaign and some of the major ones include the keyword selection, the placement of ads and the management of the campaign as a whole. There is no formula-based strategy and the strategy needs to be adapted as per the changing scenario of the market. The results need to be monitored regularly, along with the trends of the market; the competitors etc and future decisions need to be based on them. Thus, it demands the expertise and full-time effort of a professional team. There are various PPC consultant firms who can guide you with the appropriate PPC campaign strategy, SEO firms and various other aspects pertaining to PPC services as well as internet marketing techniques. It would be beneficial to do some research on individual company, their prices etc before making establishing a deal with them.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at a leading Pay Per Click management services firm. We have years of experience as a PPC consultant company and offer PPC services services to worldwide clients.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Convenience of PDF Search Engines

The Convenience of PDF Search Engines

The PDF file was actually developed by Adobe Systems during the earlier part of the 90s. An acronym for Portable Document Format, the PDF file's primary purpose was the representation of 2D or 2-dimensional documents in such a way that these would be independent of both device and display resolution. The huge advantage of the PDF file is actually the fact that it can be read by almost all web browsers circulating the industry on most devices as well. And over the years, because of the convenience brought about by the PDF file, sit has actually been one of the preferred file formats used by a lot of industries, such as colleges, medical institutions, even governmental jurisdictions. With all the PDF files existing all around, it becomes a must to know the basics on using PDF search engines.

If you think about it, it is no longer much of a surprise how institutions prefer to convert their files into PDF files. This is because the PDF file is so flexible - in such a way that it can store so much information. However, there are still risks entailed here. This is because just about anyone can access any PDF file, as long as that person has a computer and a little background on how to retrieve such files.

Another major drawback that these PDF files have is the fact that only one file can be searched at a time. And you can do this by means of only the "find tool" built within the document. So, if you need to do a manual search of phrases and words that occur across several PDF files, you need to do this over and over again. You need to access the built-in "find" feature and then view all results brought about individually. You can just imagine how time-consuming this must be - not to mention how tedious!

But all of that was way before. It is indeed a good thing that software developers realized how much of an inconvenience this was for PDF users. So much more that the file is preferred by thousands of users all over the world! The result? The development of new generation software that allows you to do searches across multiple files! This time around, this software, which basically functions just like your typical search engine, gathers a cache of multiple PDF files. The software then reviews all of the files and then the multiple results are then presented. The search results you get from Google or Yahoo are pretty much what you would get from this search engine as well.

But what is even better about these search engines is the fact that you do not need to limit yourself to PDF files. This is because the search engine can retrieve other file formats for you as well. And all of these searches can even be done simultaneously!

Having a PDF search engine is indeed handy, especially during times when this particular file format is preferred by so many people all over the globe.

If you are interested in PDF Search Engine, check this web-site to learn more about adobe find engine.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

7 Search Engines That Stand Out In 2010

7 Search Engines That Stand Out In 2010
With Google holding its position as king of search, and with Google intending to hold on to that position, there is in the shadows of the Internet thousands of alternative search engines fighting to get a piece of the lucrative marketplace for Internet search.

The English language market for search is dominated by a few big behemoths. According to a report by comScore the market in October 2009 was dominated by Google (65.4%), Yahoo (18.0%), Microsoft (9.9%), Ask (3.9%) and AOL (2.9%), followed by MapQuest, eBay, craigslist, Fox, MySpace, Facebook and Amazon.

With the search market valued at $ 300 Billion that makes every single 1% worth $ 3 Billion when selling the company and you would do well by taking just a 0.1% slice of that cake. The number of start up search engines is only going to increase with everyone wanting a slice of the market.

This is the top 7 search engines that the 2010 blog headlines are likely to gossip around. New or old, all of them have in common that they deliver good search results and they have been innovating in 2009.


With two ex Googlers, Anna Patterson and Russell Power, in the management and by claiming to be the worlds biggest search engine Cuil has a lot to deliver.

Overloaded servers that generated low quality search results hampered the initial 2008 launch giving Cuil a lot of negative media attention but of you try a search today you'll find the search results are really good and there is an explore by category function that is among the best I've seen.


The search engine with the silly name and a cute interface combines Yahoo BOSS, Wikipedia and it's own crawler DuckDuckBot to create both hard information in a Zero-click information box, categories to further refine searches and of course the actual search results.

DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg and is a private venture that has been growing steadily during 2009. I think this search engine has a clear niche carved out for itself, watch out for what they do in 2010


A totally cool search engine, Spezify. It renders the search results as newspaper clippings spread out on the screen with a mix of photos and quotes from web pages. Instead of clicking to and from between websites to decide which one provides you a solution you can read the brief clippings and get a decent enough overview that you often can choose the right website on the first or second try.

Spezify is very handy tool for brainstorming. Just type in any keyword and you'll get a ton of ideas for a new article or blog post.

Secret Search Engine Labs

This is a search engine that does not try to rank sites the same way as the big three, G-Y-B. As Google gives priority to mature and large sites, many new, small and relevant sites are hard to find in their search results. Secret Search Engine Labs ranks sites based on page contents and links using their trademark CashRank algorithm to filter out questionable content.

Secret Search Engine Labs was initiated in 2007 by Simon Byholm, a software engineer and entrepreneur from Finland, and in addition to relevant and novel search results it aims to provide tools and info for webmasters on how webpages are ranked.


Bing is a re-branded Microsoft's Live Search that was previously MSN Search. With a forceful marketing campaign Microsoft has managed to grab almost 10% of the marketplace for search. The media attention surrounding the re-launch has fueled innovation adding new functions like the daily changing background photo, suggested topics and popularity trends.

With Microsoft working fiercely to increase Bing's market share you need to watch them closely during 2010.


With a management team with backgrounds Topix, Google, AOL and Netscape Search this start-up search engine is as secretive as Google about what they will do and when.

We are still waiting for Blekkos official launch. It was promised for the end of 2009 though so you can expect it to make some serious news in 2010. We can only hope it's exciting news.


Monitter is not a traditional search engine but a real-time Twitter search where you can keep an eye on several keywords and see all tweets containing those keywords in real time as they are tweeted. When you have a need to monitor you niche or area of expertise or if you just want to keep an eye on the conversation this is a neat tool.

What About The Rest?

Chances are you know that Google is innovating and there is no doubt they will make some noise in 2010. Wolfram Alpha is fascinating as it is the only major search engine that makes the results from data.

There's a horde of social, real time or just odd search engines starting up and there's no telling if one of them develops into the next Twitter and grabs it's share of the search market. You will find info on most of them in this list of search engines, in this other search engine list or on a blog that reviews just about every new search engine launched.

After many years of Google - Yahoo - Microsoft rule there is now signs of radical changes to the search landscape. There's new technology sprouting like mushrooms in every corner of the Net. New search engines using social networks, visual presentation, new semantic algorithms and real-time results to stand out from the crown are popping up everywhere. The result, even if we don't get a new top three, is that the ruling behemoths will have to keep innovating to keep up with the crowd and in the end we'll get a better search experience.

Simon Byholm is the founder of an alternative search engine that strives to provide fresh search results on a small budget. Webmasters can use the add url form to include their site in the index.