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Monday, October 23, 2017

Finding Free Scrapbooking Layouts

Finding Free Scrapbooking Layouts
Free scrapbooking layouts can be downloaded from various websites or they can be directly printed to serve as a page support for a nice album. Why do people prefer ready-made layouts instead of working out some of their own? Well, it's a matter of whether you have a few hours for the task or not. Choosing the right photo arrangement with the right background and leaving space for quotes, poems or messages take time and lots of adjustments. The scrapbooking tasks become less time consuming when you have ready made layouts.

Before you can make up your mind on how to make the album, consult other sketches, examples and scrapbooking galleries. There is plenty of information for scrapbookers on the Internet and you will find it most rewarding and detailed. Another difference that influences the availability of free scrapbooking layouts is the type of the project you commit to, digital or traditional. Digital and traditional scrapbooks differ a lot, particularly particularly because of the materials used.

As long as you work with digital photos, free scrapbooking layouts are not difficult to use. The necessary software tools are incorporated in the websites, and there are tutorials or help sections to show you how to create the albums. Digital free scrapbooking layouts can also be printed and used for regular scrapbooking. As a matter of fact lots of albums are created digitally and then printed into paper format.

Paid scrapbooking layouts are another option. The truth is that people are not too willing to pay for scrapbooking layouts. Websites usually offer supplies for free, because they depend on advertising. Lots of websites that provide free scrapbooking layouts also sell scrapbooking supplies. Variety rules on the Internet, that's for sure.

Choose between the digital or printable layouts. This will give you an idea about what your album pages should look like. Perhaps digital applications are more popular, but regular albums preserve their reputation too. Yet, if you prefer PC technology over paper and scissors, you depend on some basic appliances. You just need a Internet access, a computer, a scanner and a printer, which are pretty much available in any average home.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Scrapbooking More Than 2 Photos on a Page

Scrapbooking More Than 2 Photos on a Page

Scrapbooking layouts can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Often layouts become artistic masterpieces in themselves - regardless of the photo used. The embellishments and techniques which can be used is limitless. This scrapbooking creativity works wonderfully well for one or possibly two photos on the layout. What do you do then, if you want to include more than 2 photos on a page? Magazines are wonderful places to browse for inspiration but most of the layouts published are for less photos and more embellishments.

To create memory masterpieces with several photos can be quite easy. You need to think creatively yourself and allow your own individualism to shine through. Some suggestions which will help with this include:

Create 'collage' photo layouts. These collages can look extremely effective if done correctly. To create collage masterpieces:
1.Don't try to add every photo you have, just for the sake of it. This can look very 'scrappy' and childlike in it's appearance.
2. Do use photos with a similar theme or from the same event. This creates consistency in the layout, making it easy on the viewer who can scan the layout and see the whole story, then look closer and see the details of the individual photos.
3. Use 4-5 full size (4x6) photos positioned to allow space for a title or embellishments on one side or corner of the page.
4. Overlap the photos to eliminate distracting elements.
5. Crop the important details from lots of photos and fit them in like a jigsaw. This does require a lot of patience but does look very effective if done with an eye for detail and artistic balance.
6. Keep the 'extra's' simple. Focus on the memories and photos with the extra embellishments just that - embellishing the main focus.
7. Keep in mind what you are recording - holiday, event, childhood, family etc. Allow this to dictate the theme and feel of the layout.

Corinna Rhodes is the inspiration behind Easy Scrapbooking Ideas which is a place where you can come and gain some creative inspiration. You can see what is happening in the scrapbooking world and find links to many other wonderfully creative sites as well. If you want your scrapbooking layouts and photography to contain that 'WOW' factor then you must visit

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