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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sure-Fire Tips For Your Scrapbook Layouts

Sure-Fire Tips For Your Scrapbook Layouts

Don't you know that scrapbooking is not just a hobby but it somehow considered as a craftsmanship? You might even find some other people who had this as a hobby before, turned out to be business entrepreneurs now, in this line of industry. We may find people that are inclined into designing their scrapbook with all those art materials available, but what we really don't take account of is the lay out of the scrapbook that you are going to create. We should be aware that these layouts are important to bring more life to one's personal scrapbook.

There are scrapbooking layouts available where you may need to pay for it to guide you, although you will also be able to come across those that you don't have to spend that much money for, and these, you can get through online research. Have you ever tried going online to look for free scrapbook layouts? You'll find a lot of options that may help you out in getting an idea for the possible layout that you may want to use for your scrapbook.

If you would like to take advantage of this, all you have to do is to type in the topic on your browser, and then check out what your options are. These free layout designs for your scrapbook may be available for you to edit according to your preference. You can crop and resize objects included in the lay out, and have them go according to your own choosing. You may follow the standard size of the whole layout, but you can also modify it according to how you want it to show on your scrapbook.

In Creating Your Scrapbook Layouts

Now having very good ideas that you can look into via online, you can now be more creative in creating your own layout for your scrapbook. All your materials must be available on sight, so all you need to think of is the concept for the layout itself. What is important about the whole layout material on scrapbooks are the colors and the sizing. Everything should fit perfect, that it should allow to show the essence of the other images that are included on every page layout.

Do not forget about adding some shapes as a dimensional image in the background, together with some accents that are according to the theme of your scrapbook. If you are to add in the photo's, you have to make sure that they are in an order where there is some sense of relation, with each other.

It is not so difficult to create a layout for your scrapbook, you'll just have to imagine what should it look like, and then be more creative in adding some art stuff on it.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Layouts and Scrapbook Elements

Layouts and Scrapbook Elements

Whether you are looking to improve on your scrapbooking skills or even just wondering where to get started, here is some information on what a good scrapbooking layout should contain.

Most scrapbook layouts will have these elements, even though each page is different: photographs, embellishments, cardstock, memorabilia, patterned paper, journaling and of course your title.


A title will tell your readers what your page is about. It can be both creative and functional. Titles come in many different forms, including rub-ons, stickers, cardboard, die cuts or wood. Don't forget your handwriting could also be wonderful and creative.


Because the essence of scrapbooking is preserving your memories for future generations, journaling is the writing that tells your reader what the page is about, or other details that may be forgotten such as dates, or even people's names.


Your scrapbook wouldn't quite be a scrapbook without them. The photographs make up the centre piece of the story that you are trying to convey. It is totally up to you how many photographs you want to include in your layout. Try to stick to the same theme or occasion.


Embellishments are like decorations to use on your layout. These could include flowers, buttons, stickers, ribbons or whatever you fancy that suit's the theme of your scrapbook layout.


The bits that you want to add to your scrapbook layout that form part of your story are called memorabilia. These could include souvenirs from events like museum cards, brochures, menu's, and even old letters written by loved ones.


Cardstock is usually the base of any scrapbook page layout. The most popular layout size is 12 x 12 inches. Cardstock comes in many forms and colors. To make a double page, just use two sheets side by side. Cardstock is also often used to matt photographs or frame photographs within your layout.

Patterned Paper:

Patterned paper is used to decorate your layout and also to complement your theme. This can be found in either paper weight or cardstock weight and there are so many different varieties available, you will find something for every occasion. A note for new scrapaholics. Always remember to use acid free products, as you want your scrapbook to last. Look for products that are labeled acid free or lignin free. This means that the process of card and paper manufacture has been regulated to neutralize acid and remove lignin. Both these elements can cause your scrapbook layout to deteriorate over time.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Scrapbook Layouts For Digiscrapping

Scrapbook Layouts For Digiscrapping

I guess you could say that I'm fairly new to the digital side of scrapbooking. While I've been doing traditional scrapbooking for many, many years, I have only just recently delved into the digital realm and begun creating my own unique layouts using computers to aid in my designs. I have found that while this style of scrapping doesn't have the same tactile familiarity as traditional scrapping, the final product is somewhat easier to make clean and neat.

The textures and scents of things - the way paper feels in your hands, or the smell of the adhesives and glues (I'm not talking about getting high here, so don't start!) are some of the things that have grown on me over the years. I'm used to getting in and getting my hands dirty and really playing around with the physical components to each design, so it's a little bit of a struggle to get my head around having everything inside a flat screen in front of me. I feel like it's all so far away, and sometimes want to reach into the monitor and touch what's inside.

One of my favorite tools for manipulating digital imagery is Adobe Photoshop, an expensive program by any standards, but one that I luckily have the use of through my husband's business. I would consider myself a beginner with the software, but even while using other specific digiscrapping programs I find that Photoshop is best for touching up pictures, cropping, and doing my own basic background, texture, and pattern designs.

The main thing to remember when scrapping in a digital format is that no matter what kinds of colors or visual depth you try to create, your designs are always going to come out completely flat until you add physical decoration of some kind. Often scrapbooks can become thick and the pages separated when you have many designs which incorporate some type of "three-dimensional" object, whether it be a raised button or some other object that sits up off the top of the page. Doing designs digitally and then adding physical objects later is called "hybrid scrapbooking," and in fact this is what I have been doing most often these days. If you know your tools and can incorporate both digital and physical elements, you can create some pretty nifty designs. Happy scrapping!

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