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Friday, July 28, 2017

How Quality Score Impacts Your Bottom Line

How Quality Score Impacts Your Bottom Line

When you look at the paid search market these days, there is a significant difference between what happened in the past. The price that is given for PPC activities is no longer similar to the bid price. Google for instance has introduced Quality score that creates a lot of confusion for the advertiser. There are a multitude of additional factors that play a role in affecting the final cost per click.

Therefore, as a business user it is important to make sure that these factors are understood and worked accordingly so that there are improvements in your bottom line. When you subscribe for PPC activities make sure to understand quality score and its impact on paid search campaigns.

The factors that drive the quality scores and strategies used on optimizing quality score will drive your actual PPC campaign in a successful manner. The quality score does not allow you to understand what your actual price will be once you go for an Adwords campaign. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you optimize your ads, keywords, and the landing pages so that there is optimal quality score available for your use.

The average quality score is simply an indicator. If you focus your ad campaign to be more granular then it is possible to increase CTR through lowering of CPC for the same position of the advertisement. This in turn helps play a positive role in increasing your ROI. Make sure to understand the balance between CTR and CR with respect to average sale. Your optimization activity has to focus on ROI.

Lower CPC will also allow you to get hold of more clicks and more impressions within the same budget. Therefore, it is important to take all these factors into consideration when you design your PPC campaign. First, have an idea regarding the kind of keywords available with you. Every niche or domain has a different set of keywords and within that a set of high ROI keywords. The inclusion of too many keywords in your campaign will work in a negative manner to lower your quality score.

If you are looking at a better quality score then make sure to offer fewer keywords that are essential for your PPC campaign. The most important thing to remember here is the fact that these keywords perform the best for your KPI so that it can be made more profitable. Therefore, try to include the more volume producing keywords in your campaign.

The impact of these keywords is what essentially drives your quality score as compared to 100 long tail keywords. The long tail one does not work in a favorable manner and does not produce much ROI in any case. There is a belief that quality score is dependant on CTR. However, that is just one of the factors and not the correct assumption. CTR tends to be the largest component present among all the factors for creation of quality score. Branded keywords tend to push the quality score through the provision of high CTR's.

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Improving Your Quality Score in Google AdWords Campaign

Improving Your Quality Score in Google AdWords Campaign

You have to understand what quality score means in a Google AdWords campaign.  You can reduce cost whole gaining tremendous online publicity and presence for your business when you are able to improve your quality score in an AdWords campaign.


Defining What Quality Score Is

In an AdWords campaign, quality score is the score anywhere from 1 to 10 that rates the popularity and effectiveness of your keywords.  A score of 1 is the lowest you can get while at the opposite end of the spectrum, 10 represents that quality score that every business strives hard to achieve.


How Quality Score Works

Each AdWords campaign launched by businesses is presumed to be built around keywords that businesses find relevant for their respective campaigns.  By and large, quality score rates the relevance of the keywords you have chosen to use for your AdWords campaigns to the page that your ads appear and how your ads are sending the users to.


Logically, the higher the relevance of your keywords or your AdWords is, the higher your quality score can shoot.


How to Improve Your Quality Score

In improving your quality score in Google AdWords campaign, you have to build your web pages consistently.  All the pages should be optimized with the keywords that you have chosen carefully.  You also need to make sure that the keywords are used relevantly in producing web pages that are substantial and useful to your target market.


A useful tip is to include the keywords in your web address or URL, headings, as well as in your advertisement descriptions.  You have to make sure that with your keywords, the traffic that you earn to your site can actually find your product or service useful and relevant to their needs and wants.


When you have an improved quality score in your Google AdWords campaign, you can start to spend less for paying per click and earn a favorable to top position in the search engine results.  Aim to shoot your AdWords campaigns high and enjoy all the benefits in launching successful AdWords campaigns with high quality scores now.


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