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Friday, November 17, 2017

Public Versus Private Schools

Public Versus Private Schools

Deciding on your child's education is one of the most important thing that you will do for your child. Choosing which school your child goes to can mean a great potential future for your child or a future that is very cloudy and pessimistic. Therefore choosing which school, either private or public school, can have serious repercussions. Here are some tips to help you make your decision for your child's future.

1. Private colleges or schools are more expensive

A private school is very expensive compared to a public one. With private education facilities, it can cost you up to $ 10,000 or more a year to provide schooling for your child. This can increase even more if your child is required to do an extra-curricular activity that involves you spending more money on such things as equipment hire or uniform. Public education facilities are generally for free or you may have to pay a small sum.

2. Private education facilities generally have better facilities and equipment

With private education facilities, the facilities and equipment are generally much better quality than public ones. With public schools, you may have to rely on school chairs and tables that are about ten or fifteen years old. With private schools, equipment are generally more new and well looked after.

3. Smaller classroom sizes

Public schools tend to have very large classroom sizes. Private schools tend to be the opposite and have smaller class room sizes. Smaller classroom sizes give students a better education as students are given more attention and care than public ones. Students are also given more one to one interaction which generally gives the student a better education.

4. Entry requirements

Entry requirements are more stricter for private education facilities. In fact, most private schools require students to pass an entry exam for eligibility. Public schools tend to have no entry requirements at all. It is much easier to enter a public education facility than any other private education facility

5. Specialist subjects or programs

Certain schools offer specialist subjects or programs. For instance, most private education facilities offer religious studies such as Christianity, where else publics schools don't. But, some public schools offer special programs like music or sports programs which are significantly better than any other education facility. Hence, if you want your child to be educated in a certain subject or program, then it is best that you find more further information about the facility your child will enter.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Advantages to Private Schools

Advantages to Private Schools

Many parents with children in Ottawa Carleton schools are beginning to realize that the public schools are not necessarily the best way to prepare their children for the future. They also realize they have other options - independent and private schools in Ottawa.

Here are some of the advantages an Ottawa Private School Education has to offer:

Smaller Class Size

Having fewer students may not seem like a major issue, but when you consider the fact that it means teachers are able to give students more individualized instruction, it makes a big difference. Children in Ottawa private schools experience more one on one interaction, are enthusiastically encouraged to learn, and as a result do far better than those who are taught as just another member of a large class. Unfortunately, teachers in public elementary schools in Ottawa who are overwhelmed by too many students are not as effective, and in some cases may barely remember a student's name, much less be aware of his needs. Smaller classes in Ottawa private schools give teachers, as well as classmates, a chance to develop deeper personal relationships.

Fewer Disciplinary Issues

Ottawa private schools have far fewer disciplinary issues to contend with, and the numbers play an important role. With fewer students, there are going to be fewer problems, but there are other reasons as well. Since these schools are not required to accept students or retain them, they can simply remove disruptive students. Public elementary schools in Ottawa cannot readily utilize this option, since public education is considered an entitlement. In addition, when parents are required to pay for their children's education, they are more likely to insure that their child behaves and does the work.

More Parental Involvement

When parents pay for their children's education, they enjoy more of the advantages of private schools, because they have a say in how things are done. When children attend public school, parents who voice concerns frequently complain of being treated as "nuisances." In the Ottawa private school setting, they are paying customers. The tuition factor enables other advantages of private schools, such as well-maintained campuses, and excellent books and learning materials.

Higher Percentages of Ottawa Private School Students go on to College and University

These schools offer highly competitive curriculums geared toward preparing students for further education and employment. They work with students and parents to prepare each child for the future. Ottawa private school students fare better on standardized exams, and are often far ahead of their public school counterparts at the same grade level.

If your child does not seem to be reaching his full potential, you should learn more about the advantages that private schools in Ottawa Ontario can offer your child.

If you have made the decision to enroll your child in an Ottawa private school, you have taken a step towards providing your child with the best possible education. The next step is to choose the right Ottawa school, and you have many private schools to consider. To learn more about the different options available for your child, visit

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day Care and Private Schools

Day Care and Private Schools

Have you been searching for the perfect day care facility in the Ottawa area? Have you considered an Ottawa private school with a structured academic program? Did you know that 100% of Junior and Senior Kindergarten fees are tax deductible? And, that most private schools offer before and after school care programs - a great convenience to working couples!

Research shows that children between the ages of three and five are at critical stages of development. Experiences in these early years "provide a foundation for language, reasoning, problem-solving, social skills, and behavioural and emotional health" (Coleman, Buyse & Neitzel, 2006). Early learning programs have proven to benefit all children, regardless of socio-economic status, and potentially the benefits last for many years into the child's school career.

This same study also indicates that to maximize this positive outcome, the program must occur frequently and have a significant duration - the longer the duration, the more significant the outcome. Although some benefit will occur with infrequent attendance, the research suggests that daily programming over an extended period of time is preferable.

Other positive outcomes of full day, structured, learning programs included; less grade repetition, fewer referrals to special education resources, higher graduation rates, and an increased likelihood of attending and completing a college or university program. These same children also experienced later health and social gains including lower rates of teen pregnancy and smoking, a smaller likelihood of receiving welfare as adults, and a greater likelihood of being homeowners with higher income and lower rates of unemployment.

Many parents overlook programs offered by local private schools and opt for day care centres or nursery schools with minimal structured learning time not realizing that most Ottawa private schools offer complete academic programs for these young minds - many also offer complete bilingual programs. Why not take advantage of the tax deduction available to you and give your child a head start?

Parents of young children have an important decision to make when it comes to their child's education. To learn more about the different options Ottawa private schools offer, visit Our goal is to match your child with the school that will best suit their individual needs.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

School Blogs Can Revolutionize Schools

School Blogs Can Revolutionize Schools

School blogs can transform virtually every aspect of school life. I appreciate that's a bold claim but I'm going to back it up with some illustrations. I am also going to show you how easy it is to set up a complete school blogging platform with no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Before I go any further though, let me define what I mean by school blogs. Although blogs may have started out rather like online diaries, software such as WordPress (yes, it's a version of WordPress that I am going to recommend) is quite capable of creating complex websites incorporating multimedia elements. The WordPress platform makes the production of engaging content as simple as using a word processor, allowing users to focus on content. It also allows readers to interact through comments and this is one of the main reasons why school blogs can be so powerful.

So think of a blog as an interactive personal website.

What I am suggesting is not that the school has a blog but rather that everyone IN the school has a blog - teachers, students, administrators - even parents. Here are some examples:

# Lessons - let's imagine a teacher, Mr Geography. His next few lessons will cover the Amazon jungle. So he transfers an outline of his lesson plan to a blog post and adds in some images, a couple of videos from YouTube showing some Amazonian wildlife and links to the National Geographic website. For homework, the students will visit his post, possibly leave some comments, and then create their own posts answering the questions he set. (Don't worry, there are many ways to stop plagiarism.)

The students have thus had a much richer and creative experience than simply reading a text book. Their work will remain online for future revision. It can even be made public and form part of a showcase of what students are achieving. Not only can this inspire children, it is a wonderful way for parents and grandparents to share in a student's progress. This increased involvement can have many dividends in fundraising.

# Sports - the latest results and performances of the school teams can be shared online through reports, photographs and videos. Again, a much broader community can share in the school's activities.

# Special Interests - this is a broad catch-all category for all the other activities that students may engage in, from dance, drama and music (reviews of theater visits, progress on their own productions etc.) through to IT, photography and debating clubs, The blogs of participant students help their development and publicize what they are doing to a wider audience. The school becomes a much more vibrant place.

# Field Trips and Holidays - parents can be kept informed of what is happening and the whole experience enriched and captured for posterity through blog entries.

I have only hinted at some of the incredible possibilities for using school blogs. I would like to emphasise a few points. Firstly, most of what is produced is almost a by-product of current activities - this is a different way of working rather than extra work. Secondly, much of it is created by the students themselves. Finally, despite the stunning results that can be achieved, this is actually very easy to implement.

I mentioned the WordPress platform earlier. There is a mutli-user version of WordPress, WPMU, that provides the basis for my recommended approach to school blogging. If you are considering how to set up school blogs with maximum effectiveness and ease-of-use, I would suggest an out-of-the box solution incorporating a number of plugins. This will allow you to focus on the benefits the system can bring rather than spending days tweaking  settings to achieve an inferior solution.

Paul Taylor, MA(Oxon), MBA, member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and creator of the School Blogs website - a resource outlining the benefits of school blogs and the technology available.

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