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Monday, October 16, 2017

Effective Press Release Submission Services with Abiding Rules

Effective Press Release Submission Services with Abiding Rules
To qualify for Press release submission it is necessary for the release to be written in well revised format following the standards of writing format. You can opt for either the release services that demand money and some are free. You should not go for one service, if you want to increase the acceptability.

How the Submission Services go about its job for the Press Releases?

The Press release services start by checking through the release that has be written. The basic concept of press releases is that they should be news worthy. The writing which speaks in the advertising tone will not be accepted.

The idea of the submission is to run the press release in an advertising mode. However, there should be no running cost as for advertisements. Therefore, prior to going for submission, it is important to check if the release is eligible for submission services. When opting for the submission procedure through the services, make sure that you are reliable on a flexible budget so that you can distribute the release through the various services.

Before submitting the press release to any one distribution service, it is important to go about the various services and glace through the submission procedures. The right way to choose the submission procedure is to prepare different version of one press release and submit it through the services since one particular service is not the sole controller of the distribution system. However, it is very difficult to predict where will your press release stand in the search engines and which version.

If the press release gets a fair chance in the social sites, then there are pretty chances of getting recognized by the search engines. The service that you choose for submission should abide by certain rules and procedures. Make sure that the process enables in other advantages that you are looking for submission.

The services submission service should allow the readers to bookmark that particular page. This will ensure that the release gets noticed by people and traffic are drawn towards it through bookmarking. But for this make sure that the story tunes with the readers’ interests. The writing should make the release eligible for viral marketing.

The main important criteria that should be taken care of is the title that is being used. The heading or title should be able to attract the attention of the readers. This will convince readers to visit the release page and bookmark it for public viewing. His will eventually bring the crowd to the page and with per click there will be sale.

RSS feeds enable in the distribution of the release with enhanced results. The real tactic lies in applying the key phrase not only in the body, but also in the title.

Hence, a systematic procedure will ensure the submission services are well chosen.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The "New Rules" for Survival for Physicians in Private Practice - Part 2 in a 4 Part Series

The "New Rules" for Survival for Physicians in Private Practice - Part 2 in a 4 Part Series

In Part I of our blog series, we explained the "New Rules" for physician compensation based on the post-  reform healthcare system. As we stated, physicians are at the epicenter of one of the most dramatic periods of change in America's healthcare system.  The rules and strategies for physician success are changing rapidly, and most physicians are struggling to understand it. 

The U.S government has made their claim on the American healthcare system and offered up their requirements for physician change, as put forth in the Annals of Internal Medicine, noting "physicians will need to embrace rather than resist change". Change is inevitable. Now, physicians will need to decide what they will change into. Will you become the physician our government wishes you to be or will you forge a new path to capitalize on these changes for your own career path? Regardless of your choice, you will need to understand the "New Rules" and change the way you think and practice.


This is the second in a four-part series of blogs that will discuss the new rules for physician practices on four dimensions of physician life:

Physician Compensation
Managing a Private Practice
Changing Patient Demographics and Attitudes
Physician Career Satisfaction

This article will focus on the "New Rules" for managing the administrative side of a healthcare practice.

Managing a Healthcare Practice

Old Rule: Managing a medical practice could be handled by administrative people with general administrative skills.

New Rule: The complexity and risk of managing a medical practice has skyrocketed, requiring highly specialized expertise. 4,000 new regulations per year are created that affect physicians. Physicians cannot find the required level of expertise in one or two administrative persons. Outsourcing to specialized firms will become the norm.

Old Rule: Doctors could get away with being "low-tech".

New Rule: Patients, insurance carriers and the government will expect physicians to be high-tech. Physicians who are not high-tech will be limiting their income and value to patients and become employees of systems that are.

Old Rule: The billing function of a medical practice could be performed by regular administrative staff.

New Rule: With unintentional billing fraud on the increase, identity theft running rampant and regulatory fines on the increase, physicians must ensure that their billing is done professionally by certified coders with multiple layers of protection in place.

Old Rule: A healthcare practice was not considered a "business".

New Rule: Structuring a practice around sound business principles and an understanding of healthcare economics will become increasingly important in order to survive. Those physicians who run their practice on business principles will survive. Those  who don't will be absorbed by those who do.

Old Rule: The duties of contracting with payers could be handled by the regular administrative staff.

New Rule: Contracting will become increasingly complicated from a legal and business point of view, requiring specialized expertise. Outsourcing the contracting function of a practice will become more prevalent. Additionally, for those practices getting into "Retail Medicine", expertise will need to be acquired for pricing and packaging of services.


The administration of healthcare practices has become increasingly sophisticated. The vast majority of practices and administered by under-qualified and under-trained staff. Physicians are reluctant to pay for the level of talent that the practice requires. The post-healthcare reform system will increase in complexity. Success of physician practices will depend largely on the talent managing it.


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