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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Destructive Role of WikiLeaks-o- phobia in World Politics

The Destructive Role of WikiLeaks-o- phobia in World Politics

 Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine

No one interested in politics or non-politics does not know Julian Assange, the main spokesperson for WikiLeaks. Muslims, however,  have to thank God, because terrorist-o-phobia and Islam-o-phobia are taking a backseat in today's politics.  Thanks to WikiLeaks and its role in that change. Marx, when he described Capitalist system he refer to the seeds which may grow an enemy to capitalism. In this part of his argument, Marx was right, for simple reason. The FREEDOM concept even through is highly respected in Western sphere, when freedom become anarchic and under disputation between politicians and business like people, freedom becomes the seeds that may destroy capitalism in general, and capitalist enterprises in particular.

The millions of documents, in a video or audio or transcript forms are becoming not only distressing as described by the Secretary of United States Secretary, but becoming an inside conspiracy against freedom itself. By the way I am not against freedom, but freedom is elastic word and in politics, politicians are politically right when it comes to interests, individually or nationally, or internationally.

Two years ago, in My  book, Crescentology theory : Theory C. of Conflict Management and Cultural normalization, I wrote in Arabic:

"The fourth example of the apparent pseudo-reality visual applicable socially acceptable if you want a powerful country to open an embassy in another country, the State contends that it wants to develop relations of cooperation between the two countries. And be true to the reality of the hidden esoteric to be achieved in several ways, including:
1. Control the decisions of the (host) government's political, economic, and

social aspects.
2. Marketing the products of the Great State and protect its interests,
3. The boot to open the international companies and the exploitation of cheap labor,
4. Collect useful information for the powerful state through espionage.

 According to the theory semicircularis: What emerges from the Crescent is the apparent pseudo-reality visual It corresponds to the actual situation socially acceptable in the societies, i.e. what people can see through media channels or the public. The unseen side (which is true) is a hidden mystical side only Knowledgeable and reasonable thinkers. These thinkers  know the hidden truth that did not appeared in political relations between nations. As well as the previous examples where the theory can be applied as semicircular.

This example the first young man to the girl or vice versa has two aspects by the false apparent visual people agreed to accept it, and encouraged him socially and they called a courtesy and is similar to the visual side of the Crescent. The real hidden inner side and the goal to be achieved is to marry the girl, in other sharp words,  to have intercourse with her,  like the hidden side of the Crescent. It is not reasonable to say to a woman: I want you to have sexual intercourse with you. You may say, I want to marry you, or begin to show your feeling praising the woman skills, qualities, beauty, etc., instead.  Because it would be considered insane and would be subject to mockery and making fun. Similarly, in the second example."

" The political example about opening embassies, the objectives of any nation are clear: an advertiser in exchange for diplomatic representation is to cooperate but the hidden goal is the exploitation of hidden spyware and interest. For example, what makes the secretary of Defense visit a normal one, while the result is getting a deal for 80 Billion US Dollars  for weapons from some rich countries. Such deal does not need WikiLeaks to report it.

The only solution for such leaks, is to deny the whole process, while it is true. This is how politics work. WikiLeaks, may begin to create false information to get more reputation, and if not most documents are false, Much of them can be re-edited and falsified to serve certain interest, but not freedom of speech. So my advice to politicians is to ignore wikiLeaks reports and documents and emphasize positive relations with certain nations by doubling efforts and decisions in the congress to help out, the poor countries to believe powerful nations that they want world peace in the long run, not to dominate the world by capitalist ideas promote the rich to be richer. I believe Marx was right, and WikiLeaks may become the seeds which may destry Capitalism in the long run. This is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of reality. The final result is: This is politics with its both faces: the false and the true stand together for the national interest, where freedom is becoming the easy horse to ride for freethinkers. But the price cannot be determined easily to distinguish freethinkers from false journalistic thinkers. A final note, the WikiLeaks should be ignored, because much of what it may hide, may cost Eastern and western politicians a great deal. And politics cannot be pure, politics should always mean corruption by the minority powerful over the minority poor. This fact did not change since Plato. (841 words)

Professor, Dr. Hasan A. Yahya is an Arab American writer, scholar, and professor of Sociology lives in the United States of America,  originally from Palestine. He graduated from Michigan State University with  2 Ph.d degrees. He published 55 books plus (40 Arabic and 15 English), and 250 plus articles on sociology, religion, psychology, politics, poetry, and short stories. Philosophically, his writings concern logic, justice and human rights worldwide. Dr. Yahya is the author of Crescentologism: The Moon Theory,  and  Islam Finds its Way, on Amazon. He's an expert on Race Relations, Arab and Islamic cultures, he is also, interested in religion, world affairs and  global strategic planning for justice and human rights.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Role of Denver private investigator

Role of Denver private investigator

In today’s world, time has come that no one can trust anyone. Corruption, dishonesty and fraud are at its peak. On the other hand lives are so busy that people do not have much time to just investigate about the scam which might have ruined their life. So, eventually need of investigators arises. In this regard Denver private investigator plays a very effective role in people lives. A person who needs to do investigation regarding any scam can hire a Denver private investigator who works on some laws.

Now the foremost requirement of the Denver Private Investigator is requirement of Denver municipal code as it is the job of risk, danger and threat so weapons are required by the Denver private investigator for self defense. For keeping a weapon a Denver private investigator must be a retired law officer. In case, a person is not retired law officer he should have secret weapon permit.

People can also hire private investigators as personal bodyguards for their own safety. Before hiring private investigators one should enquire regarding their qualification. Denver private investigator should be aware of state laws. A person starting business in private investigation should have business license. While hiring Denver private investigator one should know that he is having license. As it is shown in movies like private investigators wearing long jacket and carrying a note book but actually it is not like that. Denver private investigators can also be hired by the people who have distrust on their spouse.

Before hiring a Denver Private Investigator one should know do they really need a private investigator. For this purpose one can first consider their own safety because investigators mainly have to deal with dangerous people. Also the person you want to spy might be dangerous. After that you should think once that do you really need to spend money and your valuable time to get the required information. Other thing you can do before hiring a Denver private investigator is just go through the internet and find out the requisite details regarding the private investigator. One should know that by hiring a private investigator does their decision can really change. Like if you have planned to divorce your spouse then you should think twice that will your decision change by the information provided via private investigator.

If you are deciding to hire a private investigator then you should not do like call and hire. You should fir meet with some investigators and then check their license, after that you should decide whom to hire.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Role of XSLT in Documents

The Role of XSLT in Documents

One of the latest tools for web design is the XSLT editor. The best way to learn about XSLT is to visit the wonderful web site of the World Wide Web Consortium or the W3 School on the web. The definition of XSLT is eXtensible Stylesheet Language. This language is a stylesheet language for creating XML documents. The function of the XSLT is to transform XML into XHTML. There is a vast knowledge bank available there to learn how to use XSLT for web design. Certification tests and tutorials are available for the earning and learning. If you would like to do some practical applications of this language, there is an on line XSLT editor at the W3 School web site.

The World Wide Web Consortium wanted to provide a language that would be an XML based stylesheet language. The evolution was first XSL and then XSLT, XPath and XSL-FO. With CSS, which is Stylesheets for HTML. Predefined tags are used with HTML and are well understood. With an HTML defined tag each browser knows how it must be displayed. CSS makes displaying special fonts or colors a simple task. The story is different with XSL. XSL is Stylesheets for XML. The opposite is the case with tags for XSL. XSL uses any tag-names with no predefined tag which makes XSL not well understood. When the browser sees XSL tag it will not know how to display it because in HTML the meaning of a tag defines a table but in XSL a tag might mean an HTML table or it could mean something else.

There are more than 100 built in functions in XSLT. Here are some of the functions: - string values - numeric values - date and time comparison - node - QName manipulation - sequence manipulation - Boolean values

There are many more functions with XSLT but these are just some of the notable ones. On your XSLT editor you will notice that the default prefix for the function namespace is fn: When calling a function fn: prefix, such as fn:string(). Another thing to take note of: since fn: is the default prefix of the namespace, the function names, when called, do not need to be prefixed.

The purpose of XSLT is to transform XML documents into XHTML document. XSLT will also transform XML documents to other XML documents. Another language for navigating XML documents is XPath. The most significant part of XSL is when XSLT is recognized by a browser the way HTML and XHTML are, XSLT is used to transform an XML document into another XML document. Here is the big picture of what XSLT can do. The actual mechanism is transformation by XSLT of an XML source tree into an XML result-tree. This is done with an XSLT editor with add/remove elements and attributes to or from the output file. Many other rearrangements can also be done such as sort elements, perform tests and make decisions about which elements to hide and display.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Role Of Google Apps In Project Management Software

Role Of Google Apps In Project Management Software
Google application plays a very important role in project management software for making your project complete and successful. Nowadays most of the people use project management software for completing their projects or tasks effectively and efficiently. Google's online applications offer the ability to collaborate Google with project management software by using email, calendar, and document editing solutions. Signing up for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs is free and easy. Many features are available via Google Apps and they are highly reliable and fast. One key feature that sets project management software apart from others is Google Apps integration. You can tie your project and task deadlines to Google Calendar, right from within the web app, automatically. You can also attach documents directly from your Google Docs account, as well as you can upload them from your hard drive. Sharing documents is a fundamental part of working in groups, large or small. Most people at the workplace still share documents through email, which can be a hassle. Its easy to lose track of which version different people are using and its difficult to access your files when youre away from your computer. Project management software makes file sharing and collaboration easier with the ability to upload Google Docs to project management software directly from your Google Account. You can upload and store any type of file to project management software right from your Google Account. You can add multiple Google contacts in your project management software account that saves your time as well. You can access your files with the help of Google Docs from anywhere at any time. You can also access spreadsheet, drawing with in the hub. You can import Google applications like Google Docs, Google calendars, Google contacts, Spreadsheets, drawings, etc in project management software and for this we do not need to sign up in 2 or 3 accounts, this will save our time and you can access these things from any where at any time.

You can easily utilize existing Google Docs, Google Calendars and Google apps accounts in your projects; avoid hundreds of emails per person per week. Role of Google Application in project management software is that you can login with your Gmail account, attach Google Docs and uploaded files to tasks and projects. Also project calendars synchronize with shared Google calendars. Google Apps integration provides an integrated environment to effectively collaborate on projects. Integration with Google Application is a great way to collaborate and share Docs and Spreadsheets across and outside of the domain.

John Nash is writer who writes articles for ProofHub. To know more about Google application integration with ProofHub or ProofHub Google Docs visit

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Vital Role of Outsourcing Consultants

Vital Role of Outsourcing Consultants

There is no doubt to the fact that staff augmentation is a highly beneficial service of hiring additional staffing for getting quality work done at substantial costs. But selecting the best suited resources for your specialized work might be a real challenge. Most companies often feel confused and besieged while taking the decision of hiring resources for the first time. And it is quite natural on their part to have apprehensions about hiring an outsider for their critical tasks. Here comes in the role of an ‘outsourcing consultant' or a (who plays the role of a transaction) intermediary between the clients and the outsourcing companies.

Outsourcing consultants can play a vital role on behalf of the clients in the process of hiring resources through staff augmentation. There is a huge cloud of outsourcing companies, so the clients usually fail to judge and select the most appropriate ones due to lack of expertise and necessary skills. Here, the need of an expert is felt and the outsourcing consultants fulfill this need. An outsourcing consultant can play multiple roles and satisfy various needs of the clients. He can play the role of a facilitator, contributor, trouble shooter, and negotiator or of an impartial supervisor depending upon the nature and complexity of the project.

Outsourcing consultants can add significant value to the chaotic process of outsourcing by giving it a structured form. Today, outsourcing consultants are increasingly involved in more and more IT transactions. It is their connectivity with the prospective outsourcing companies, coupled with their negotiation and project management skills which add value to their prominence in the outsourcing sector. Moreover, because of their expertise and up-to date knowledge regarding the latest trends and requirements in the outsourcing industry, these consultants can help you in keeping up your pace according to the latest standards.

In a nutshell, an organization can gain a smart way to look at the execution of outsourced projects with the assistance of such experts. However, the clients must understand that the selection of the right consultants is crucial for a successful and mutually beneficial outcome because it is in the hands of your outsourcing consultant to crack a perfect deal with the best suited resourcing company keeping in view the specific requirements of your work projects.


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Monday, August 21, 2017

The role of search engine consulting for a better ranking and more volume of visitors

The role of search engine consulting for a better ranking and more volume of visitors

Whenever there is the need of a better search engine ranking for any website, one of the best thing thing that can be done is to go for some search engine optimization consultant for better suggestions on the proper Website optimization. The Search Engine Optimization consulting includes services like getting a higher ranking for the website on the search engine result page listing and improving the traffic for the particular website. This process includes the best means to bring in maximum users to the website. Hence the search engine consulting offers a very vital role in improving the ranking of a website and to get a better chance to prosper in the web world. Besides that it is also essential to note that the ranking matters a lot in case of any website as the ranking on the search engine result pages is the key to better profit and better success for a website and to bring in more visitors to the site.

Now the fact is that the importance of search engine optimization for any website is naturally undeniable and when you are taking the help of a search engine consultant it is natural that you get the best means of optimization for your website and all the necessary advice which you may need for the better prospects of your website. However, it should always be kept in mind that the process of search engine optimization for any website is a continuous process which should be carried on in order to maintain the ranking and to prosper for a better one. In this respect the role of well-written business centric web-contents is also a very important thing. In this respect it is also essential to note that for the new websites the SEO consultant takes on the responsibility to arrange contents on the website. It is essential to note that before developing the website content an expert garner enough keywords through Analytics tools. These tools cover those keywords that are much in demand. And from these the best and the most suitable ones are to be chosen for the website.

This process is known as the keyword research which is one of the most important things needed for any website. The fact is that the keywords are the source which helps a lot to bring in visitors to a website. In fact whenever any user looks for any information they use these keywords for their desired search and therefore therefore the choice of the proper keywords supported by a proper search engine optimization for the website is sure to bring in more visitors to the website.

The need of writing contents for the website and to publish them on different article sites is also a very important thing as this makes the thing a lot easier to improve the popularity of the website. It should also be kept in mind that this is a process included in the link building for a website and it is an undeniable fact that the link building matters a lot for any website to bring in more potential visitors to the website.


If you are looking for the opportunity to increase website traffic or the best means for organic Search Engine Optimization the best thing that can be done is to seek the aid of proper Search Engine Optimization consulting.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Role of Social Networking in SEO

Role of Social Networking in SEO

In recent times, social networking has turned out to be a must do activity to achieve long term success on the Internet. Almost everybody who knows how to use the Internet has an account at different social networking sites. People of every age group big or small are using numerous networking sites and creating their profile.

In fact, over the past few years social networking have become more popular in the general public. It has become one of the best ways to meet people in different parts of the world. It has helped many business owners grew or promote their business and even act as best platform to share information and generate business leads.

With the rapid growth in number of broadband connections and online users this new concept have become a dominant marketing device that in turn helped in driving business to any website and translate into sales. It has emerged as one of the least expensive and most helpful ways to boost the website ranking opportunities and attract the attention of target audience. Indeed it is playing a big role in website promotion and SEO process.

When an individual creates a website, it is not always easy to get visibility and the amount of traffic. But with the social networking, this task can be achieved in better way. Besides this, these days there are millions of websites that are easily accessible but the problem occurs when we try to get high rankings with the search engines for the same keywords. Thus, the best thing we can do is publish good articles in social networking sites after selecting some relevant topic related with the theme of the website. Focusing on the same keyword, this can be an effective internet marketing technique.

This has also become the major source of back-links. It provides a great way to generate back-links for free. It boosts website visibility at search engines, because each new back-link is a new positive point for website. Generally most of the social networking sites provide the facility of creating forums.

These forums are great source to get thousands of back-links. Now the key benefit of creating a forum signature is that- when an individual clicks on a forum that was indexed by the search engines, they will have a direct link to website from forum signature. The more post we make to different topics, the more back-links we will create to our website.

Looking at the current scenario social networking in a broad business sense is definitely best and most effective way of drawing potential clients and interest to site. Playing its role in search engine optimization process for any website, it can increase the number of meaningful hits to website. Using this form of social marketing is more effective because it draws customers in a more ethical way. Website promotion through social networking is more like a fun and one won't have to wait for the result for weeks or months.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Alabama Sem Marketing: The Role And Importance Of Title Tags With Seo

Alabama Sem Marketing: The Role And Importance Of Title Tags With Seo
Title tags are very important when it comes to your on page search engine optimization. Why they matter in the first place is that these title tags are the ones signaling and telling major search engines about the website contents in summary. These title tags appear on the search engine result pages and they are the ones which the reader sees and analyzes.

As a matter of fact, title tags serve as bookmarks where people read the summary of a specific page online. This makes browsing and searching for information more effective and very easy in the first place. There are just too many description and words involved on a specific page. In order to summarize and make this page useful to those Internet searchers, programmers should be able to summarize title tags according to what the page actually says like for example Alabama SEM marketing.

In the first place, major search engines use also a contextual tool that helps them identify the title tags of web pages. On a specific web page, title tags are part of the html codes. If you are not familiar with title tags and how to make them effective, below are a few pointers to note:

1. No Title title tags- This is the most common mistakes when there is a new page and the page was set-up, most often than not, web designers and programmers forget to include a title on their title tags and leave this "untitled". This would not help search engines determine the contents of the page in summary.

2. No title tag at all-This is the worst. People just forget to include the title tags of the pages. There are actually a lot of websites out there that when you clicked on the page, there are no title tags included and just a blank space on it.

3. About tag-What is this about? Most companies include a tag which titles "about". This does not really make sense at all. Remember that tile tags are summary of what the page is about. Make your title tags readable and useful so when people take a look they can be familiar what in on it without even visiting the page.

4. No company name in tag-You would want to make your company name a brand online right? So do not ever forget to include your title tags with your company name on it. This is also a major mistake that most business websites make. They tend to forget to include the company name on their tags.

5. The same tags-You have plenty of pages but then again, you just copy past your title tags on these pages. Are you goes the same when it comes to contents? No, right? So you should also be able to change and include a tag that says and summarizes something about your company or what is the page all about.

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