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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why Speed PPC Rocks

Why Speed PPC Rocks

Speed PPC rocks because it is the fastest way to create and publish laser targeted PPC campaigns. Hey you've heard all the hype, on blog posts, review sites and emails.

Well I have some news for you...yes it's all true. You've been missing out, and I'm going to tell you why.

PPC campaigns have gotten complicated over time for a variety of reasons. Google alone has added obstacles to the playing field that makes it harder to accomplish your goals of profitability. Here's where Speed PPC changes to the playing field so you have the advantage again.

Speed - That's the number one feature of this affiliate tool. Forget about creating your campaigns on an excel spreadsheet or Google AdWords online interface, that's a thing of the past. I have created entire campaigns in just minutes with this tool and it gets even better.

Relevancy - Speed PPC will help you create tightly related keywords to ad copy and landing pages, to help you increase your CTR and quality score. Because relevancy, or lack thereof, has always been a major reason for Google Slaps, you are now playing by the rules by following a simple formula in relevancy when using this tool.

Flexibility - Ever heard of data feeds? Well Speed PPC takes full advantage of this awesome technology to speed up deep linking to 1000 products with 1000 ad groups all in about 10 minutes along with some powerful landing page options.

Tracking - If you've been in the PPC marketing business for any length of time, you know how important it is to track "Everything". Speed PPC has built in tokens that you add to your URLs to help you track at the keyword level, campaign level and a variety of combinations.

Runs on your PC - This is not a server hosted application. You don't have to login somewhere and worry about someone else looking at your hard work. Speed PPC installs on your PC and what you see is your own business no one ever sees what you see.

Hey do you want to see it in action? Watch my Speed PPC Video Review here, I'll show you exactly how I use it and how fast it builds a campaign from just a list of keywords to a highly targeted set of ad groups.