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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Raise Your Ranking In Local Google Result Page

Raise Your Ranking In Local Google Result Page
Google Local Business Listings are very much different compared to organic/natural or pay-per-click listings. They just usually show up when an internet user key-in a service oriented business followed by the local area for their search. A large map from Google Maps shows alongside to the first result page with a contact number indicated by each. If you really need more than ten listings, you can simply click in "More Results from 'Insert City' " tag and then you will be taken to a map with alphabetically lettered red pegs for each and every registered local business on Google Maps.

It also shows that over the past few years that websites who are being listed on Google Maps and/or Google's Local Business Listings are gets even more vital since they are being displayed from time to time in search with up to ten listings before organic listings even begin.

Now let us discuss the changes in Google Local Business Listings algorithm...
One of my clients was listed Google Local Business and is still listed under a Local Business Listing up to now for their service, however, it seems that the listing fell in quite a short period of time; they went from #2 to #36 out of 3,412. Since a lot of local business owners are now seeing the value in these local business listings and that Google makes the submission process much easier and simpler to understand instead of the general ins and outs of SEO, competition is really on the rise specially during the time of recession.
With this current surprise in dropping my ranking, I have determined that Google Local Business Listings has its own algorithm. After seeing what are the patterns are and what the top listings did, I made a few adjustments by utilizing the modeling method.

Based on my own research, understandings and observations, the patterns that present it for those that are high on the listings is that they have:

1. Photos- Currently they just allowed this. Add as many photos as you can and even your company logo.

2. A lot of good reviews- It is a lot more important that these be from real clients. You cannot handle too many. As well as you should not fake them, for the reason that it is easy to see. Just as with Amazon, a lot of people trust products with lots of reviews that have kept above three stars.

3. Use Keywords in Your Business Description- They offer an area where the business agent can describe what their company offers.

4. Use Keywords in Business Name- Do not be unreliable by changing your business name, but if your keywords are in the extended business name or LLC, make sure this is the name in which you are registering.

5. Add a Coupon or Freebies- Google allows printable coupons or freebies to be added by your business listing.

Add these attributes to your Google Local Business Listing and you can guarantee that you are going to be in the top ten.

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