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Friday, July 28, 2017

WP Remix Software Review

WP Remix Software Review

WP Remix

As far as web development tools go, there are MANY out there.  The simple vastness of tools available to your desposal will overwhelm most.  There are many ups and downs to all web development tools, and I'd like to shed some light on those.  Today we'll have an in depth look at WP Remix, and why you should or should not buy it.

WP Remix, short for Wordpress Remix, is exactly as its name says, an extension (or remix) of Wordpress.  Wordpress is the tool of choice for many web developers, and there's no suprize there.  It is by far one of the most powerful resources out there, and its functionality is amazing.  But the question is, why buy an extension of an already great program?

WP Remix adds a completely new layer of functionality on top of the original Wordpress.  With added themes, templates and even modules to add complex backend code, there's no doubt that it lives up to its name as a "Remix."  The power and versatility of Wordpress alone is worth the $ 75 price tag, but WP Remix steps it up with its own added features and ease of use.

Is it worth the $ 75 price tag?  If you want to be in complete control of your website, then certainly.  Wordpress is avaible for free online, but the learning curve is steep and its functionality doesn't quite match other mainstream web development tools.  WP Remix's learning curve is much easier, and the added tools you get from it are exceptional.

If you're not completely certain about web development or are new to it, I'd suggest going to the WP Remix page and looking over the features list.  WP Remix is one of the best professional tools I've found for beginners simply because of it's ease of use.

WP Remix is the tool of choice for many professional web developers, and it's fairly cheap compared to similar Adobe or Microsoft products with the same functionality.  Whether you're a professional looking for a better tool or a beginner just starting off, WP Remix is a great place tool and will help you design great looking websites with little effort.

I HIGHLY recommend WP Remix to professional and beginners alike.

Web Developer for a small company out of Dallas, TX